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Saturday, November 06, 2010

I Cried Today

So tonight was a rough night.

It didn't start out that way. It started well. The customers before lunch break at 7pm weren't too bad considering we are still in Billing week. Even after lunch break it wasn't too bad.

Until I got the Thunderbird. The customer was nice enough, but I just found it stressful. I have never once been able to get a customer set up on Thunderbird. This call lasted almost 50 minutes for email setup! It was a different version than what I was trained on and what the emulators show. So basically, it was like fumbling around in the dark. Like I said, stressful.

I figured it couldn't get worse.

Then I got the other dreaded email setup: MacMail. That of course sent my stress levels higher.

Then came the kicker. A customer was having trouble logging into her email. I asked her for her account number and she rather snottily told me she didn't have it. I asked her for her last name, entered it in the search box and then asked her for her first name. Now the woman was mumbling a bit so she said a name and it was like her last name. For example, a name like Davy Davis or Robby Roberts. I'm not joking.

So I asked her for her first name again. Then she started in on me - she did give me her first name, don't I listen? The whole time yelling at me. I asked her not to yell at me, which just made her yell more. I made the mistake of calling her ma'am which apparently is "rude". I was flummoxed! That's the only word I can think of - the fact that this woman who was yelling at me was telling me I was rude. Not only that, telling me I was stupid, didn't listen to what she was saying ... then she said, "I got in" and she hung up.

Which was a good thing.

Because at this point, I was starting to weep.

I have had far worse calls. I have had callers call me some horrible names. But this call, after the stress of the last two email calls, was the last straw. It didn't help that all the while this was happening, a supervisor was standing beside me, making me feel more pressured.

This is the first call that made me cry. I certainly hope it will be the last.

I just wanted to go to the bathroom and cry but I wouldn't let myself. I toughed it out. Then I read Jennsylvania's blog to take my mind off the call and get a quick laugh.

Thank goodness it worked.

Monday, November 01, 2010

I Better Post Tonight

That's what a friend told me tonight.

There is so much I could post about! And so much that I can't.

Ok, let's start with me working Halloween night so I totally missed all the kidlets who trick'or'treat in the 'hood. I missed Lorny, Jacker Cracker, Benny and JillyBean. Can't wait to check out FB so I can see their costumes. I'll have to make sure I have Halloween off next year.

Then there's my first 10 hour shift. I am currently 8 hours in. It's not too bad - time-wise. It would have been fine if not for two things:

1)I was 45 minutes late getting out of work Sunday night (technically Monday morning) because I got a call from a customer who was a) German and struggled with the language - basically she repeated everything I said so we had double the convo and b) she adamantly refused to accept that we don't provide support for Microsoft products and wanted us to send a tech out to fix her Outlook Express problem. Late leaving work= late to bed = cranky biotch when I get up.

2)And it's Billing week - meaning Hell Week! So all the cranky customers call in. In a way this is good because it means it's busy and makes time fly. And all the cranky customers make you more appreciative of the nice, happy ones. But still you have to deal with the cranky customers.

Other than that, the shift change isn't bad. And I have tomorrow off! Yay me! Sort of. Cuz I have to get up at 9 to drop my truck off for my winter tire change. Cranky biotch again tomorrow. Oh well, I can come home and nap on the couch for a bit. But I am willing to do it because when I left work last night it was snowing! I'm not pushing my luck there.

Because of the shift change I got my own desk!!!! Yay!!! No more sharing for me. Not that I have a problem with sharing. And I feel bad for my former pod-mate because I usually found some of her things (like lip balm and bracelets) on the floor, which I always picked up for her ... so she might be losing things a lot more frequently from now on.

The great thing about my pod is that it is a former employee's pod (she recently got a great job at a company in Moncton). She was great! She actually paired with me in training on my first day of calls. I learned a lot from her. I'm viewing this as a good luck sign. Plus, it's prime real estate!

The funny thing about the pod changes is stuff. Quite literally - stuff. Three of us moved - 2 women and 1 guy - my pod and the other woman's pod are already covered. I mean, top to bottom. It looks like we've been there for ages. The guy's pod - barren! I guess he's got the important stuff - instant coffee and some paper.

What else? Oh! My struggles with the printers at work! I needed to get a pre-auth debit form to a customer. She was having pc problems and I couldn't fax it to her. What to do? Well, a TM suggested sending the form to myself, printing it off here and have the center coordinator mail it out.

Simple, right? Umm, perhaps for a normal individual.

I tried to send the damn thing to the printer and it kept sending it to Document Save. Problem? Umm .. the printer wasn't actually set as the default in my printer settings. Hmmm ... I'm not even going to tell you how long it took to figure that out. And the help I needed to do it. Oye. Anyway, that got changed. Then it still wouldn't print. I tried three times! Then I gave up. The printer hates me. So I just sent it to my home email and I will print it at home and then arrange to mail it.

Ok, that's it for me, cuz I've been blogging off and on for a couple of hours now ... time to pack it in.


As many know, I have a small problem with hypocrisy. Even when it's little things.

Like the gentleman I spoke to tonight.

Who had a Mac.

I advised him I would do my best, he'd have to be patient with me because I really don't know my way around a Mac very well.

The customer actually complained because Zednet hasn't trained it's reps on macs when they are soooooo very superior (his words, not mine).

The hypocrisy part is that he didn't even really know how to use it himself!!!!!!!!!!!

Kiss my ass buddy!