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Friday, December 31, 2010


Tonight is the last night of 2010. It's been an interesting year to say the least.

To commemorate the end of the year, I decided I would come up with two lists: 20 Good Things and 10 Changes (for Next Year)

20 Good Things from 2010

20. This one is for Jeremy - my great co-workers who are the light of my life and make every work day an absolute joy. Is that effusive enough for you Jeremy? lol
19. Movies - I {heart} movies - and now having Netflix only makes my love easier! lol
18. My wonderful daycare kids - I do miss my kidlets. Specially that Jacker Cracker. He's such a card!
17. Re-discovering the joy of quilting. It really does fill me with accomplishment and joy when I finish a beautiful quilt.
16. My garden's - while they aren't as lavish and beautiful as my aunts, I do enjoy working in them even when I am cursing while I do it.
15. My Scrapping Divas - it's always wonderful to spend time with my chicas. Very uplifting and stressing-relieving. Really need to do it more often.
14. Being Canadian - from the True North, the land of the glorious and free. 'Nuff said.
13. Kicking all things diet. That may not seem like a good thing, and I may have put on an extra 5 pounds because of it, but let me tell you, at least I am no longer writhing in pain from all that aspartame and acesulfame chemical crap. If I had not stopped, it would have been the death of me.
12. My mom's first international vacation. This may not seem like much to people who regularly travel to the Caribbean but, for my mom, going to the Dominican was huge. And she had a blast, which was the most important thing!
11. The family farm being purchased by my aunt Mary. This may seem odd, but it's so great. Otherwise, it would have been sold to the highest bidder(probably our Wilson cousins up the road) who would have torn Grammy and Grampy's house down, torn up the apple orchard and farmed the land for silage. Now the house and everything around it remains intact and remains in the Wilson family.
10. Financial Stability - this is a biggy for me. Being self-employed meant lean budget at times. With my new job, that particular stress has been lightened. For which I am extremely grateful.
9. Meeting Xan-man this summer. What a little terror (typed lovingly of course).
8. Seeing Anita and my Boog and Bug this summer.
7. My beautiful furbabies who lavish me with love, purrs and furballs. And that list is not necessarily in my furbabies order of preference.
6. My family - while we may fight and argue with(and bitch and moan about) each other - we are still family and we still act like it. When push comes to shove, my family bands together to shove back.
5. Not having CVD! Yay! After all my testing, my endocrinologist determined that my heart is healthy and I have no signs of scarring i.e, no previous heart attacks that went untreated.
4. My new job! While owning my own business did have it's perks, having a job where I converse with adults daily and have medical and dental coverage is nothing to sneeze at either.
3. Having the pleasure and honour of being my BFF's maid of honour in her wedding.
2. Watching my BFF get married to her heart mate. She never gave up and settled, but waited until she met the perfect man for her.
1. And finally, having my wonderful Grammy in my life for 35 years.

10 Things I Want To Change in 2011

10. My job. Not as in leave Zednet ... More like I want to be more confident in what I do. I want to train more. And I need to make a decision - stay in CSR for a better shift or apply to TSR - to completely unknown territory.
9. Movies and family - meaning getting out to see more. Before Christmas, my mother, sister and I were going to the movies once every two weeks for a couple of months. I would like to make that something we do at least once a month during the year - the Pudge Patrol goin' to the Cinema!
8. Financial Stability - yes, it's on both lists. While my financial situation has improved, I want to improve it a hell of a lot more. I am almost done paying off my consolidation loan (thank goodness!). With that means more available cash to .... what? I don't know. I guess I will have to go see my banking officer about that, huh?
7. Time with my scrapping friends. I have to make more of it. I want to get out and scrapbook and yak and laugh and eat with my divas. This could also go under the heading of health since it's such a good stress-reliever
6. Going to Church. Not something anyone thought I would say, huh? It's not that I am a devout Catholic, cuz the good Lord knows I am not. (But I do follow St.Thomas' preaching, which some say is almost heretical because his preachings portrayed Jesus in a more human light rather than painting Him with a "perfect" paintbrush.) I just wonder if going to Church will help me with peace of mind and spirit.
5. Quilting - seems like an odd thing to put on this list - but I want to make more quilts. I usually only make a quilt for Christmas, possibly for a baby shower or wedding gift. I would like to challenge myself more and try to quilt more regularly. Already I have ideas for two birthday gifts in the New Year. If I can motivate myself to do it, I could actually make these by the end of February.
4. I would like to find out once and for all - do I have an older brother out there? Where? Who is he? I want someone to 'fess up because my the one and only person I see often who might know keeps brushing it off. Where do I start? Who do I ask? Where do I got to try and find this mystery older brother?
3. Visiting - I need to make the time and put the effort into going down to Glace Bay to spend time with my BFF.
2. Travel. I want to go somewhere. Not across the border to shop or down to the relatives for a visit. I want to Travel with a capital "T". Top of my list is always a trip to Ireland and Scotland. But I would like to go to the Caribbean just to experience it. Also I would like to go to New York on a "girl" trip. And possibly a trip west to see my kids. It's been a few years since I've been out. Now, I'm not saying I will do all of it this year, but those are my top travel wishes. I have to do at least one in 2011.
1. My health. It has to improve. In so many ways. Which is a post in itself. Meaning, tomorrow.

And that's it for tonight!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!!!

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Well, that's as cheery as I get today. I don't know why, but I am very neutral. That's the only way to describe it - neutral. I'm not depressed, upset or angry. I'm not happy, joyous or excited. I'm just neutral. If I were a colour, I'd be beige. GARF.

It was just Mum and I this morning to unwrap gifts. My sister spoiled me. I got a whole new outfit for work along with a beautiful pair of silver hoops. I asked her if she was trying to turn me into a clone of herself. I keep telling her that Zednet is totally different than UPS when it comes to rules and work environment. She was floored when I told her we were allowed to wear pj's to work on Christmas Day. It's all about the comfort. (Needless to say, I am currently in pj's at work. Oh! And my Rudolph slippers with the nose that glows!)

What else? Oh! My aunt Joanie got me the Wii Jeopardy game I wanted! My big prezzie from Mum was a beautiful set of Paderno cookware. Anita and fam gifted me a beautiful wind chime that has a glass cat face at the top. I will have to post pics tomorrow. Sarah gave me a mini-album of her wedding. I plan to keep it as is, but I am also going to get copies from her so I can scrapbook a large wedding album. She also bought me oodles of Toblerone. I currently have the large bar, a bag, the large triangle box, the flat triangle box and two hexagon boxes. I am in chocolate heaven.

We went to my Grammy's for Christmas dinner. It was good; but not the same. It was good to see everybody, even my hyperactive cousin Vern. My aunt Sharon grabbed me at the door and plunked $10 in my hand. She said all the nieces and nephews were getting $10 regardless of age. I'm 36. Thanks! Not necessary, but thanks! I will put it towards my fabric-buying habit at Stitch Steals.

I stayed until 2pm then had to leave for work. Yay! I get to work today. I cannot complain, as I did request the day. We all had to list which holiday we wanted to work - Christmas Day, Boxing Day or New Years Day. I chose this one because A) I have no kids B) it's quiet and C) it will keep me busy at the end of the day when I find it most depressing.

Tomorrow evening we are having Christmas dinner that we are making on our own. Turkey, dressing (Grammy's recipe), potatoes and gravy, carrots and squash. Yummmmmm! And I will have a turkey carcass left over. Yay! Nice big batch of turkey soup next week! Oh yeah!

I can also get back to Drop Dead Diva. I got Netflix for my Wii. I watched 10 episodes of DDD Christmas Eve. Love it! My only complaint so far is lack of selection for Television shows on Netflix. Hopefully that will change quickly.

And I guess that's it. Joyeux Noel mes amis!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like ... Depression?

It's been a while since I have posted. I know this because two(male, btw) co-workers have been nagging like old biddies about it.

Anyway, I decided that I would finally post tonight. It's not the most cheerful post in the world, but it is what it is.

