My little buddy

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Say Hello To My Leeettle Friend!

This is my new baby. His name is Sam, Sam Sung. Ok, that was cheesy, but whatever!
Just got him. Now, I know he isn't a Crackberry or an iPoo'ed, but he's just right for me.
$0 down, QWERTY keyboard. Those were my two requirements. This baby had them both. Good enough for me!
Could have gone with the white and pinky one, but hello??? I'm on a three year plan! Like I want a phone that's going to show where it's been after a couple of outings. And let's face it, I am not that obsessive about how clean my electronics are so black really is the best choice.
I kept getting flak for not texting. Well, maybe not flak. More like the same old question every time, by the same people. Ummm, not going to try texting with my crap phone! I'll wait till I can get a QWERTY phone ... and now I have one!
The first, and only at the moment, person I have texted is Sarah. She was my biggest texting nag ... hmmm, hope she doesn't read that ... crap .... hi Sarah! After 5 texts, I was over the whole newness of texting .... really not going to be my fave feature.
However, I am enjoying my new phone. I'm like a kid with a new toy.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

So I wish I had something to blog about. One, singular thought to expand on. Unfortunately, my brain is not working that way lately. I do however, have lots of little things to mention.

Last Monday, I went to Moncton for a little retail therapy with a friend. It was so fun! We had lunch at The Rice Bowl. It's a total hole in the wall, but the food is spectacular! We went to the Scrap Shack in Riverview and I dropped some dollars. Got more MME, big surprise, huh? And of course, we went to Costco. I spent almost $450! Granted almost $375 of that was for memory foam bed toppers for myself and my mother. And let me tell you, they are totally worth it!!!!!!! Every single freaking penny!

Tuesday I had a tooth pulled, which I've blogged about already. But what made everything worse was the fact that I had to go back two days later because I had developed an infection in the gum a few teeth away from the extraction site and I was worried that it was going to infect said extraction. So now I am on antibiotics to hopefully clear it up. Teeth are almost not worth this much effort.

Friday, I spent the day poolside at my sister's. What a great day! It was hot enough to lounge in the sun and read and the water was warm enough not to turn my lips blue. And considering that the water was heated to 84F, that would have been an impossibility no matter how cold the air.

It's sad, but I can barely remember what I did Saturday ... other than going to the market. Oh! I gardened a bit. I am not one of those gardeners who can do a whole bed in one day. I tend to work away at it for days ... as far as I am concerned, gardening and landscaping is an ongoing, never-ending job.

Sunday, I went to North Tay ... then came home and gardened a bit more.

Monday, in between the torrential rain showers (and sometimes during) I went to some local nurseries and the Co-op Country Store ... got more plants and more mulch ... can never have too much, right?

Which leads me to today. I really wanted to get out and garden a bit more today, but the work I planned on doing is totally impossible with all this freaking wind!!! Which means it will have to be put off til tomorrow evening or Thursday. And I was so hoping to have this new section of garden finished before my mother returned.

Unfortunately I cannot work on it tomorrow because I have two very special guests coming over for the day! Miz Lauren and Miz Livy are coming for a visit! I can't wait! Super excited! Can you tell? Mum even planned her visit with her sister so she could be home Wednesday to see Lorny and Dootly-doo.

Wow. I lead a very boring life. Holy crap.