My little buddy

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Worst. Morning. EVER!!!!!!

I don't know why I even tried getting out of bed this morning.

I had the world's crappiest sleep thanks to Midget. Mum spent the night at Amanda's - she's in Vegas and needed a house/pet sitter (don't get me started on the hypocrisy of Amanda expecting one of us to be her pet sitter when she won't reciprocate). Anyway, Mum spent the night at Amanda's and Midget stayed home with Gus and I. It was Midget's first night sleeping with us since we moved into the basement. She spent almost 4 hours growling at ... well ... anything ... the sound of the cats in the litter box, the cats playing, shadows, etc ...

Seriously. Could. Have. Killed. Her.

I got up early because I had to go to a meeting on the Southside at 9:30. I knew I would need to snowblow the driveway with the R.D.Pond-ruined snowblower. That's a story in itself, which I will tell one day; suffice it to say that R.D.Pond is the WORST place to take your snowblower for a fall tune-up.

Went outside, got the snowblower started finally. I got most of the driveway snowblowed ... pretty much the only stuff left was where Mum parks which is small, and half of what the city plough put in the driveway. AND THEN THE AUGER STOPPED TURNING!

So now I have a snowblower that will run, but it won't throw snow! Son of a bitch!!!

I finally said screw it. I would finish later and get to my meeting now. Went to the meeting to find out a little bit of disappointing news. Not horrible just status quo kind of thing. Picked up a couple of groceries and went home....

... Where I had to finish clearing the drivway with the scoop. Yay me! Because when I scooped the walkway to the door, I twisted my ankle. Could this day GET any better?

Oh wait! It can!!

I had to go to the dentist's today to have my permanent bridge put in. And guess what? My gum grew down again. So I had to have more anesthetic, which I think I am developing an allergy to, and then the dentist had to retract my gums! The dentist then showed me how to floss my bridge ... all the while my gums were bleeding!

What did I do with the rest of my day?

I parked my fat ass on my couch and watched TV. No intention of tempting fate by leaving the house again today.