My little buddy

Friday, August 28, 2009

Sunny Update

Well, the swollen ear flaps are angiodema ... her face is slightly swollen, her neck has hives, and her ears are on their way to being footballs - that's actually what the vet told me. And it's all due to the bee sting.

The benadryl was working for the most part ... but her immune system is still screaming from the sting hence the angiodema. She is now on a steriod/anti-histamine combo pill to fight it. The unfortunate thing about the ears is that if it gets worse, they may get so swollen that they articulate and cut off good blood supply which will result in the vet aspirating the fluid from her ears. Not good. So we are trying to get it under control now.

Poor Sunny is feeling it now ... she's quiet and doesn't have the energy to really do anything but lay there. Hopefully this new med will help her out.

We also have to get an epipen to have on hand in case of any future bee stings. Since she had this kind of reaction this time, chances are her reaction will be much worse if there's a next time.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

This Hasn't Been Sunny's Week

Poor Sunny Bubbles. She's had the worst week ever!

On the weekend, she developed a red area on her left shoulder .... Mum was telling me about it on the phone Monday. I told her it was probably a hot spot, she needed to clip the fur so that it could dry out easier. Well, she didn't do it. She tried to keep the fur as dry as possible, but it just wasn't working.

THEN Tuesday rolls around. I was supposed to go to my grandmother's for dinner .... but I get a call from my grandmother telling me that my mother is on her way to town because Sunny got stung by a bee around her right eye! Oye! So I booted it to the vet's and met them there. Poor Bubbles could barely see out of her eye - it was almost completely swollen shut! I was so worried the whole way there that she was going into anaphylactic shock ...

Anyway, the vet gave her benadryl for her eye .... the swelling was starting to go down within an hour! The vet also shaved all the fur off the infected area on Sunny's shoulder - which was 4x the size of what Mum thought! And red! Holy, it was red. And soooo swollen. Poor Sunny!

Well, today I went to dinner at my Grammy's. I actually made it up this time! Sunny's eye looks wonderful. Her hot spots are looking great!


Seriously! Her ears are swollen ... when you feel them ... it feels like aloe vera leaves ... it's tooo funky! Needless to say, Sunny came home with me. So she can make a second trip to the vet's Friday!
Poor Sunny!