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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Wheat and Insulin

Now, I will not claim to know that full relationship between wheat and insulin production. But I know this: wheat consumption means peaks and valleys in insulin production.

And this couldn't have become any clearer to me Friday evening.

Basically, when you eat wheat, it drives your insulin production so that you get spikes or peaks. Conversely, it also creates a dip or valley. This means your blood sugars are spiking and dropping ... which ultimately results in weight gain.

When I was eating wheat, I experienced blood sugar drops at least once daily. And it's an awful feeling. You just don't feel "right". I would get clammy, jittery, sometimes nauseated, and always, always get the shakes. Like the DT's.

Since I gave up wheat, I haven't had to deal with these symptoms. No matter how long I go without eating. It wasn't something I conciously realized until last night. By the time I got home from grocery shopping after work, I was in full low blood sugar mode. Major shakes.


I ate wheat three times in less than 24 hours and that was enough to send my insulin in a tailspin.

Thursday, for lunch, I treated myself to a McChicken. I haven't had one in at least 6 months ... it was soooo good! Then, for supper, I had 2 Crab Rangoons - the filling is gluten-free, but not the wonton wrappers around the filling. Again, sooooo good.  And for breakfast Friday morning, I had a Tim's Breakfast Biscuit. This time, not as good. It was only okay.

I was suffering by mid-morning. I won't got into detail, let's just say I had to take a few extra breaks during work to visit the loo.

I had a normal gluten-free lunch at my normal time. I had my normal gluten-free snack mid-afternoon.  After work, I went to the grocery store (yay, payday!) and I was home before 5pm. And I was in major low blood sugar mode. I made myself a small snack - a Glutino English Muffin with cheddar cheese on it. The whole time I was shaking like a leaf. It was an awful sensation.

And it really brought home how much wheat affects my blood sugar. It's just not worth the distress. My love affair with wheat is suffering many hits. The relationship is on the rocks!