I haven't been taking my sertraline for about a month. I would say I was doing pretty well off it. Or at least I would have said that before tonight. Up until tonight I have been handling the stress of work and the holiday season fairly well. Maybe that was just because I had enough sertraline in my system until now. I'm not full blown depressed, but I know I am headed that way when I sit and cry over a frigging episode of Y&R! (They did an ode to A Christmas Carol starring Victor as Ebenezer.) Then we had Oprah on and Susan Boyle sang, which can often bring me to tears anyway because she has such an amazing voice. But the song she sang tugs at some painful memories in the past so I can't pass the tears off as tribute to her abilities. I guess it's time to go back on those drugs, huh?

Ok, on to another topic: How can I be related to a total ass? I just have to wonder. I have one cousin in particular who needs a filter. He thinks he's being funny, but he's not. He frequently posts remarks on FB reflecting his conservative views. That's his right as an American. I have no issue with that. I just think if someone is going to make statements such as he does, they should have the balls to claim it. Don't hide behind a fake name and picture.

Here's a funny that still makes me giggle three days later ... I had a customer Monday night and he lives on .. Sesame Street!!!!!!! That totally made my night. I'm still teehee-ing.

I had my Annual Secret Santa party this past Sunday. Lots of laughs, lots of food and the ladies outdid themselves as secret santas this year. There were some lovely gifts ... wonderful job ladies! Thank you so much for participating. It makes my holiday to host SS and to have you all in my home for the party. Thank you!!!

Thursday, December 09, 2010

Sad Day

Today was a sad day. And tomorrow will be even sadder.

My Great-Aunt Norah Wilson Saunders passed away yesterday. She was 97 years old!

She was a tough old bird! She survived the passing of her husband, her younger brother (my Grampy), her baby boy Jackie, her sister-in-law (my Grammy) and finally, just last month, her daughter-in-law (Jack's wife).

She is a big part of my childhood memories. She was a treasure trove of stories and anecdotes. She was a strong, funny, wonderful, kind, generous woman. I know she was dearly loved. And I know she will be missed tremendously.

Rest in peace, Aunt Norah.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Three Days

Three days off can go so quickly!

I can't believe it!

But I did get a fair bit of work done.

I moved my craft room downstairs - that took two days. And I am still going through lots of stuff to throw out or give to the school in Stanley.

What makes this process so long is that my mother goes through each bag of 'garbage' and rescues stuff. Seriously. She complains that I have too much stuff, but when I try to get rid of it, she gets in the way. I'm ready to scream! Hoarder extraordinaire, she is.

In addition to that, I made some serious head way in my Christmas shopping. Yay me! Now I just have to wait for the Arts and Crafts fair next weekend at the Capital Exhibit Center. What I find there will determine my gift for my mother. Fingers crossed I will find that perfect winter landscape that she wants.

I also went to see a movie Wednesday night - with my mother and sister. We went to see Morning Glory. OMG! I was hilarious! But it didn't do well. I don't know why. Lots of great actors, great dialogue. Wait. I know why it didn't do well - dialogue over action and nudity. No brainer there. Anyway, good movie - when it comes out on DVD, check it out.

I moved my behemoth of a desktop to the former craft room for the Christmas season. Took me almost an hour to move everything and set it all back up. Then I moved the modem in too, plugged it into the jack and voila - internet connection! Wait. No. No connection. Damn it! Damn it! GD jack is crap!

Quick trip to Future Shop - or as quick as one can drive in Fredericton on a Saturday slash Market slash Christmas shopping day. Do I really need to say Fredericton drivers are idiots and, more often than not, totally insane? Anyway, Future Shop - wander around looking for what I need with no help until I hijacked some poor minimum-wage-earning university kid to help me. Got a NetGear Wireless USB. Left him looking like a deer in the headlights.

Got home in one piece. Minor miracle in this city. Set up the USB and got the point where I needed the passkey for my wireless modem. Crap. Call Aliant and got right through. Another minor miracle, this time with Bell. Explained what was going on and .... And got the shitty - not crappy - shitty question - Are you hardwired to your modem? Ummm no. Did you not just listen to what I said? Desktop in bedroom. Modem in living room because bedroom jack is crap! She then asks me - can you move your computer to the modem? Ummm no. Did you not just listen to what I said? AGAIN? DESKTOP NOT LAPTOP. Jackass!

Was I going to haul that thing out to the living room? No way in hell! Of course, by this time, it's 2pm and I have to get ready for work. Needless to say, I left my computer with no internet connection. Plus side, my uncles are coming down to put the baseboards on in the kitchen tomorrow so Dan will bring his laptop down so I can hardwire into my modem and get my passkey info.

I guess that's all I can rant about for now. But give it some more time and I am sure I can find something or someone else that irritates me.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Random Crap

  • went to my staff holiday party Saturday night - lotta fun, I will post a pic when I can
  • I have been so lax with the Christmas lights; normally have them up by Thanksgiving
  • nausea abounds these days; don't know why
  • I got a shipment of goodies from Tiny Seeds - can't wait to play with all my Sassafrass
  • it's a winter wonderland today; the roads were so bad someone making a left hand turn beside me did a 360
  • I love Bruno's Caesar - it is arguably the BEST in town
  • And lastly, I am on the hunt for a winter landscape of a field or stream, preferably in acrylics or watercolours, for my mother for Christmas; if you have any ideas (not KKMunn) please let me know

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

I Got Me Some Veggie Chips

Today was an interesting day.

Started out with my mother hissing at my dog to come back, because apparently after being outside and splashing around in the lake that is my backyard Gussy decided he really needed to barrel downstairs and jump on my bed. That was fine as it was time to get up anyway.

Then came the floor installation. When my grammy died, she willed her estate to be divided equally. My mother has been obsessing over flooring since she received her inheritance. She kept going back and forth between what kind of flooring she wanted in the kitchen. She finally settle on an Armstrong flooring that isn't linoleum ... more like vinyl. After a month of waiting for it to arrive from Toronto, it's finally being installed today. By an installer and his wife. Both from Germany. He whistled the whole time!

Of course that's not the interesting part. That comes when they move the stove and fridge out of the kitchen. The stove went into the dining room and fridge into the hall, blocking all access to the bedrooms and BATHROOM. I also could not go downstairs because they started laying the flooring down right at the basement door. Fortunately I had thought about that earlier and brought my work clothes up with me so I could get ready for work at 2. UNfortunately I did not foresee the bathroom being blocked off. As some of you know, my living room and kitchen are fairly open, so I had nowhere to dress. So I had to go to the gas station down the hill to use the little girls room and change for work.

Work was good. Slow at the beginning. Picked up big time after supper. But again, that's not the interesting thing. Nope. That would be Nicole torturing me with talk of going to Taco Bell for supper. I soooooo wanted Taco Bell. But I had brought my supper and I knew the crowd would be bad. When Nick and C got back, I was glad I hadn't gone - major crowds. Their order was something like 3400 of the day. But Nicky did bring me a treat! YumYum Viva Veggie chips! Mmm-mmm! I think I am going to have to hide them ... they've become instantly popular with a couple of my pod neighbours. Hehe.

Monday, November 08, 2010


I'm brain dead tonight. I can't make myself think. Total scatterbrain. My brain actually hurts. Hopefully a good sleep tonight will fix that.

Saturday, November 06, 2010

I Cried Today

So tonight was a rough night.

It didn't start out that way. It started well. The customers before lunch break at 7pm weren't too bad considering we are still in Billing week. Even after lunch break it wasn't too bad.

Until I got the Thunderbird. The customer was nice enough, but I just found it stressful. I have never once been able to get a customer set up on Thunderbird. This call lasted almost 50 minutes for email setup! It was a different version than what I was trained on and what the emulators show. So basically, it was like fumbling around in the dark. Like I said, stressful.

I figured it couldn't get worse.

Then I got the other dreaded email setup: MacMail. That of course sent my stress levels higher.

