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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!!!

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Well, that's as cheery as I get today. I don't know why, but I am very neutral. That's the only way to describe it - neutral. I'm not depressed, upset or angry. I'm not happy, joyous or excited. I'm just neutral. If I were a colour, I'd be beige. GARF.

It was just Mum and I this morning to unwrap gifts. My sister spoiled me. I got a whole new outfit for work along with a beautiful pair of silver hoops. I asked her if she was trying to turn me into a clone of herself. I keep telling her that Zednet is totally different than UPS when it comes to rules and work environment. She was floored when I told her we were allowed to wear pj's to work on Christmas Day. It's all about the comfort. (Needless to say, I am currently in pj's at work. Oh! And my Rudolph slippers with the nose that glows!)

What else? Oh! My aunt Joanie got me the Wii Jeopardy game I wanted! My big prezzie from Mum was a beautiful set of Paderno cookware. Anita and fam gifted me a beautiful wind chime that has a glass cat face at the top. I will have to post pics tomorrow. Sarah gave me a mini-album of her wedding. I plan to keep it as is, but I am also going to get copies from her so I can scrapbook a large wedding album. She also bought me oodles of Toblerone. I currently have the large bar, a bag, the large triangle box, the flat triangle box and two hexagon boxes. I am in chocolate heaven.

We went to my Grammy's for Christmas dinner. It was good; but not the same. It was good to see everybody, even my hyperactive cousin Vern. My aunt Sharon grabbed me at the door and plunked $10 in my hand. She said all the nieces and nephews were getting $10 regardless of age. I'm 36. Thanks! Not necessary, but thanks! I will put it towards my fabric-buying habit at Stitch Steals.

I stayed until 2pm then had to leave for work. Yay! I get to work today. I cannot complain, as I did request the day. We all had to list which holiday we wanted to work - Christmas Day, Boxing Day or New Years Day. I chose this one because A) I have no kids B) it's quiet and C) it will keep me busy at the end of the day when I find it most depressing.

Tomorrow evening we are having Christmas dinner that we are making on our own. Turkey, dressing (Grammy's recipe), potatoes and gravy, carrots and squash. Yummmmmm! And I will have a turkey carcass left over. Yay! Nice big batch of turkey soup next week! Oh yeah!

I can also get back to Drop Dead Diva. I got Netflix for my Wii. I watched 10 episodes of DDD Christmas Eve. Love it! My only complaint so far is lack of selection for Television shows on Netflix. Hopefully that will change quickly.

And I guess that's it. Joyeux Noel mes amis!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like ... Depression?

It's been a while since I have posted. I know this because two(male, btw) co-workers have been nagging like old biddies about it.

Anyway, I decided that I would finally post tonight. It's not the most cheerful post in the world, but it is what it is.

I haven't been taking my sertraline for about a month. I would say I was doing pretty well off it. Or at least I would have said that before tonight. Up until tonight I have been handling the stress of work and the holiday season fairly well. Maybe that was just because I had enough sertraline in my system until now. I'm not full blown depressed, but I know I am headed that way when I sit and cry over a frigging episode of Y&R! (They did an ode to A Christmas Carol starring Victor as Ebenezer.) Then we had Oprah on and Susan Boyle sang, which can often bring me to tears anyway because she has such an amazing voice. But the song she sang tugs at some painful memories in the past so I can't pass the tears off as tribute to her abilities. I guess it's time to go back on those drugs, huh?

Ok, on to another topic: How can I be related to a total ass? I just have to wonder. I have one cousin in particular who needs a filter. He thinks he's being funny, but he's not. He frequently posts remarks on FB reflecting his conservative views. That's his right as an American. I have no issue with that. I just think if someone is going to make statements such as he does, they should have the balls to claim it. Don't hide behind a fake name and picture.

Here's a funny that still makes me giggle three days later ... I had a customer Monday night and he lives on .. Sesame Street!!!!!!! That totally made my night. I'm still teehee-ing.

I had my Annual Secret Santa party this past Sunday. Lots of laughs, lots of food and the ladies outdid themselves as secret santas this year. There were some lovely gifts ... wonderful job ladies! Thank you so much for participating. It makes my holiday to host SS and to have you all in my home for the party. Thank you!!!