My little buddy

Sunday, November 01, 2009

Crazy October

I'm here! I'm alive! Super busy and not enough time, but I am breathing!

On the table the last month has been back problems, Sunny passing away, scrapping weekend with the girls, Halloween, working in a new little boy for daycare, sitting with my grammy when needed, organizing Secret Santa (Oh yeah!), trying to keep orders straight, and a million other things. Oye!

November isn't going to be much better, I am sure. Almost every weekend is booked already - Nov 7 is ROAD TRIP! with the girls and Nov 8 sitting with my grammy, Nov 13 and 14 is shopping trip in Bangor, Nov 21 will probably be sitting with my grammy and 22 is a CROP. Still not sure what the 28th and 29th will bring, but I am sure they will book up pretty quickly.

I'm exhausted just typing that out!

But I am sure I will manage to get through it all. I hope. LOL!