Then came the kicker. A customer was having trouble logging into her email. I asked her for her account number and she rather snottily told me she didn't have it. I asked her for her last name, entered it in the search box and then asked her for her first name. Now the woman was mumbling a bit so she said a name and it was like her last name. For example, a name like Davy Davis or Robby Roberts. I'm not joking.

So I asked her for her first name again. Then she started in on me - she did give me her first name, don't I listen? The whole time yelling at me. I asked her not to yell at me, which just made her yell more. I made the mistake of calling her ma'am which apparently is "rude". I was flummoxed! That's the only word I can think of - the fact that this woman who was yelling at me was telling me I was rude. Not only that, telling me I was stupid, didn't listen to what she was saying ... then she said, "I got in" and she hung up.

Which was a good thing.

Because at this point, I was starting to weep.

I have had far worse calls. I have had callers call me some horrible names. But this call, after the stress of the last two email calls, was the last straw. It didn't help that all the while this was happening, a supervisor was standing beside me, making me feel more pressured.

This is the first call that made me cry. I certainly hope it will be the last.

I just wanted to go to the bathroom and cry but I wouldn't let myself. I toughed it out. Then I read Jennsylvania's blog to take my mind off the call and get a quick laugh.

Thank goodness it worked.

Monday, November 01, 2010

I Better Post Tonight

That's what a friend told me tonight.

There is so much I could post about! And so much that I can't.

Ok, let's start with me working Halloween night so I totally missed all the kidlets who trick'or'treat in the 'hood. I missed Lorny, Jacker Cracker, Benny and JillyBean. Can't wait to check out FB so I can see their costumes. I'll have to make sure I have Halloween off next year.

Then there's my first 10 hour shift. I am currently 8 hours in. It's not too bad - time-wise. It would have been fine if not for two things:

1)I was 45 minutes late getting out of work Sunday night (technically Monday morning) because I got a call from a customer who was a) German and struggled with the language - basically she repeated everything I said so we had double the convo and b) she adamantly refused to accept that we don't provide support for Microsoft products and wanted us to send a tech out to fix her Outlook Express problem. Late leaving work= late to bed = cranky biotch when I get up.

2)And it's Billing week - meaning Hell Week! So all the cranky customers call in. In a way this is good because it means it's busy and makes time fly. And all the cranky customers make you more appreciative of the nice, happy ones. But still you have to deal with the cranky customers.

Other than that, the shift change isn't bad. And I have tomorrow off! Yay me! Sort of. Cuz I have to get up at 9 to drop my truck off for my winter tire change. Cranky biotch again tomorrow. Oh well, I can come home and nap on the couch for a bit. But I am willing to do it because when I left work last night it was snowing! I'm not pushing my luck there.

Because of the shift change I got my own desk!!!! Yay!!! No more sharing for me. Not that I have a problem with sharing. And I feel bad for my former pod-mate because I usually found some of her things (like lip balm and bracelets) on the floor, which I always picked up for her ... so she might be losing things a lot more frequently from now on.

The great thing about my pod is that it is a former employee's pod (she recently got a great job at a company in Moncton). She was great! She actually paired with me in training on my first day of calls. I learned a lot from her. I'm viewing this as a good luck sign. Plus, it's prime real estate!

The funny thing about the pod changes is stuff. Quite literally - stuff. Three of us moved - 2 women and 1 guy - my pod and the other woman's pod are already covered. I mean, top to bottom. It looks like we've been there for ages. The guy's pod - barren! I guess he's got the important stuff - instant coffee and some paper.

What else? Oh! My struggles with the printers at work! I needed to get a pre-auth debit form to a customer. She was having pc problems and I couldn't fax it to her. What to do? Well, a TM suggested sending the form to myself, printing it off here and have the center coordinator mail it out.

Simple, right? Umm, perhaps for a normal individual.

I tried to send the damn thing to the printer and it kept sending it to Document Save. Problem? Umm .. the printer wasn't actually set as the default in my printer settings. Hmmm ... I'm not even going to tell you how long it took to figure that out. And the help I needed to do it. Oye. Anyway, that got changed. Then it still wouldn't print. I tried three times! Then I gave up. The printer hates me. So I just sent it to my home email and I will print it at home and then arrange to mail it.

Ok, that's it for me, cuz I've been blogging off and on for a couple of hours now ... time to pack it in.


As many know, I have a small problem with hypocrisy. Even when it's little things.

Like the gentleman I spoke to tonight.

Who had a Mac.

I advised him I would do my best, he'd have to be patient with me because I really don't know my way around a Mac very well.

The customer actually complained because Zednet hasn't trained it's reps on macs when they are soooooo very superior (his words, not mine).

The hypocrisy part is that he didn't even really know how to use it himself!!!!!!!!!!!

Kiss my ass buddy!

Friday, October 29, 2010

A Little of This, A Little of That

So it's official! I will be starting a 10 hour-day rotation as of Monday. That's going to take some getting used to! That's a lot of hours at work in a short time-span. BUT there are benefits. I have every other weekend off. On the opposite week, I will have three days in a row off. Yay! I might actually make it to Cape Breton to visit before Sarah and Michael's anniversary! LOL

I made cupcakes for work ... lots of chocolat-y goodness. The same cupcakes I made for the crop last weekend.

Speaking of chocolat-y goodness, I am on the hunt for two chocolate/candy molds - Christmas trees and Christmas light bulbs. All part of my Christmas plan for work ....


Ok, I am having an issue. I can't seem to get anybody online tonight! Every modem and pc issue ends up sent up to L2. I have no idea what I am doing wrong. The last one was the worst because it was obviously a pc issue and every, and I mean every, little thing I tried didn't work. What the hell? Specially the last call - the guy could ping just fine but couldn't connect. It's still bothering me.

Anyway, my brain is spinning in circles like a hamster on a wheel, I just need to end this post before something else send me into another tailspin.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Sketches 23-24 and a couple others ...

Sketch 23

Sketch 24

Baby Love

True Colours

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Sketches 19-22

Sketch #19

Sketch #20


Page 2

Sketch #21

Sketch #22

Monday, October 25, 2010

Sketches 15-18

Sketch #15

Sketch #16

Sketch #17

Sketch #18

Friday, October 22, 2010

What A Day!!!

It's been a busy day!

Got up and did errands for the upcoming weekend - some grocery shopping, a picture I needed in sepia.

Went home, finished my Halloween chocolates (the skulls to the left), made bright purple frosting, decorated my cupcakes, made a new yummy Sun-dried Tomato dip, and watched The Mentalist.

That may not seem like a lot, but to do all that in less than 4 hours, that's pretty good.

Came to work today to find a pretty yellow balloon tied to my chair. And three Certificates of Achievement on my desk for World Class Calls. Yay me! I'm the only one from my training class who has had any WCCs. Again, yay me! I may not be the fastest, I may not be the most knowledgeable, but I try to make up for it by being uber nice. If I don't know the answer, I do my best to find it or call ISG and ask them. (I've now started bringing baked goods to placate ISG for all my calls) lol. Just kidding. Sort of.

So that was a nice surprise, coming to work and finding that. They're also offering a new rotation. The shift till ends at 2AM, but it's 10 hour shifts with three consecutive days off. 10 hour shifts would be hard. But the three days off would be soooo nice. What to do, what to do?

Even though I am tired, I keep forgetting to log out of 555 code, and I had KFC for supper, it's been a really good day! I've enjoyed it all around.

Now, if only I can get to sleep at a decent hour tonight.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


So, I am new to this whole call center thing which means I'm not up to speed on a lot of the etiquette regarding certain things. In particular sharing a pod.

But I am pretty sure it's similar to sharing other spaces like an apartment, an office, etc...

That being said, I have a serious problem with my pod-mate. Now it's possible my pod-mate has never had to share a desk before; maybe she just doesn't know the rules of sharing a desk any more than I do.

However I'm also pretty sure some basic rules apply no matter what.

Rules like not leaving dirty dishes at the desk, not leaving a half-empty cup of coffee on the desk for three days, not leaving used tissues littering the floor, etc ... That's just gross.

