My little buddy

Sunday, August 08, 2010

My Name Is Jeanette ...

... and I am a computer and internet addict.

My computer died last Monday morning .... and it's been truly painful ever since.

My cousin got it going enough so I could pull all my pics and docs off the hard drive. That was about all it could do. Oh, and internet. I was able to surf, but in a limited way. That was ok, though. At least I was in the water, right?

After I got all my docs off the computer, I sent my baby off to the Computer Wizard, aka Rob, and it seems he may have fixed it. Just waiting for the call back right now.

But I was so lost without my computer that my Uncle Dan loaned me his laptop for the time being.

I honestly wouldn't be heartbroken if the computer wasn't fixable ... I already have a laptop picked out to buy ... Dell Studio 17 ... in purple! Beautiful!

Well, I guess I will do some more surfin while I can!