My little buddy

Saturday, January 02, 2010

I NEED To Scrapbook!


I {{NEED}} to.

I think I am going through some terrible withdrawal or something. I feel the need to cut some paper, emboss something, even - dare I say it? - glitter something!

That being the case, I am looking into booking a hall for either the 16th or the 23rd. Waiting to hear back from NicC about the hall ... which will hopefully be early this week.

So here are the tentative deets:

Where: St. Mary's Community Hall
When: TBA
Time: 9AM - 9PM

Lunch, beverages, and snacks are whatever you want - you're on your own there. Supper will be potluck. There is a great kitchen at the hall that we can use to prepare/reheat dishes.

So? Anybody interested?

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Meet My Saviour: Midget

Since Sunny passed away, my mother has been very depressed. She literally cried every day. We could be talking about the pets or Sunny and she would start getting teary or I could look over and she would be in tears. It just didn't seem to be getting any better.

The worst times were when she got supremely bitchy at me. Out of the blue, she would take pot shots at me or bite my heat off for no reason. The last time she got that way was the last time. For me. I'd had enough.

That meant I had to come up with a plan. Something to change the status quo. One night, Mum asked me to bring up the SPCA webpage to have a look at the pooches. No luck ... and let's face it - she really wanted a Golden ... soooooo I popped on to Kijiji and did some looking. There I found a breeder that I had met last year in my search for my own Golden. She had another litter ready to go for Christmas!

I called and made arrangements for us to go out on a Sunday evening. Mum worried about it every day until we went out. The puppies were soooo cute! And little chubs! Except for one. The runt. And that was the one Mum was taken with. She oohed and aaahed, hummed and hawed. Since the pup was so small, she was going to have to stay a week longer than the rest of the pups, so Mum said we would check back later in the week. The next day I called the breeder and arranged to buy the runt - the one they had nicknamed Midget.

I never told Mum about buying her for almost a week. One day, she said out of the blue - we should have gotten that puppy, shouldn't we? So I told her then. We made arrangements to bring the runt home on a Sunday evening ... Mum worried herself sick about it for days before.

When we brought her home, Gus fell totally in love. Mum had been scared that Gus' nose would be out of joint ... but it wasn't. You see, since Sunny died, he's been incredibly lonely. Well ... not anymore! He's got a buddy. And even though she's small, he still gets to play.

By the way, Mum hasn't cried once since Midgie came home!

So here's some pics of the Gus and Gus's dog Midget: