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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Three Days

Three days off can go so quickly!

I can't believe it!

But I did get a fair bit of work done.

I moved my craft room downstairs - that took two days. And I am still going through lots of stuff to throw out or give to the school in Stanley.

What makes this process so long is that my mother goes through each bag of 'garbage' and rescues stuff. Seriously. She complains that I have too much stuff, but when I try to get rid of it, she gets in the way. I'm ready to scream! Hoarder extraordinaire, she is.

In addition to that, I made some serious head way in my Christmas shopping. Yay me! Now I just have to wait for the Arts and Crafts fair next weekend at the Capital Exhibit Center. What I find there will determine my gift for my mother. Fingers crossed I will find that perfect winter landscape that she wants.

I also went to see a movie Wednesday night - with my mother and sister. We went to see Morning Glory. OMG! I was hilarious! But it didn't do well. I don't know why. Lots of great actors, great dialogue. Wait. I know why it didn't do well - dialogue over action and nudity. No brainer there. Anyway, good movie - when it comes out on DVD, check it out.

I moved my behemoth of a desktop to the former craft room for the Christmas season. Took me almost an hour to move everything and set it all back up. Then I moved the modem in too, plugged it into the jack and voila - internet connection! Wait. No. No connection. Damn it! Damn it! GD jack is crap!

Quick trip to Future Shop - or as quick as one can drive in Fredericton on a Saturday slash Market slash Christmas shopping day. Do I really need to say Fredericton drivers are idiots and, more often than not, totally insane? Anyway, Future Shop - wander around looking for what I need with no help until I hijacked some poor minimum-wage-earning university kid to help me. Got a NetGear Wireless USB. Left him looking like a deer in the headlights.

Got home in one piece. Minor miracle in this city. Set up the USB and got the point where I needed the passkey for my wireless modem. Crap. Call Aliant and got right through. Another minor miracle, this time with Bell. Explained what was going on and .... And got the shitty - not crappy - shitty question - Are you hardwired to your modem? Ummm no. Did you not just listen to what I said? Desktop in bedroom. Modem in living room because bedroom jack is crap! She then asks me - can you move your computer to the modem? Ummm no. Did you not just listen to what I said? AGAIN? DESKTOP NOT LAPTOP. Jackass!

Was I going to haul that thing out to the living room? No way in hell! Of course, by this time, it's 2pm and I have to get ready for work. Needless to say, I left my computer with no internet connection. Plus side, my uncles are coming down to put the baseboards on in the kitchen tomorrow so Dan will bring his laptop down so I can hardwire into my modem and get my passkey info.

I guess that's all I can rant about for now. But give it some more time and I am sure I can find something or someone else that irritates me.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Random Crap

  • went to my staff holiday party Saturday night - lotta fun, I will post a pic when I can
  • I have been so lax with the Christmas lights; normally have them up by Thanksgiving
  • nausea abounds these days; don't know why
  • I got a shipment of goodies from Tiny Seeds - can't wait to play with all my Sassafrass
  • it's a winter wonderland today; the roads were so bad someone making a left hand turn beside me did a 360
  • I love Bruno's Caesar - it is arguably the BEST in town
  • And lastly, I am on the hunt for a winter landscape of a field or stream, preferably in acrylics or watercolours, for my mother for Christmas; if you have any ideas (not KKMunn) please let me know