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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Mommy Was Right

So, as many know, I had a little trouble several months ago with one of my root canal teeth - cracked straight up the middle all the way under the gum - and it had to be pulled. Well, according to Dr. B. Whom I will never go to again after this procedure is done.

Anyway, got a temporary bridge on in the summer. One thing after another delayed having the permanent bridge put in. One of them being a root canal that I KNOW was a result of Dr.B's work. After that root canal, the other tooth in the bridge work started being a problem. Had to have that done. Made sure to have Dr. S do my root canals cuz I trust him.

Anyway, I went to the dentists Tuesday for the permanent bridge. Had to be Dr. B that did the work, blah,blah, blah. Long story short - I didn't get my bridge!

Why? Because it's been too long. Damn thing wouldn't fit!

My appointment was scheduled for noon, so I was planning to get up 10:30 anyway. But the dentist's receptionist called and asked me to come in an hour early. Glad I did because the one hour procedure turned into two hours.

The dentist took the temp bridge off, put the permanent fillings in (bye-bye another $200 - fuckers!), and then proceeded to try to get the permanent bridge to fit on .... for more than hour. Because I had root canals I didn't need a local to freeze the area. Until he started trying to get the permanent bridge on. 4 needles later! The gum around the front tooth in the bridge had grown down so much that he had to cut the gum away and push it up. Yay! Fun! Even after that and all the filing and and pushing and tapping, he still couldn't make the permanent fit correctly.

Which meant the permanent bridge has gone back to the dental lab along with a new mold of my mouth to be re-tooled. And the temp bridge has been put back on for the next two weeks.

I got home yesterday and wanted to curl up and cry. I was so angry! Not only that, the local had really kicked in and started to kick my butt. I always end up sleepy and depressed and sick. My face was sore. My gums were sore. It was aweful. It was worse than a root canal, believe it or not. But I was determined to go to work because with vacations and scheduling, I knew that we would be short staffed if I called in. So into work I went.

My manager wanted me to go home. He even talked to Nick about it and they both tried to convince me to go home. But I stayed. The word stubborn was used often. It wasn't until 8pm that I started to feel better - probably took that long for the local to get out of my system.

Anyway, it's good to know that if I need to take the time off I can. And I just may when it's time to get that damn permanent bridge in if I feel just as badly then as I did yesterday.

Finally, why was my mommy right? Well, when I first got that tooth pulled and had the choice to get an implant, a bridge, or a partial denture, she voted for the partial because it was cheaper. Apparently she was right, because this whole bridge thing is not as cheap and painless as the effing dentist said it would be.