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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Stripping Away Trust

SANTIAGO, Chile—The Vatican's second-highest authority says the sex
scandals haunting the Roman Catholic Church are linked to homosexuality and not
celibacy among priests.

Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, the Vatican's
secretary of state, made the comments during a news conference Monday in Chile,
where one of the church's highest-profile pedophile cases involves a priest
having sex with young girls.

"Many psychologists and psychiatrists have demonstrated that there is
no relation between celibacy and pedophilia. But many others have demonstrated,
I have been told recently, that there is a relation between homosexuality and
pedophilia. That is true," said Bertone. "That is the problem."

After making homophobic, ignorant, and slanderous comments like that, is it any wonder that the Catholic Church is losing parishioners?

The Roman Catholic Church's problem with pedophilia is NOT related to homosexuality!

The Roman Catholic Church's problem with pedophilia is related to the following three things: the implicit trust the parishioners place in their priests; the easy, ample access to children; and the Catholic Church's/Vaticans willingness, in fact eagerness, to cover up the despicable, profligate acts perpetrated by these priests.

The only conclusion any sane, rational person can come to is that the Church CREATES the haven for these degenerates.

As a Catholic, as a heterosexual woman, I am ashamed, angered, and saddened that the Church and it's ministry, to whom I am supposed to be looking to for guidance, is clinging to outdated dogma and spreading patent falsehoods.

Again, is it any wonder that the Catholic Church is losing parishioners the world over? It's time to welcome the 21st century into the Church. It's time to make changes.

Unfortunately, we are saddled with a retrogressive Pope, who seems determined to reverse, or at the very least stop, the forward progress that Pope John Paul II set forth for the Church.

It is time to come out in the light. It is time to discard the antiquated tenets regarding celibacy and gender of priests. It is time to shine a cleansing light on the pedophiles and molesters who hide in the priesthood and hold them accountable!

It is time for change. And I, as a Roman Catholic parishioner, call for that change. Anyone else?