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Monday, August 01, 2011

New Brunswick Day And New Brunswick Kindness

So how does one celebrate NB Day? Well, if you're me, you go across the border!

Today we went over to Houlton for lunch. My sister recommended a place just outside Houlton, in Linneus called Grammy's Country Inn. She told us the servings are sooo huge that two people can share one plate and still have leftovers.

She was right.

Mum and I went over at lunch time and had the Seafood Platter. We brought half it home. Seriously. That's how big the serving is. They serve the seafood on a platter and the fries on the side - on a dinner plate. It also comes with a roll - which is incredibly delicious! - and about 1 cup of coleslaw. Mum got a slice of coconut cream pie to take out and I got a whoopie pie. The whoopie pie is huge! It's the size of a salad plate and amazingly yummy! I would highly recommend going to this place anytime you are over that way. (And I saw a co-worker and her fam! Small world!)

After that, we picked up a few groceries and headed home. To sit in traffic at the border for 30 mins. Of course, it could have been worse if we hadn't cut in line. Not that we intentionally cut in line. We had to. And then that's when it got kind of crappy.

They had ALL the booths open today and the lineup was halfway back to the US border crossing. Of course, they had the last booth(#5) open for trailers and campers. Did you know if you try to go through that lane the border guards make you get out of it? Yup, they make you shift into lane #4. Didn't know that. Neither did the other 6 cars ahead of me and 4 cars behind me.

So we all had to merge into lane 4, which cheesed some people off. Which I can't blame them for that. I wouldn't be too happy if I were in their shoes. But I certainly wouldn't pull the crap that one driver pulled on me.

There we all are, merging slowly. A border guard came out and directed a 1+1 merge (you know, one lane 4 car, then one merging car) until she got to my car. Which was fine, because by that point everybody got the picture. Except for the Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo driver who would NOT allow me to merge. When I tried to, he pulled right up tight to the car in front of him, honked at me and edged closer to me to box me out. When the line moved again, I tried to merge again and the Jeep driver got even more aggressive. He almost ran into the car in front of him in his efforts to block me out. At that point, I just let it go. I wasn't going to try again because this guy was an accident waiting to happen.

Of course, because he'd edged so close to me to force me out, when he went by he ended up dragging his passenger side mirror against my driver's side mirror. Now, it's really no big deal with my mirror, because it springs back. But his ended up pushed in towards his car. He stopped, made like he was going to get out but then kept moving. Damn skippy! You get out and we'll have a fight on our hands! And I won't fight fair either, old man!

So then THE. BEST. THING. happens. Two cars up from the Jeep is a guy in a beige Camry. There's still one car in front of him before the booth. He stops his car, gets out, comes back and says "please go ahead of me. I've been watching this guy here boxing you out of the lane this whole time". Of course, I thanked him but declined. And then he says nothing would give him more pleasure than to let us go just to stick it to the Jeep driver. Ok! Thank you! I'm on board with that plan!

Of course, I'm a shit. So what do I do as I creep by the Jeep, who's passenger window is down? I lean out and say "BYE!!!" and smile oh so sweetly. And off we go. On the way down the highway, the Jeep passes us and pretty much cuts me off. Whatever dude! Grow up. The beige Camry passes us and we wave and smile.

And THEN KARMA happened!!!! We're almost to the Freddy/TCH exit at Woodstock and the Jeep is in front of me. There's an RCMP car on the opposite highway ... who suddenly makes a u-turn, gets behind the Jeep, the Jeep pulls over, and the RCMP lights go on! The dude was on his cell phone and got caught! This part just proves that what goes around, comes around; what you put out there will always come back to you; karma baby! Do unto others!

So, how did you spend YOUR NB Day?