Then there are the other things which I just assume are common courtesy. Like making sure the desk is straightened up at the end of your shift, making sure your headphones are disconnected and put away, making sure you are completely logged off the computer so the next person doesn't have to do it for you, making sure all your tools you've used (pens, notebooks, etc ...) are put away ... am I wrong?

I watch the other people around me and they do this at the end of their shift every day so the next person doesn't have to clean up after them. Makes sense to me.

Specially when I'm the one doing the freaking cleaning!

Every day. I do not kid. Every. Day.

So yesterday, I decided to go the passive aggressive route. I left all my tools out on the desk, my headphones out and still attached, the keyboard up on the desk, etc ... The way I find it every shift. I was hoping that if she was faced with this, she would have this revelation that perhaps she should straighten up after herself. Apparently I was hoping for too much.

I arrived at work to find more dirty dishes, her stuff all over the place, and she had helped herself to some of my tools. Ummm. What to say?

I don't want her to be angry with me, but I am getting very frustrated. I don't want to let this get to the point where I am extremely pissed off. So now I have to write a diplomatically - worded note to ask her to straighten up after herself at the end of shift.

I'm sure that's going to go well.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Stupid Camp Recruits

So much to complain about, so little time!

Where to start?

Oh, how about the family at the Dip this afternoon. Mum and I went out for a breakfast at lunchtime to the Dip. There was a family of four sitting two tables away. And the whole time before their meal arrived, the mother and father were on their Blackberrys while the kids watched. WTF? As excruciating as it must be for you, ditch the phones for a while and actually converse with your children.

Another topic .... Drama Queens. Seriously? How old are you? And you still act like an emotionally stunted teenager? Enough is enough. It's time to grow up. Please, no more pity parties either.

Then there's the old people who own computers. Oh for the love of all that is holy! Take a course or take the computer back. Full stop. That's it. There's no in-between. If you do not know how to close a window, how to turn off a computer, or know the difference between an operating system (Windows/Mac) and an internet browser (IE, Firefox, Safari) then you should not own a computer!

Another topic: people who should not run for office. Two of them are from Alaska! First of all, Sarah Palin and all the talk of her running on the presidential ballot next election. OMFG! Seriously? I'd rather see Pam Anderson or even that twit Elizabeth Hasselback as president over Sarah Palin. They're marginally smarter than Palin. And then there's Levi. Good ole Levi. Always a source of entertainment. Apparently, he feels he's qualified to run for mayor of Wasilla, Alaska. Levi - the poster child for teenage pregnancy? Give me a break.

Then there's the know-it-all. You know those people who know your job better than you do. I actually spoke to someone today who knew all about satellite, he knew how to set it, he knew better than an installer.... the only problem being he didn't have satellite. He had another platform. Dipshit.Then he kept going on about the first time it was installed, it wasn't done properly. There wasn't proper reinforcement. The customer tells me 'that big storm' ripped it right out. Then he informs me the 'big storm' he is referring to is a tornado. Umm .... I'm thinking no matter what kind of reinforcement you put in, a tornado is always going to win. Reeepeeeeaaat aaaaafteeeeer meeeee - a tornado is always going to win.

Everybody is entitled to be stupid once in a while. The aforementioned people are abusing the privilege.

Friday, October 15, 2010


So, as some might know, I love to cook and bake. Unfortunately, with the new job, I'm not able to indulge in that activity as much as I want to right now.

My aunt gave me at least two dozen Taste of Home magazines a few months ago. For the past two weeks I have been going through them and removing the recipes that I want to try.

So this week, I was able to give a brownie recipe a try. Peanut Butter Brownies. It was a little bit of work, but well worth it!

I made them Thursday afternoon and brought them to work to share with the night staff .... I sent out a broadcast to the floor offering them up ... and less than two hours later they were all gone, although I suspect it was really less than hour ... Anyway, they were a hit with everyone.

Particularly with my two buddies at work who are still complaining about having to share the brownies in the first place ... I guess I can only share with my team.

Then today I made a huge batch of homemade chicken veggie soup. YUM! I had a large bowl for supper tonight. Mm Mm Good! Boil up the leftover chicken/turkey from Thanksgiving dinner. Turnip, onion, carrots, potatoes - all diced into bitty pieces, simmered until tender. Lots of herbs added. Then the secret ingredient - leftover gravy! Yes folks, you throw in the leftover gravy from the original chicken/turkey dinner! That way the gravy isn't wasted and you get a slightly creamy texture to your broth. I can't believe I just divulged my grammy's soup secret. But there you have it. It makes your soup so great, that I had to share it. Everyone should have soup that's just as good! Ok, enough of my ode to chicken soup.

Tomorrow I think I will try a Snickerdoodle recipe. Not sure which to try though - regular Snickerdoodles or Toffee-Studded Snickerdoodles. Decisions, decisions!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

What To Give?

Christmas is just around the corner!

Seriously! When you're on a fixed income, you start shopping early. So for me, Christmas really is just around the corner

I am totally blank this year on what to give to people. My biggest dilemna is K and Em. They're too old for toys ... except for electronic games. My only two ideas are clothes - maybe shirts of their fave band or something - and gift cards.

Then there's Sarah's hubby. Kinda stumped there. What do you get a United pastor for Christmas? Can't go with anything "funny" as my sense of humour is probably a little inappropriate. Ideas anyone?

My mother is never hard to buy for ... I always buy her something to pa

What about you? Is there someone you find ultra-difficult to shop for at Christmas?

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I Can GO!!!

It's confirmed!

I can go play with my friends the weekend of the 23rd and 24th!


So what other news do I have?

Hmmm .. Nick and I went to Sussex yesterday and visited Jessica's store. Somehow I managed to spend $60.00. Got some more Thickers - like I need more of those! Also picked up some of that Flower Soft - it looks so cool! I can't wait to try it. Of course I picked up cardstock - Jessica's prices are great, only .50 cents! And what trip to Sussex would be complete without a trip to Mrs. Dunster's Bakery? Got some yummy garlic cheese rolls!

Sarah is up from Glace Bay ... her brother-in-law is getting married this week in Miramichi so she and Michael came up a few days early to visit. We had a super yummy supper made by her mother - homemade turkey pot pie. Oh my - it was deelish! I think I am going to have to get the recipe from her. We looked at wedding pics that the photographer had dropped off - she did a great job! I can't wait to work on an album!

What else? Not much - work and sleep. That's pretty much it now. I am sure I will find it easier as time goes by. But I am enjoying it. Thank goodness! There's nothing worse than hating the job you do.

Two words for all my scrapping chickies: Secret Santa!!!

Monday, October 11, 2010


So Happy Turkey Day everyone!!!

Gobble, gobble!

I thought I would list a few things that I am thankful for this season ... here it goes:

I am thankful for
  • having a job
  • having a job that pays better than my last job
  • having a job that has HEALTH BENEFITS!!!
  • having great co-workers
  • cx who are pleasant to speak to and work with (specially the two who rated my calls WCC)
  • my heart which is NOT scarred and IS healthy
  • a mother that I can call a friend
  • having had my Grammy in my life for 35 years
  • having fallen in love once upon a time even though my heart got crushed
  • my beautiful furbabies!
  • my large, extended family
  • Elvis, who is still running and 11 years young!
  • all the children I took care of in the past, even the naughty ones
  • my Boog (K), my Bug (Em), and the Xan-man
  • the friends I scrapbook with - some have come and gone - but the true friends are still there
  • the friends who are my sisters by choice - the three of us have been friends for 23 years!!!
  • the two special men who have made my sisters by choice happy
  • and sooo much more .....
Oh, and I am grateful that I am no longer stoned after that medication mix up this afternoon.

I'm Lonely

I am.


I sit here all by myself.

No one to talk to.

This sucks.

Saturday, October 09, 2010


WHAT is up with the weather?

I ran out at my lunch break at 9pm to pick up some ingredients for a cheesecake I plan to make for work on Monday. I stepped out the door and my boobs almost froze off!!!


When did Fall arrive?

I don't think my little black sweater is going to cut it anymore. I guess I am going to have to break out the fleece!

