My little buddy

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Random Crap

  • went to the market this morning and bought some wontons from the Thai stand .... I had Sweet Potato Curry Wontons - OMFG! They were so good! A hint of cilantro and curry. Mmmmmm.
  • bought my Wii - finally! - earlier this week. Loving it! I haven't tried the Sports Resort game yet, but it looks fun.
  • my cousin and his wife had their third baby this week - another little boy - they named him Kyle Cory Healy (Healy after our Grampy).
  • I know I've gained weight lately, but did I put it all on my boobs? I have to wonder because I am bra shopping right now and apparently I've gone from a DD/DDD to a G. What the hell?
  • I am not one for "boxed" meals but I tried Betty Crocker's Asian Helper (you can only get it in the US) and wow it was GOOD! It was Chicken Lo Mein - but made the way they suggest, it's only chicken, noodles and sauce. So I added sliced onion, mushrooms, carrot and peppers - the addition made it GREAT!
  • Discovered a new snack food this week - Terra Exotic Chips - yum! They're expensive, but worth it!
  • This is my last full week with Jacker Cracker ... after that, he goes part-time. I will miss the little bugger. He's so funny! He's a little boy version of Lauren.
  • Since I will be down to part-time for most of the summer, I will be spending a good portion of that time parked beside my sister's pool. Got a day off, playing hooky? Give me a jingle and join me!

Friday, May 14, 2010

OMG! I'm Pooped!

Ok, I know I am out of shape, but holy crap! That is some hard work!!!

I decided to take down the three cedar trees that run along the front yard fence. Didn't LOOK like it would be all the tough, but like I said, I am totally out of shape! So it's turning out to be a lot harder than originally thought!

I've got the first tree completely down. The second tree is almost completely down. I have another foot and a half to cut off. Unfortunately, my chainsaw decided that this was the best time to pop the chain off the bar. That means I have to loosen up the box, get the chain back on, tighten everything back up - doesn't sound hard right? Well, for me it is! It seems to be a job requiring three hands and lo and behold! I only have two!

Anyway, I took it as a sign to call it quits for the day. I will fix the chain today and have it already to go Sunday or Monday. The last tree is going to be a son of a bitch to cut. It's made up of three trunks - one's fine to cut, one's leaning towards the house, and the last is leaning towards the neighbours house that is about 10 feet away - well within crashing reach. I am going to have to tie as high as I can get and do a directional cut in the hopes of controlling the fall. Hopefully it all works out.

Once this is all done, then starts the fun part! Chemical stump removal! Yay!!! Ok, it might not sound fun, but it will be in the end! First you drill 1" holes in the stumps that go 10" deep. Then you fill them with potassium nitrate. This kills off the whole root system. It also takes 6 jeezly weeks. But it will be worth it!!! Cuz after the 6 weeks, you fill each hole with kerosene! But wait! You have to let that sit 4 weeks. But then come the fireworks. Literally. After 4 weeks, you set the stump on fire and let the whole root system burn to ash. Then ta-da! You have a perfectly usable area for gardening!

When it's all done, my plan is to fill that whole fence line with lilacs, maybe some mountain laurel too. It will be worth all this work. I have to keep telling myself that as hobble around the house, totally exhausted and sore.