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Friday, December 31, 2010


Tonight is the last night of 2010. It's been an interesting year to say the least.

To commemorate the end of the year, I decided I would come up with two lists: 20 Good Things and 10 Changes (for Next Year)

20 Good Things from 2010

20. This one is for Jeremy - my great co-workers who are the light of my life and make every work day an absolute joy. Is that effusive enough for you Jeremy? lol
19. Movies - I {heart} movies - and now having Netflix only makes my love easier! lol
18. My wonderful daycare kids - I do miss my kidlets. Specially that Jacker Cracker. He's such a card!
17. Re-discovering the joy of quilting. It really does fill me with accomplishment and joy when I finish a beautiful quilt.
16. My garden's - while they aren't as lavish and beautiful as my aunts, I do enjoy working in them even when I am cursing while I do it.
15. My Scrapping Divas - it's always wonderful to spend time with my chicas. Very uplifting and stressing-relieving. Really need to do it more often.
14. Being Canadian - from the True North, the land of the glorious and free. 'Nuff said.
13. Kicking all things diet. That may not seem like a good thing, and I may have put on an extra 5 pounds because of it, but let me tell you, at least I am no longer writhing in pain from all that aspartame and acesulfame chemical crap. If I had not stopped, it would have been the death of me.
12. My mom's first international vacation. This may not seem like much to people who regularly travel to the Caribbean but, for my mom, going to the Dominican was huge. And she had a blast, which was the most important thing!
11. The family farm being purchased by my aunt Mary. This may seem odd, but it's so great. Otherwise, it would have been sold to the highest bidder(probably our Wilson cousins up the road) who would have torn Grammy and Grampy's house down, torn up the apple orchard and farmed the land for silage. Now the house and everything around it remains intact and remains in the Wilson family.
10. Financial Stability - this is a biggy for me. Being self-employed meant lean budget at times. With my new job, that particular stress has been lightened. For which I am extremely grateful.
9. Meeting Xan-man this summer. What a little terror (typed lovingly of course).
8. Seeing Anita and my Boog and Bug this summer.
7. My beautiful furbabies who lavish me with love, purrs and furballs. And that list is not necessarily in my furbabies order of preference.
6. My family - while we may fight and argue with(and bitch and moan about) each other - we are still family and we still act like it. When push comes to shove, my family bands together to shove back.
5. Not having CVD! Yay! After all my testing, my endocrinologist determined that my heart is healthy and I have no signs of scarring i.e, no previous heart attacks that went untreated.
4. My new job! While owning my own business did have it's perks, having a job where I converse with adults daily and have medical and dental coverage is nothing to sneeze at either.
3. Having the pleasure and honour of being my BFF's maid of honour in her wedding.
2. Watching my BFF get married to her heart mate. She never gave up and settled, but waited until she met the perfect man for her.
1. And finally, having my wonderful Grammy in my life for 35 years.

10 Things I Want To Change in 2011

10. My job. Not as in leave Zednet ... More like I want to be more confident in what I do. I want to train more. And I need to make a decision - stay in CSR for a better shift or apply to TSR - to completely unknown territory.
9. Movies and family - meaning getting out to see more. Before Christmas, my mother, sister and I were going to the movies once every two weeks for a couple of months. I would like to make that something we do at least once a month during the year - the Pudge Patrol goin' to the Cinema!
8. Financial Stability - yes, it's on both lists. While my financial situation has improved, I want to improve it a hell of a lot more. I am almost done paying off my consolidation loan (thank goodness!). With that means more available cash to .... what? I don't know. I guess I will have to go see my banking officer about that, huh?
7. Time with my scrapping friends. I have to make more of it. I want to get out and scrapbook and yak and laugh and eat with my divas. This could also go under the heading of health since it's such a good stress-reliever
6. Going to Church. Not something anyone thought I would say, huh? It's not that I am a devout Catholic, cuz the good Lord knows I am not. (But I do follow St.Thomas' preaching, which some say is almost heretical because his preachings portrayed Jesus in a more human light rather than painting Him with a "perfect" paintbrush.) I just wonder if going to Church will help me with peace of mind and spirit.
5. Quilting - seems like an odd thing to put on this list - but I want to make more quilts. I usually only make a quilt for Christmas, possibly for a baby shower or wedding gift. I would like to challenge myself more and try to quilt more regularly. Already I have ideas for two birthday gifts in the New Year. If I can motivate myself to do it, I could actually make these by the end of February.
4. I would like to find out once and for all - do I have an older brother out there? Where? Who is he? I want someone to 'fess up because my the one and only person I see often who might know keeps brushing it off. Where do I start? Who do I ask? Where do I got to try and find this mystery older brother?
3. Visiting - I need to make the time and put the effort into going down to Glace Bay to spend time with my BFF.
2. Travel. I want to go somewhere. Not across the border to shop or down to the relatives for a visit. I want to Travel with a capital "T". Top of my list is always a trip to Ireland and Scotland. But I would like to go to the Caribbean just to experience it. Also I would like to go to New York on a "girl" trip. And possibly a trip west to see my kids. It's been a few years since I've been out. Now, I'm not saying I will do all of it this year, but those are my top travel wishes. I have to do at least one in 2011.
1. My health. It has to improve. In so many ways. Which is a post in itself. Meaning, tomorrow.

And that's it for tonight!