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Thursday, August 05, 2010

Dentists Are Worse Than Lawyers

All I can say is that at least lawyers are honest about being shysters. Dentists wrap it all up in healthcare, big words and dire warnings.

Don't get me wrong, I love my dentist - Dr. Steeves - he's a great dentist. He's had a lot of work on his mouth, so he knows what it's like.

But he's taken on a "new" partner. This guy acts like every tooth is his own pot of gold that will pave the way to all the boy toys out there.

When I cracked my root canal tooth, there was no discussion on what to do - he said it had to come out and should be filled with a bridge. Coincidentally, that bridge work is roughly $2500. Funny he didn't talk about a crown on what remained of the cracked tooth. Of course, that would have been considerably cheaper. I never questioned it as I was sitting there worried about the gaping hole that would be part of my smile.

And it gets worse. I had the temporary bridge put in last Friday. It was a lot cheaper than expected. Well, about $300 less. But guess what!? He's found a way to get that $300 AND an extra $300!

Oddly enough, this first tooth in the bridge work that was pretty damn healthy, that never gave me trouble, well it suddenly hurts! The first tooth in the bridge work was shaved down Friday to look a lot like a post (for the permanent bridge to adhere to) and since then has been hurting like you wouldn't believe. The other tooth that was shaved for the bridge work is fine ... and get this! THAT was the tooth he told me would need a root canal! But it turns out that the tooth that was SUPPOSED to be fine, is the one that will now need the root canal.

I'm awful suspicious of this development. I kind of have a feeling that the dentist shaved the tooth down too far and exposed the nerve. So now I need the fucking root canal. Do I dare mention this to the dentist? NO! I figure he still has a lot more work to do on my teeth before the permanent bridge is finally in and I have no desire to be under-frozen at any time during the procedures.

But I can tell you that once it's done, that's it. I will be telling the office staff that I will only see Dr. Steeves. There will be no circumstance that will lead to me going to the other dentist ever again! And I won't be shy about telling anyone looking for a dentist either!