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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Crochet ... Is it worth it?

Well, last night I would have said no, quite emphatically.

Tuesday night was my first attempt at this type of needlework. I mastered the chain stitch, did lousy at the single crochet and pretty good at the double crochet.

Tonight, I sat down with my book, yarn and hook yet again and I nailed it! Yay! I finally have the single crochet under control ... my swatch looks pretty good!

Tomorrow night is the double crochet again ... I just want to do a bigger swatch for practice.

Then I just might try another stitch.

While it's not as hard as I thought it was going to be, I think I might prefer knitting ... I might have to dig out my knitting needles and compare. So I am still on the fence as to whether this is worth it .... but I am slowly being swayed.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

BB Munchies

Usually I don't have any munchies while watching BB. Mainly because I PVR it and then just forward to the good stuff, so I'm not actually sitting down for an hour ....

.. but tonight is different! I'm going Latin! I can't wait to dive into the Pico de Gallo that I made ... and I've already downed one Mojito, onto my second for the show!

So when you watch Big Brother, what is your preferred snack?

Monday, August 17, 2009

Kinda Worried

So I am paranoid about a few health problems. I accept that I will develop CVD, if I don't already have it. In fact, I have accepted that since my early 20's - it's totally a family problem. I have also accepted that eventually I will have to have knee surgery - yet another chronic family problem.

But the area that I worry about the most is the plumbing. I have PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome) that makes me a candidate for a lot of nasty problems. And the one that I am currently obssessing about is a very real possiblity. I picked up a flyer at the pharmacy regarding my current worry and that just made me worry more .... here are some of the symptoms:

  • abdominal swelling, bloating, pain, cramping - check!
  • increased frequency of urination - check!
  • change in bowel habits - check!
  • fatigue - check!
  • upset stomach, gas, indigestion, nausea - check, check, check, check! (Got worse in the last couple of months)
  • lower back, pelvic or leg pain - FREAKING GREAT BIG CHECK FOR THE LAST 4 WEEKS
  • pain during sex - check
  • weight gain or loss - check to the first!
  • loss of appetite - this is the only one I don't have!

So any one of these on their own wouldn't mean much ... but almost all of them? Something's up. So now I am seriously worried about it. Now I am seriously, and I mean seriously-this-isn't-me-being-paranoid-worried that I have ovarian cancer. Not only because I have all these symptoms, but also because of the risk factors.

So what increases risk factors?

  • family history of breast or ovarian cancers - no thank goodness!
  • increasing age - well, I'm not menopausal, but I'm certainly no spring chicken!
  • never having a child(and this is apparently a big one) - check!
  • never having breastfed a child - check!
  • being unable to become pregnant due to infertility problems - check!
  • PCOS - check!

Great huh? I always knew I had to be on the lookout for problems like endometriosis and ovarian cancer ... I have always worried about it, but now I am seriously scared.

I plan on calling the doctor when they open up to make an appointment to discuss possible testing. Although, at the rate appointments are made, I might get one in two or three months. Then another 3-4 months for test appointments. Other than that, I don't know what to do.