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Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Haemorrhaging $$

When it rains, it pours for me. Well, money-wise.

A few years ago, I had to have a root canal on my first right upper molar. After I had, life was good. Except for that pesky problem of chipping teeth. Once you have a root canal, your tooth is completely dead and over time it will wear .... well, apparently mine went a little sooner than expected. I have had to have two major reconstructions on it ... but this last time just wasn't possible.

Sunday afternoon, I was eating banana chips (of all freaking things!) when I felt a pinch in my gum. I thought I must have gotten some of the banana chip stuck, so I flossed. Only to find that part of my tooth was wiggling!

The gd thing cracked lengthwise from front to back. The outside portion and canal filling were solid, but the inside portion kept wiggling. And every time it moved, it pinched my gum. Great!

I was going out of town Monday for some retail therapy and there was no way I was giving that up, so since the tooth didn't hurt, I just made the dentist appointment for Tuesday morning. He took a look at and told me it had to come out. The crack went too far up under the gumline for him to fix. Great!

So he froze me up ... and those that go to the same dentist can attest that they like their anasthetic there! It's been almost four hours and I am still a bit frozen! Anyway, he pulled it. He had to do some minor surgery on the gum to get the tooth out, but now it's gone. I have stitches. And packing, cuz I'm not clotting quickly enough. Great!

Then comes the horrible part. I have three options now. I can do a partial plate for just that one tooth. The assistant said they're fairly bulky for just one tooth though. Then I can go for the other $$ extreme and go with an implant. But they are minimum $3500 plus 6-8 months of healing. Or I can go with a bridge. It's about $2500 and takes about a month to do. They have to shave down one tooth on each side of the extraction, make molds, then make the bridge prosthetic, and permanently insert it.

Now, if this tooth was one of the last two molars, I would have no problem just leaving it. Unfortunately, it's visible when I smile! And I am vain enough that I have to do something.

I am leaning toward the bridge even though it is more expensive than a partial plate only because it is less likely to bother my gums. I have enough trouble with my gums that I really don't want to irritate them any further. But that means $2500. Which I don't really have. But they mentioned splitting it up in three payments and I am also going to talk to them about a payment plan over 6 months ... I will figure it out. Got to, right?