My little buddy

Friday, October 02, 2009

Day 3

And I am totally freaking exhausted.

My mother is going to kill me with lack of sleep.

She can't sleep well, so apparently I must not sleep at all.

She is totally depressed. Who wouldn't be after losing the Super Dog? Man, I wish I'd taken a pic of Sunny in a cape! That would have been an awesome LO! I wonder if I spiked Mum's tea with some of my zoloft if she would notice? LOL.

Seriously, it's going to be a l-o-n-g time before she stops bursting into tears. Gus is super depressed. He's rarely his usual jackass self.

I know a lot of people don't understand why a dog's death is so important. Obviously, these are not people who have had furbabies; they are people who have never had pets or their pets were just animals, not your baby and companion.

On another note, my aunts went in together and gave my mother a sympathy card with almost $400 in it to help with the vet's fees. That sent her into tears again. I had to tear up too cuz it was pretty awesome of them.

And jumping to another subject, I am now on the lookout for the breeder we got Sunny from. We can't remember the woman's name, but she lives in Penniac. She breeds Golden Retrievers and Golden Labs. Sunny was actually a half and halfer. It's too early to think about getting a puppy, but the search for this breeder may take a while. And who knows when she will have a litter ready to go, right? So, if you hear of this breeder, could you let me know?

And here's something to check out ... the calendar I made my mother for Christmas and Sunny and Gus's first meeting:

Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Mum and I are just trying to get through today. Mum is going to have a really hard time. It took her six months to stop bursting into tears over Lukey. It's going to be much longer with Sunny.

I am drowning my woes in bad food. I've had a bag of chips, regular coke, and two slices of german chocolate cake. I am actually feeling better .. the chocolate totally releases the endorphins.

And because I know I am eating emotionally, I did it in small quantities. I only let myself get the small bag of chips and the small bottle of pop. Enough to soothe, but not enough to gain 10 pounds.

Gus is depressed now. Probably because of us. Perhaps he can smell it on our clothes, who knows? But he knows she gone. We're going totake him down to play with my aunt's dog Chloe. Chloe will thump him a bit and raise his spirits.

It feels like it happened days ago, but it just happened this morning.

Today just seems like time is totally suspended. There's an unreal quality to everything.

I keep coming back to the same question: what are we going to do without the Sunny Bubble?

Monday, September 28, 2009

The Last 36

The last 36 hours have been horrendous.

We are both exhausted.

All we did Sunday was try to keep the meds and some water in Sunny. She vomitted several times. By the evening we had figured a system that worked - 1/2 cup of water once an hour, gravol and pepto one hour before the steroid, and all the pills were cut up in small pieces for easier digestion. Sunny was able to walk outside to pee. Granted she was weaving like a drunk, but she still managed to do it. She only vomitted once over night, and a very small amount at that. She is no longer peeing blood, thank goodness.

I arranged to take the day off so Sunny would have one more day of rest. And I am so glad I did.

This morning Sunny was worse. She couldn't manage to get up anymore and she wet herself three times. She was pretty listless. I gave her gravol and pepto dose at 9:30, Mum gave the steroid at 10:30 and she had some pedialyte about an hour after that. Shortly thereafter, we noticed her gums were slightly yellow. An hour later they were very yellow, as were the whites of her eyes. Even the flesh in her ears. She had become very jaundiced in an hour.

We arranged to bring her into the vet shortly after that. I brought the truck up to the front steps and we moved Sunny to the back of my truck on a blanket. She never struggled once. When we got to the vet's, I carried her in and they took her out back. Dr. Lewis checked her hematocrit and it was bad! Really bad. So they started her on a slow drip IV and double dose of dexamethasone (by injection).

We went home, then returned three hours later to visit with her. Sunny is going to be at the vet for at least another day or two. Her hematocrit dropped even lower in those three hours, but with the steroid and the IV, she seemed a bit better. At least she could lift her head and hold it up for a couple of minutes, which she was totally incapable of doing earlier in the day. We brought Gus with us for a visit too. He was happy to see his Sunny, but soon lost interest when he realized there was sooooo many other animals in cages to torture. Little bugger.

Mum is going over tomorrow morning at 8 and I will go over while the kids do naptime in the afternoon. Gus won't be going anymore. What an asshat he is.

Although, I have to say that he has been wonderful since Sunny got sick. He didn't pester her, he's been much calmer than ever, and he's been extremely patient. I just hope he can keep it up.

Hopefully tomorrow will be much better than today - hopefully Sunny will be on her way to getting better.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Death's Door

So the hits keep on coming!