To add insult to injury, I had a cx from ON tell me it was 25 degrees there today. Bite me.

Friday, October 08, 2010

Now I'm Ticked

I worked my butt off to make sure I have October 23rd and 24th off so I can go scrapbooking for the weekend. I even took the rotation that meant I wouldn't have a weekend off for two weeks. That was fine; it was great. Because I knew that it would mean I would have the scrapbooking weekend off.

Today, I get to work and about an hour into my shift I am told that the rotation would be changed from a 4 week to a 3 week rotation. Starting October 18th!

In a wonderful twist, it's Friday evening AND a long weekend! So any questions I have (and I have a million!!!!!!!) won't be answered until at least Tuesday.

Oh wait! No, they won't be answered until Wednesday since I have Tuesday off.


So if my rotation starts all over again on the 18th, that means I won't have a weekend off for a whole month.

What the hell?!?!

Thursday, October 07, 2010

Friday Night Fish

Ok, so it's not Friday, but still, this recipe is so worth trying any night of the week.

This recipe is for two but can easily be multiplied.

1/4c milk
1/4c cornmeal
2 tbsp flour
1 tbsp grated Parmesan cheese
1/2 tsp dried oregano
1/4 tspgarlic powder
1/4 tsp salt
1/4 tsp pepper
2 - 6oz cod fillets

Caesar Mayo:
4 tsp grated Parmesan cheese
4 tsp mayo
4 tsp olive oil
1 tbsp lemon juice
1 tbsp Worcestershire sauce
3/4 tsp garlic powder
1/2 tsp ground mustard
1/4 tsp hot pepper sauce

2 Kaiser rolls, split (toasted, optional)
2 lettuce leaves
1 small tomato, sliced
2 slices sweet onion

Place milk in a shallow bowl. In another shallow bowl, combine the cornmeal, flour, cheese, and seasonings.

Dip fish in milk, then cornmeal mixture. Place on a greased broiler pan; spray lightly with PAM. Broil 4" from heat for 8-10 mins or until fish flakes with a fork.

While fish bakes, combine the mayo ingredients; spread over rolls. To serve, layer fish, tomato, onion, and lettuce with bun.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

YARD SALE!!!!!!!!

Yup, the time has come!

I am having a yard sale Saturday, September 25th ... and I am selling EVERYTHING that I used for my daycare.

Well, there are a couple of exceptions like a baby gate (aka doggy gate) and some Little People and my favourite Karma Wilson books.

Other than that, it's going! Including the Sesame Street totes that I stored the toys in!

Some of the stuff I am selling:
Booster seats (for the table) - I have 4 left for sale (one put aside already for Shelley)
Baby gate
Foam chairs and sofa
Little Tikes easels
Toys, toys, toys
Books - tons of books!
Playpen in excellent condition
Stroller - has a rip in the underside of the seat but otherwise in good condition
Dishes and cutlery
Kids craft items like construction paper, crayons, etc ...
Dora, Sesame, Care Bear movies
Mega Bloks - two different sizes
Some outdoor toys
Swing set in pretty good condition (includes a teeter totter attachment)

And it all has to go!

This is the final step! It's over, there's no going back. Childcare is done for me. It's like losing a ton of weight and getting rid of your fat pants. That way, you can't go back.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Yummy Salad

We had this delicious Asian-style salad at Sarah and Michael's wedding a couple of weeks ago. Sarah's aunt Mary made it and passed the recipe along. It is sooooo good! I actually made double the amount of dressing and used 3/4 of it on the salad.

Spinach Salad

1 bag spinach
2 cups cooked rice (I used brown)
1 cup bean sprouts (I used 2 cups)
3 stalks celery, sliced
3/4 cup raisins (I used 1 cup)
1 cup sliced mushrooms (I diced them)
1 cup chopped red pepper (I diced it)
1 cup cashew pieces
1/2 cup chopped red onion (I used 1 cup and diced it)

Toss together in a LARGE bowl.

1/4 cup soya sauce
1/2 cup veggie oil (I used 1/4 cup)
2 tbsp brown sugar

Pour over salad and toss.


Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Where? Whaaaaat? Huh?

I finally logged on to my Blog and almost fell over when I saw the date of my last post - A MONTH AGO!!!

I can't believe how time has flown by!

SO! The reason I have been so neglectful of my blog is the new job!

Yes folks, as most of you know, I gave up my home-based daycare and got a job at a local call center!

What, why, when, and all the deets:

So here it is. The day I posted my last entry was August 8th and guess what? That's the day it all started.

This summer was a part-time summer for me - hard on the pocketbook but nice with the time off. But that was fine because I knew that Foster would be going back full-time and his little sister would be starting the last week of August.

It all went kaput that Sunday evening when Foster's father called and to tell me that "they had finally found someone to come in to their home and take care of the kids". I'm sitting there as he's talking, thinking "finally?" I didn't even know they were looking. Oh, and this week would be Foster's last week with me. They would still pay me til the end of the month (thank goodness), but this was his last week.


Well, oddly enough, I had been speaking with Nicole earlier that day about "Zednet" hiring ... one of my cousins had just moved here from Alberta and she enjoys working with computers. I thought it might be a good fit for her. Nicole told me they were hiring for a class that was going to start soon. Perfect! I would pass the info along to my cousin.

Well, then I got that call from Foster's father. I FB'ed that I just might have to take advantage of the info Nick had passed on to me and she was quite encouraging. I wasn't 100% sure I wanted to .... but I was 100% sure that I was tired of the uncertainty of being self-employed. I didn't want to give up Jacker Cracker cuz he's such a sweetie, but I really didn't want have to start looking for more kids again. (As an aside, I turned away two other potential kids over the summer because I had agreed to take Foster's sister .... just saying.)

Anyway, the more I thought about it, the more "Zednet" started to appeal. A regular paycheque, health benefits, etc ... Really. Started. To. Appeal. My mother was my biggest cheerleader for applying for the job. Go figure! (Lot of eyerolling here) Finally, after some serious thought, I decided to go for it.

Two days after the fateful phone call, I sent my resume in to Nicky and she passed it in with a recommendation (THANK YOU NICOLE!). A couple of hours later, I got a call from HR to set up a phone interview!

So, on the 12th, I had my phone interview and at the end we set up an interview for 16th. On the 16th, I went in for my interview, sat and listened to a couple of phone calls, did a test that twisted my brain inside out, and I left feeling very on the fence about it. I honestly didn't know how I had done. Anyway, apparently it was fine, cuz I got a call the next morning with a job offer to start on the 23rd. Yay me! (THANK YOU AGAIN NICOLE!!!)

Sitting down and telling Jack's mom, who I consider a good friend, was very difficult. I felt so bad, like I was letting her down in the worst way. But I knew I just couldn't keep going, specially with only Jackie. She was uber gracious and supportive (THANK YOU ERICA!). But I still feel bad even now! (I didn't leave her totally hanging - my mother had stepped in with the offer to take care of Jack until other arrangements could be made, so don't get all up in arms peeps!)

I started training the 23rd in a class of 6 ... I was the only woman, aside from the trainer. That was interesting. And man, do I have some stories. All I can say is that it's a good thing my "female sensibilities" don't offend easily. LOL. (Also found out that my trainer grew with my uncle's wife in Newfoundland! I'm telling you, the whole 6 degrees thing is insane there!)

Now I am in my third week of training and I worked the phones for three days during "hell week" aka billing week. I was really nervous about going on the phones, but it was good. It actually got to the point where I was enjoying it. We are working on email right now, so I am sure I will be just as nervous as before when it comes time to go back on the phones in the email q.

PS to all the scrapping chickies going away in October:
Today we had our scheduling presentation ... I just may find out what my rotation will be tomorrow! I know I will be 5pm-2am ... but I am hoping that the rotation I requested (which I will probably get) will start at such a time that I will still be able to go scrapbooking on October 17th!!!! Hoping! And one of class mates said he would switch shifts with me I couldn't get it off ... that's if he isn't working it too. So we'll see.

