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Thursday, February 04, 2010

Martha Stewart Sucks!

~Ok, so maybe Martha doesn't suck.
~And maybe all things Martha don't suck.

~But let me tell you, her Triple Citrus Cupcakes SUCK!!!
~Last summer, I bought Martha Stewart's Cupcakes cookbook. Everything looks so good in it! But I have tried two recipes from it so far and have not had the greatest success!
~The first recipe I tried was the Brown Sugar Cupcakes which were basically poundcakes. Instead of cupcakes, I made a full cake. I used it to make my Smurf House cake ... the flavour was good, but dry which a poundcake should not be!

~The second recipe I tried was the Triple Citrus Cupcakes. I made them Monday night. I glazed them Tuesday morning. And five minutes later, they were thrown in the garbage.
~One pound of butter and almost a dozen eggs, not mention a lot effort, down the drain (or in the trash) ... they were dry, spongy ... really, it was like eating foam. Not good.
~I am seriously reconsidering further use of this cookbook!
~So Wednesday, I cracked open my Joy of Cooking cookbook that my aunt Joan gifted to me at Christmas. This was my first recipe I tried: Fudge Chiffon Cake. It's pretty tasty! Not the best, but good. It's light and airy as a chiffon cake should be. My only problem with it is that it's a little dry. Not dry .... just not moist like a poundcake.
~I guess I am comparing it to the cake I made for Livy's going away party:
~It's a three layer Double Chocolate Poundcake frosted with Chocolate Buttercream and decorated with Vanilla Buttercream and Chocolate Fudge. Oh, and fondant smily faces ... as you can see, it was a theme.
~Anyway, that cake was AMAZING!!!! And it didn't last long as I sent a large portion of it home with Livy and her mom.
~So, I guess in my roundabout way, I am wondering if it is worth trying anymore recipes from the Martha Stewart cookbook? Especially since butter ain't cheap!
~I guess I could give it one more try, right?
~Maybe not.