Friday night, I went to my grandmother's for the weekend. I took my moron dog with me, of course. Gus and Sunny played outside for a bit and all seemed well. When offered a piece of buttered toast before bed, Sunny turned her nose up at it. Highly unusual.

The next morning, Sunny had a hard time coming down the stairs and was very listless. She wouldn't eat a scrambled egg and toast at breakfast. Totally unheard of before! She wouldn't drink any water. Another never before! She looked like she was severely ill.

As she lay in the dining room, we discussed calling the vet. We weren't sure what to do. I looked into her eyes and I swear, I could see death. She was miserable, in pain, and helpless. So I told Mum to call the vet. She said she would as soon as she came back in from a smoke. I told her no. Do it right now. You're going to get the answering service. It then takes time to track the vet down. It could be a while before they get back to us.

Sure enough, it took almost an hour before the vet called. She told Mum it could be pancreatitis from eating a pork sausage at lunch on Friday. Mum was still worried so the vet told us to come in. She sat in the back seat with Sunny while I drove. Thank goodness we didn't meet a mountie all the way there ... I'm sure the fine is pretty steep for 130km/h in an 80km/h zone.

We got there and the vet looked her over. Not our normal vet, one of the other associates. But that's ok, she's pretty good. Sunny has a fever and slightly enlarged liver. The vet did blood work. Her haemoglobin came back really bad. The lowest threshold is 12. Sunny was at 5.9.

Diagnosis? She has haemolytic anemia. FROM THE FUCKING BEE STING. It was something that Dr. Lewis mentioned a month ago. That is was a possibility, but less likely. Basically, Sunny's allergic reaction to the sting has messed up her immune system so that it's now attacking her red blood cells. If we hadn't brought her in Saturday morning, she would have been dead by nightfall.

The vet gave her a shot of fast-acting steroid. We then had the option of taking her home with us and giving her the meds in pill form or leaving her at the vet for the night. We decided to take her home for several reasons - we could keep an eye on her, whereas she would only be looked in on by the vet every six hours; she would be severely stressed if we left her there; and if she did die in the night, I wanted Mum to be with her, not alone in a kennel.

We went back to North Tay and Sunny settled in the TV room for the day. She wouldn't drink any water or touch her canned food. I went out for a walk with Gus, then went out to Mel's for a visit. By the time I got back to the house, my mother had worked herself up again. I got her settled down and we made supper. We decided we would take the dogs home. Mum wanted to be closer to the vet in case something happened. And if Sunny died in the night, she didn't want Grammy to see it. Grammy already feels bad enough (because the sting happened up there originally, but really could have happened ANYWHERE) and she really loves Sunny. Well, who wouldn't? Sunny's the sweetest dog known to man. When we left, Grammy was in tears. We called once we got home and reassured her Sunny was ok.

By 10pm, Sunny still wouldn't drink much, so we syringed some water into her. Then we gave her the steroids and famotidine (for her stomach) and syringed some more water. At about 3:30 am, she threw up a bunch of bile, some food from Friday's supper and water. An hour later she popped up and tried to make it to the back door. Unfortunately, or fortunately actually otherwise we wouldn't have known, she peed all over the kitchen floor. It was a river of red. She was bleeding.

Mum woke me and told me what was going on. She immediately started to clean up the blood. I called the vet. Dr. Lewis was on call for Sunday (thank goodness! she's our regular vet) and she called back within 10 minutes. By that time we were dressed and ready to go. For no reason apparently. She told me it was typical of high-dose steroids. It causes bleeding in the bladder and colon. It can cause bleeding in the joints. We needed to keep track of how much blood she was passing, how often because she might need a transfusion. If her gums and tongue lost the pink colour or her joints swelled up with blood, she'd need to be brought in immediately.

We went back to bed and Sunny settled on Mum's bed. At 7:30, she threw up again. Once she was done, I carried her outside and she peed another litre of bloody urine. She came back inside, had another drink and settled in the living room.

Since then, she has layed on the floor, looking miserable. But she has kept the water down. She is keeping the famotidine down right now. She got her steroid a few minutes ago and has now thrown it up. It was crushed so maybe she digested some.

Tomorrow we are going to see if we can get her transfused. It will give her more energy and hopefully help her feel better.

If things don't improve, we may have to put her down. I don't know how we will cope. We put Lukey down only a year ago. Mum will be crushed. Gus will be devastated without his Sunny. But it's looking bad. Really bad.