Also, in all of this, I was helping my best friend Sarah get ready for her wedding that was on September 4th .... that included making the three tiered wedding cake! But that's a whole OTHER post!

ANYWAY! That is where I have been, what I have been doing, how I am making out, and the two whys .. why I gave up the daycare and why I have been MIA!

Now I am off to catch up on everyone else's blogs!

Sunday, August 08, 2010

My Name Is Jeanette ...

... and I am a computer and internet addict.

My computer died last Monday morning .... and it's been truly painful ever since.

My cousin got it going enough so I could pull all my pics and docs off the hard drive. That was about all it could do. Oh, and internet. I was able to surf, but in a limited way. That was ok, though. At least I was in the water, right?

After I got all my docs off the computer, I sent my baby off to the Computer Wizard, aka Rob, and it seems he may have fixed it. Just waiting for the call back right now.

But I was so lost without my computer that my Uncle Dan loaned me his laptop for the time being.

I honestly wouldn't be heartbroken if the computer wasn't fixable ... I already have a laptop picked out to buy ... Dell Studio 17 ... in purple! Beautiful!

Well, I guess I will do some more surfin while I can!

Thursday, August 05, 2010

Dentists Are Worse Than Lawyers

All I can say is that at least lawyers are honest about being shysters. Dentists wrap it all up in healthcare, big words and dire warnings.

Don't get me wrong, I love my dentist - Dr. Steeves - he's a great dentist. He's had a lot of work on his mouth, so he knows what it's like.

But he's taken on a "new" partner. This guy acts like every tooth is his own pot of gold that will pave the way to all the boy toys out there.

When I cracked my root canal tooth, there was no discussion on what to do - he said it had to come out and should be filled with a bridge. Coincidentally, that bridge work is roughly $2500. Funny he didn't talk about a crown on what remained of the cracked tooth. Of course, that would have been considerably cheaper. I never questioned it as I was sitting there worried about the gaping hole that would be part of my smile.

And it gets worse. I had the temporary bridge put in last Friday. It was a lot cheaper than expected. Well, about $300 less. But guess what!? He's found a way to get that $300 AND an extra $300!

Oddly enough, this first tooth in the bridge work that was pretty damn healthy, that never gave me trouble, well it suddenly hurts! The first tooth in the bridge work was shaved down Friday to look a lot like a post (for the permanent bridge to adhere to) and since then has been hurting like you wouldn't believe. The other tooth that was shaved for the bridge work is fine ... and get this! THAT was the tooth he told me would need a root canal! But it turns out that the tooth that was SUPPOSED to be fine, is the one that will now need the root canal.

I'm awful suspicious of this development. I kind of have a feeling that the dentist shaved the tooth down too far and exposed the nerve. So now I need the fucking root canal. Do I dare mention this to the dentist? NO! I figure he still has a lot more work to do on my teeth before the permanent bridge is finally in and I have no desire to be under-frozen at any time during the procedures.

But I can tell you that once it's done, that's it. I will be telling the office staff that I will only see Dr. Steeves. There will be no circumstance that will lead to me going to the other dentist ever again! And I won't be shy about telling anyone looking for a dentist either!

Friday, July 30, 2010

Family Sucks Sometimes!

After what happened Tuesday and my sister's subsequent call to my mother(because apparently we're still teenagers who need mummy to take a side), I decided to do some reading ... I found this article and it made me think. And it has actually helped me gain some perspective. It was the last part of the article that struck home:

Broken Sibling Bonds

Karen* has a similar situation with an older sister who resents the fact
that her father was not in her life. However, parental influence did not temper
the jealousy and negative feelings which ruled their relationship, it inflamed
it. Their mother was so focused on the feelings of her first born, (who was
being raised in a household where she did not share the same father with her
other children), that she became overly protective. Feelings of favoritism
surfaced and her sister became accustomed to having the advantage in sibling
disagreements. While their mother encouraged strong sibling relationships, it
was usually for the benefit of the older child. So, as the older sister gained a
sense of entitlement (which complicated her adult relationships), Karen gained a
sense of family loyalty.

Every effort was made to maintain a good, functioning adult sibling
relationship, but Karen soon realized she couldn’t do it alone. While Karen did
not back away from her sister, she found it too stressful to keep putting
herself second for the benefit of a relationship. Over the years they have
“cleared the air” multiple times but they still only moved forward because Karen
reached out. One day she just didn’t make the customary call to keep in contact
and noticed that she didn’t receive one either. They haven’t spoken in over a

Karen is not angry with her sister. If the mood struck her, she would
gladly pick up the phone and call her tomorrow. She just found a certain peace
with not having to walk on eggshells or jump through hoops to keep her sister
happy and, by extension, their sibling relationship workable. She admits love is
important but she also admits that love alone is not nearly enough to sustain
every relationship.

This situation actually struck me ... because after my dad died, I was the older sibling, my sister was the baby so it was all about making sure she was ok, not upsetting her, etc ... and it's been that way ever since. I swear, if I had a dime for every time I heard the phrase "Don't upset your sister"(to this very day!), I would be a freaking millionaire. It wouldn't matter who was in the wrong, it always came down to making sure my sister was taken care of. It was what it was. She was the baby and needed taking care of ... but shouldn't this behaviour have stopped when we became adults?

I always wonder at my sister's lack of family loyalty or responsibility and my need(for lack of a better word) for family and this article makes me really think hard about the reason behind all of it ... Case in point - my grandmother. My Grammy helped raise us. She had more input into our lives while we were growing up than any of her other grandchildren. When her hip started getting bad, when she had her hip replacement surgery, and the subsequent years after, I never once thought of the time I spent with her as a burden or a responsibility. It just was. She was my grammy. So I spent what time I could with her. My sister didn't. I was always puzzled as to why she never felt the need or the desire to spend time with Grammy.

I have tried to talk to my sister about our relationship. It never works out. No matter how I approach the topic, she'd immediately get defensive and I'd get the same old line: "you're being over-emotional!". After a while, I just gave up. It was like beating my head against a brick wall. Obviously the situation wasn't going to change. I always ended up pulling back, not talking to my sister, gaining some distance; like the aforementioned "Karen", I gained some peace. But then, I would also get the guilt trip from my mother - she's your only sister, when I'm gone she'll be the only family you'll have, etc... And I would let myself get sucked back in and end up in another situation like this past week.

I know that every relationship has some amount of friction. That's normal human dynamics. But should friction dominate a relationship? I have tried to explain to both my sister and my mother how I feel, but I just get the impatient, disgusted look and the disappointed look, respectively. How do I step back from my sister to gain the peace and distance I need while not disappointing my mother? I honestly don't think it's possible.

Hello Rock, meet Hard Place!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


My sister is truly amazing.

She was asked last night to come over and sit with the pups while I went to Sarah's bridal shower for a couple of hours. She said yes.

Tonight, right before I am headed to clean up and get ready, she calls and starts asking me questions. I know it's never good when she starts out in this roundabout manner .... she's setting me up to try and manipulate the situation.

It comes out that she wants me to drop off Crazy Daisy at her house. Why? Because knowing she was supposed to come to MY house and visit with the pooches, she invited her friend and family over for the evening.

Thanks so much! What a great sister!

I told her no. Flat out no. My sister wanted her friend's little boy to be able to play with Daisy. Now, some of you may not have seen Daisy recently, but she is only one inch shorter than Gus. Daisy is 4 months. Gus is two years. She's big. And she's a puppy, so she doesn't know her own strength. I am not taking her over there, where she would probably knock the little boy over by accident and end up getting the short end of the stick! No way!

Then my sister tells me that she will see to her guests then leave them to come over and stay with the dog since I am being so inflexible and unreasonable.

Umm ... excuse me?

Let's get our facts straight! YOU were asked to do a favour. YOU agreed to do said favour. YOU decided to renege on said favour. THEN accuse ME of being inflexible and unreasonable?

I have one thing to say to you: Fuck you! I'm done with your shit.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Bad Mood + No Posts

I wish I could post something.

Ok, let me re-phrase that. I wish I could post something positive and upbeat.

