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Thursday, July 01, 2010

Happy Canada Day - With A Few Fun Facts (ok, more than a few)

Everyone knows this one - Canada was named after the Iroquoian word "Kanata" meaning village ... which the idiot British mistook for the name of the country. Oh, well, it's original!

Our motto is A Mari Usque ad Mare meaning 'From Sea To Sea'.

Our national anthem was composed in 1880 by two Quebecois (Routhier/Lavallee) .... it's kinda funny that our national anthem came from the province that wants to separate from the rest of the nation.

Our national anthem, while composed in 1880, only became the unofficial anthem in 1967 and the official anthem in 1980.

Our unique maple leaf flag became official February 15, 1965.

Since the Soviet Union broke up into smaller countries, Canada is now the LARGEST country in the world.

Newfoundland was the first part of Canada to be explored ... and the last to become a Canadian province! (Don't mention Nunavut ... it's a territory, not a province!)

Montreal was founded by a bunch of religious quacks from France in 1642. Seriously.

The Mounted Police were formed in 1873, with nine officers. They now number more than 28,000.

The Bay of Fundy has the highest tides in the world! They rise at one metre per hour.

Canada has the longest street in the world at 1,896 km, which is the popular Yonge Street in downtown Toronto.

Canada also has the longest highway in the world: the Trans-Canada Highway.

We have the world’s longest coastline: 151,600 miles.

The world's tallest concrete structure belongs to Toronto: the CN Tower stands 553m tall. (It's no longer the tallest frestanding structure since 2007)

The most famous Canadian recognized worldwide: David Suzuki. I'm not kidding!!!!

Canada is widely believed to be the home of Santa Claus ... I guess people the world-over think
Canada owns the North Pole. Not true, no one does.

Canada has a desert! In BC, towards the southernmost corner of the Okanagan Valley in Osoyoos; it's only 15 miles long, with over 100 rare plants, and over 300 rare animals.

Canada's national sports are: Ice Hockey in the winter and Lacrosse in the summer.

Canada has 60 words to describe "snow".

Daniel David Palmer of Pickering founded the chiropractic profession.

Canola was developed in the 40's

MacIntosh apples were developed by John MacIntosh of South Dundas

Here's a few other Canadian Inventions and inventions by Canadians:
the walkie-talkie, Standard Time, Java programming, the Blackberry, the pager, the 56k modem, the telephone, the Canadarm, the snowmobile, the electric wheelchair, the snow blower, SONAR, table hockey, Insulin, peanut butter, pablum, Easy-Off cleaner, the garbage bag, the Jolly-jumper, the paint roller, the Robertson screwdriver, Plexi-glass, the first light bulb, the zipper, the electron microscope, the television, the electric range, IMAX was co-invented by Roman Kroitor ... Some of the most notable: Basketball was invented by James Naismith; The goalie mask was invented by Jacques Plante in 1959; Ice hockey was invented in Windsor, Nova Scotia. This life long dispute has been made official; The candy bar was invented by New Brunswick's own James H. Ganong and Gilbert Ganong in 1910; Trivial Pursuit was invented by Scott Abbott and Chris Haney; the Caesar (cocktail) was invented in a bar in Calgary; and Yahtzee was invented in 1954 by a Canadian couple, who called it "The Yacht Game" because they played it on their yacht with their friends.

Home of the World's Largest(just naming a couple):
Newfoundland & Labrador - Strawberry, Moose
PEI - Potato (surprise, surprise!)
Nova Scotia - Mastodon
New Brunswick - Axe, Lobster, Fiddleheads ....
Quebec - Milk Bottle
Ontario - Nickel, Curling Stone
Manitoba - Mosquito and Coca-Cola Can
Saskatchewan - Tomahawk, Grasshopper
Alberta - Cowboy Boot, T. Rex
British Columbia - Hockey Stick, Trout
Yukon - Gold Pan
Nunavut - Inukshuk
Nothing is listed for NWT, but I think they should build a diamond ... since they are one of the world's major producers.
And that's it for this year!!!! Happy Canada Day! Bonne Fete Canada! 

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Friday Was A Good Day

This past week, Anita let me know that Emma and Kayin were coming home for the summer to stay with their father. Awesome! I knew that I would be able to get to see them at some point during their stay.

I also asked her if she would be coming home for Sarah's wedding in September ... thinking that she would say no, cuz it's a long way for a short visit ... but she said that she was working on it! Yay! Fingers crossed that she would be able to come for a bit ...

Then Friday came with great news! Anita was flying home with Emma and Kayin!!!! Yay! Happy Dance!!!!!!!!

I get to see one of my best friends for the first time in three years! (Been close friends for 22 years)

I get to meet little Master Xander for the first time since he was born! (I hear he's a terror - like the Energizer Bunny ;)

And I will get to see Em and K for the first time in two summers. (But only with some tongue-biting and almost-begging their father)

Great news all around!!!!!!!

It's turning out to be a great summer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!