I can't. Because it seems like I am either in a bad mood or feeling poorly. And during those times, I really want to bitch and moan, but I restrain myself. Somehow. Maybe because I would just make myself sick of myself more than I already am.

Did that make sense?

Fuck, it. Who cares, right?

So, on to some blogs I read ...

Murphy, I have no idea how you deal with people like those in your last post ... I have no patience for it. Which is probably why I limit my human-to-human interaction now ... way too tempted to tell people the truth, whether it's nice or not.

Princess, while I did not stop and run out to buy the Cheeseburger Doritos when I read your post, I did pick some up today while I was in Sobeys ... they're tasty. Definitely different. But I wouldn't say the're the best Dorito I have tasted - for that I would have to nom Doritos Collisions Cheesy Enchilada and Sour Cream. Yum!

Not The Fave - don't get me started on incorrect pronunciation of words .... it could go on FOREVER. Let me just leave you with these two: suposably and probly/prolly. I could beat my head against the wall when I read or hear those.

I got a good chuckle from the link on MarthSue's blog.

HoPo has the cutest dog in the world! It's also going to be the largest dog in the world!!!

Kimmartha - I am loving the LOs. Makes me want to fight my way out of my "crafty-void" paper bag. But then I realize that would require energy and I say hell with that! I'll just look at everyone elses LOs.

To all you other bloggers out there that I keep stalking - UPDATE YOUR DAMN BLOGS!

Thursday, July 01, 2010

Happy Canada Day - With A Few Fun Facts (ok, more than a few)

Everyone knows this one - Canada was named after the Iroquoian word "Kanata" meaning village ... which the idiot British mistook for the name of the country. Oh, well, it's original!

Our motto is A Mari Usque ad Mare meaning 'From Sea To Sea'.

Our national anthem was composed in 1880 by two Quebecois (Routhier/Lavallee) .... it's kinda funny that our national anthem came from the province that wants to separate from the rest of the nation.

Our national anthem, while composed in 1880, only became the unofficial anthem in 1967 and the official anthem in 1980.

Our unique maple leaf flag became official February 15, 1965.

Since the Soviet Union broke up into smaller countries, Canada is now the LARGEST country in the world.

Newfoundland was the first part of Canada to be explored ... and the last to become a Canadian province! (Don't mention Nunavut ... it's a territory, not a province!)

Montreal was founded by a bunch of religious quacks from France in 1642. Seriously.

The Mounted Police were formed in 1873, with nine officers. They now number more than 28,000.

The Bay of Fundy has the highest tides in the world! They rise at one metre per hour.

Canada has the longest street in the world at 1,896 km, which is the popular Yonge Street in downtown Toronto.

Canada also has the longest highway in the world: the Trans-Canada Highway.

We have the world’s longest coastline: 151,600 miles.

The world's tallest concrete structure belongs to Toronto: the CN Tower stands 553m tall. (It's no longer the tallest frestanding structure since 2007)

The most famous Canadian recognized worldwide: David Suzuki. I'm not kidding!!!!

Canada is widely believed to be the home of Santa Claus ... I guess people the world-over think
Canada owns the North Pole. Not true, no one does.

Canada has a desert! In BC, towards the southernmost corner of the Okanagan Valley in Osoyoos; it's only 15 miles long, with over 100 rare plants, and over 300 rare animals.

Canada's national sports are: Ice Hockey in the winter and Lacrosse in the summer.

Canada has 60 words to describe "snow".

Daniel David Palmer of Pickering founded the chiropractic profession.

Canola was developed in the 40's

MacIntosh apples were developed by John MacIntosh of South Dundas

Here's a few other Canadian Inventions and inventions by Canadians:
the walkie-talkie, Standard Time, Java programming, the Blackberry, the pager, the 56k modem, the telephone, the Canadarm, the snowmobile, the electric wheelchair, the snow blower, SONAR, table hockey, Insulin, peanut butter, pablum, Easy-Off cleaner, the garbage bag, the Jolly-jumper, the paint roller, the Robertson screwdriver, Plexi-glass, the first light bulb, the zipper, the electron microscope, the television, the electric range, IMAX was co-invented by Roman Kroitor ... Some of the most notable: Basketball was invented by James Naismith; The goalie mask was invented by Jacques Plante in 1959; Ice hockey was invented in Windsor, Nova Scotia. This life long dispute has been made official; The candy bar was invented by New Brunswick's own James H. Ganong and Gilbert Ganong in 1910; Trivial Pursuit was invented by Scott Abbott and Chris Haney; the Caesar (cocktail) was invented in a bar in Calgary; and Yahtzee was invented in 1954 by a Canadian couple, who called it "The Yacht Game" because they played it on their yacht with their friends.

Home of the World's Largest(just naming a couple):
Newfoundland & Labrador - Strawberry, Moose
PEI - Potato (surprise, surprise!)
Nova Scotia - Mastodon
New Brunswick - Axe, Lobster, Fiddleheads ....
Quebec - Milk Bottle
Ontario - Nickel, Curling Stone
Manitoba - Mosquito and Coca-Cola Can
Saskatchewan - Tomahawk, Grasshopper
Alberta - Cowboy Boot, T. Rex
British Columbia - Hockey Stick, Trout
Yukon - Gold Pan
Nunavut - Inukshuk
Nothing is listed for NWT, but I think they should build a diamond ... since they are one of the world's major producers.
And that's it for this year!!!! Happy Canada Day! Bonne Fete Canada! 

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Friday Was A Good Day

This past week, Anita let me know that Emma and Kayin were coming home for the summer to stay with their father. Awesome! I knew that I would be able to get to see them at some point during their stay.

I also asked her if she would be coming home for Sarah's wedding in September ... thinking that she would say no, cuz it's a long way for a short visit ... but she said that she was working on it! Yay! Fingers crossed that she would be able to come for a bit ...

Then Friday came with great news! Anita was flying home with Emma and Kayin!!!! Yay! Happy Dance!!!!!!!!

I get to see one of my best friends for the first time in three years! (Been close friends for 22 years)

I get to meet little Master Xander for the first time since he was born! (I hear he's a terror - like the Energizer Bunny ;)

And I will get to see Em and K for the first time in two summers. (But only with some tongue-biting and almost-begging their father)

Great news all around!!!!!!!

It's turning out to be a great summer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Guts and Fish Oils

The Guts
So since my dental debacle a few weeks ago, things have been going downhill. For many years, I had a lot of abdominal problems ... after my violent gastric episodes at Christmas that made me go off diet pops, I discovered that a lot of those problems were aspartame and acesulfame induced! Since kicking the diet and sticking with regular old sugar (which is better for the gut, not the hips), I have been so much better off.

If there's one bit of advice I can give you, it's get off the diet/sugar substitute thing. It literally is killing you!

Anyway, then I had my dental debacle which led to an antibiotic which has led to awful intestinal problems ... as everyone knows, an antibiotic kills off your infection AND all the other bacteria in your body, specially your intestinal flora. That leads to lovely symptoms like cramping, gas, the big "D", and for me, nausea, chills and hot flashes right before the cramping and the dash to the bathroom. So I decided to bite the bullet. I've started a Probiotic today in the hopes that it will fix my problems. I just can't take it anymore. And I absolutely can't go back to living like that again.

The Fish Oils
Then there's the sleepy problem. I just want to sleep all the time. I mean, all the time. For instance, today was my day off so I slept in til 8:30, got up had breakfast, read for an hour and went to sleep for another two ... like I hadn't already had a full night's sleep! I literally had to drag my butt out of bed or I would have stayed there all day. This is a daily problem. I struggle with this fatigue and sometimes overwhelming need to sleep. My mother thinks I'm depressed. But I'm taking my A/D. I don't think it's that. I will never claim to be a super self-aware person, so sometimes I have to sit and take stock of how I am feeling, if things have changed. I guess that's why it takes me weeks to actually recognize a problem. But when I think of my overall mental and emotional health, I think I've been coping fairly well.

So I am going Dr. Oz on this one! His solution (or supplement) to everything depression? Omega 3's! Today I have started an Omega 3-6-9 supplement in the hopes that it will help improve my overall wellbeing, and more specifically, my mental outlook.

Here's hoping!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

'Nother Recipe

This sandwich is sooooo good. If I hadn't run out of cheese, I would have made more!

Pesto Panini

4 ciabatta rolls (I used the new PC ciabatta burger rolls)
Pam to spray rolls
1/2 cup pesto (I used my Epicure pesto that I keep prepped in the fridge at all times)
4 slices mozzarella
4 slices provolone (I used Ziggy's pre-sliced cheese)
1 medium tomato, sliced thinly to 8 slices
12 fresh basil leaves

Heat the gril for 5 minutes. Brush inside of each ciabatta half with pesto. Layer with cheses, tomato, and 3 basil leaves each. Top with one ciabatta half. Spray with Pam.

Place sandwich on grill and cool for 4-5 minutes. Slice sandwich diagonally and serve.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Sandwich Kick

I have been on a sandwich kick lately. Not your regular sandwiches where you slap some deli meat between a couple of pieces of white bread. Oh no, I've been experimenting.

I've discovered a great way to make chicken salad better - the key is bacon! Once I've worked out the amounts I will post it.

But here is one that I can share for all you panini lovers. If you have a panini press or a George Foreman grill, you can easily make these. An dif you don't, you can still make them. You simply cook them in a skillet on the stove with another, heavier skillet on top of the sandwich to give it that press.

The latest and great, and super new to me, is the Reuben. I've never had Rye bread - so I went with the Light Rye. And although I love sauerkraut, I couldn't imagine it being good on a sandwich. But lo and behold, it was!

Reuben Panini

~2 tbsp softened butter
8 slices light Rye bread
1/4 cup Thousand Island Dressing
3/4-1 cup sauerkraut, drained and squeezed dry
1/2lb corned beef, sliced thinly
4 slices Swiss cheese (I used Ziggy's presliced because it was easier, less fuss)

Heat the grill for 5 minutes. Spread butter on one side of each slice of bread (like you're making a grilled cheese). On the unbuttered side of one bread slice, spread 1 tbsp Thousand Island dressing. Top that with ~1/4 cup sauerkraut, 2oz corned beef, and a cheese slice. Top with a bread slice, buttered side up. Repeat to make three more sandwiches.

Place sandwiches on grill and close lid. Grill 5-6 minutes or until the cheese is melted and the bread is golden brown.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Say Hello To My Leeettle Friend!

This is my new baby. His name is Sam, Sam Sung. Ok, that was cheesy, but whatever!
Just got him. Now, I know he isn't a Crackberry or an iPoo'ed, but he's just right for me.
$0 down, QWERTY keyboard. Those were my two requirements. This baby had them both. Good enough for me!
Could have gone with the white and pinky one, but hello??? I'm on a three year plan! Like I want a phone that's going to show where it's been after a couple of outings. And let's face it, I am not that obsessive about how clean my electronics are so black really is the best choice.
I kept getting flak for not texting. Well, maybe not flak. More like the same old question every time, by the same people. Ummm, not going to try texting with my crap phone! I'll wait till I can get a QWERTY phone ... and now I have one!
The first, and only at the moment, person I have texted is Sarah. She was my biggest texting nag ... hmmm, hope she doesn't read that ... crap .... hi Sarah! After 5 texts, I was over the whole newness of texting .... really not going to be my fave feature.
However, I am enjoying my new phone. I'm like a kid with a new toy.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

So I wish I had something to blog about. One, singular thought to expand on. Unfortunately, my brain is not working that way lately. I do however, have lots of little things to mention.

Last Monday, I went to Moncton for a little retail therapy with a friend. It was so fun! We had lunch at The Rice Bowl. It's a total hole in the wall, but the food is spectacular! We went to the Scrap Shack in Riverview and I dropped some dollars. Got more MME, big surprise, huh? And of course, we went to Costco. I spent almost $450! Granted almost $375 of that was for memory foam bed toppers for myself and my mother. And let me tell you, they are totally worth it!!!!!!! Every single freaking penny!

Tuesday I had a tooth pulled, which I've blogged about already. But what made everything worse was the fact that I had to go back two days later because I had developed an infection in the gum a few teeth away from the extraction site and I was worried that it was going to infect said extraction. So now I am on antibiotics to hopefully clear it up. Teeth are almost not worth this much effort.

Friday, I spent the day poolside at my sister's. What a great day! It was hot enough to lounge in the sun and read and the water was warm enough not to turn my lips blue. And considering that the water was heated to 84F, that would have been an impossibility no matter how cold the air.

It's sad, but I can barely remember what I did Saturday ... other than going to the market. Oh! I gardened a bit. I am not one of those gardeners who can do a whole bed in one day. I tend to work away at it for days ... as far as I am concerned, gardening and landscaping is an ongoing, never-ending job.

Sunday, I went to North Tay ... then came home and gardened a bit more.

Monday, in between the torrential rain showers (and sometimes during) I went to some local nurseries and the Co-op Country Store ... got more plants and more mulch ... can never have too much, right?

Which leads me to today. I really wanted to get out and garden a bit more today, but the work I planned on doing is totally impossible with all this freaking wind!!! Which means it will have to be put off til tomorrow evening or Thursday. And I was so hoping to have this new section of garden finished before my mother returned.

Unfortunately I cannot work on it tomorrow because I have two very special guests coming over for the day! Miz Lauren and Miz Livy are coming for a visit! I can't wait! Super excited! Can you tell? Mum even planned her visit with her sister so she could be home Wednesday to see Lorny and Dootly-doo.

Wow. I lead a very boring life. Holy crap.

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Haemorrhaging $$

When it rains, it pours for me. Well, money-wise.

A few years ago, I had to have a root canal on my first right upper molar. After I had, life was good. Except for that pesky problem of chipping teeth. Once you have a root canal, your tooth is completely dead and over time it will wear .... well, apparently mine went a little sooner than expected. I have had to have two major reconstructions on it ... but this last time just wasn't possible.

Sunday afternoon, I was eating banana chips (of all freaking things!) when I felt a pinch in my gum. I thought I must have gotten some of the banana chip stuck, so I flossed. Only to find that part of my tooth was wiggling!

The gd thing cracked lengthwise from front to back. The outside portion and canal filling were solid, but the inside portion kept wiggling. And every time it moved, it pinched my gum. Great!

I was going out of town Monday for some retail therapy and there was no way I was giving that up, so since the tooth didn't hurt, I just made the dentist appointment for Tuesday morning. He took a look at and told me it had to come out. The crack went too far up under the gumline for him to fix. Great!

So he froze me up ... and those that go to the same dentist can attest that they like their anasthetic there! It's been almost four hours and I am still a bit frozen! Anyway, he pulled it. He had to do some minor surgery on the gum to get the tooth out, but now it's gone. I have stitches. And packing, cuz I'm not clotting quickly enough. Great!

Then comes the horrible part. I have three options now. I can do a partial plate for just that one tooth. The assistant said they're fairly bulky for just one tooth though. Then I can go for the other $$ extreme and go with an implant. But they are minimum $3500 plus 6-8 months of healing. Or I can go with a bridge. It's about $2500 and takes about a month to do. They have to shave down one tooth on each side of the extraction, make molds, then make the bridge prosthetic, and permanently insert it.

Now, if this tooth was one of the last two molars, I would have no problem just leaving it. Unfortunately, it's visible when I smile! And I am vain enough that I have to do something.

I am leaning toward the bridge even though it is more expensive than a partial plate only because it is less likely to bother my gums. I have enough trouble with my gums that I really don't want to irritate them any further. But that means $2500. Which I don't really have. But they mentioned splitting it up in three payments and I am also going to talk to them about a payment plan over 6 months ... I will figure it out. Got to, right?

Friday, May 28, 2010

Sketches 10-14

Sketch #10

Sketch #10

Sketch #11

Sketch #12

Sketch #13

Sketch #14