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Thursday, July 02, 2009


Well, since Canada Day was yesterday, I thought I would share a Canadian English pop quiz. Try this quiz out - don't cheat! - and see if you know your Canadian English!

1. Windrow
A. plow
B. snow ridge
C. generator
D. window frame

2. Humidex: measurement of
A. rain and clouds
B. wind and cold
C. dew and fog
D. heat and humidity

3. Pike Pole : pole used to
A. move logs
B. paddle canoes
C. spear fish
D. build fences

4. Mukluk
A. Arctic fish
B. winter boot
C. igloo
D. fur glove

5. Dutchie
A. potato chip
B. doughnut
C. territory
D. Queen's representative

6. Scrum
A. school of fish
B. bolt of fabric
C. group of reporters
D. set of chairs

7. Chute : part of
A. heart
B. river
C. gun
D. road

8. Pogey
A. folk dance
B. government benefits
C. tiered tower
D. potato dumpling

9. Inukshuk
A. fur cap
B. bark boat
C. stone figure
D. bone sculpture

10. Enumerate
A. pass bills
B. count voters
C. conduct surveys
D. assign Parliament seats

11. Stickhandle
A. manoeuvre skillfully
B. mix thoroughly
C. push forcefully
D. spray carefully

12. Garburator
A. recycling plant
B. sewing machine
C. waste-disposal unit
D. street sweeper

13. Screech
A. hearty meat pie
B. thick clam chowder
C. sharp aged cheese
D. potent dark liquor

14. Playdown
A. theatre rehearsal
B. rodeo competition
C. curling playoff
D. lacrosse move

15. Bursary
A. joint inflammation
B. stock exchange
C. financial award
D. purse manufacturer

16. Toque
A. sled
B. hat
C. sweater
D. ski

17. Allophone
A. poem
B. walkie-talkie
C. hearing test
D. immigrant

18. Stubby
A. railcar
B. Mountie holster
C. saddle knob
D. beer bottle

19. Trilight
A. aurora borealis
B. dusk
C. three-headed lamp
D. light bulb

20. Beachcomber
A. Maritime architect
B. sand-sculpture artist
C. log salvager
D. deep-sea fisher

Want the answers? Try over at this blog:

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

8x8 Album

This is the mini album I made for my cousin Colleen's wedding a few years ago. I'm still on the lookout for just the right album to put the LOs in.

Title Page/First Page
Colleen & Derek

This was the invitation and RSVP card set. They were designed by our cousin Johnny. The crosshatching design is his trademark style.

Colleen's brother and uncles Michael and Joe played the bagpipes at the wedding ... I do love the sound of bagpipes!!!

Colleen's sister Erin was her bridesmaid. Both my Aunt Mary and my Uncle Chuck walked Colleen down the aisle. This is actually something that my cousin Erin did as well when she got married in May.

Colleen and Erin's friend Victor became ordained online in order to marry Colleen and Derek. Again, another tradition Erin carried on ... Victor married Erin and Diego in May too!

The family pics ... we're quite the bunch, huh?

Just some random pics from the party .... and of course, the Sisters pic with my aunts Dianne, Monica, Carmel, Mary and my Mum. They always include her in the Sisters pic even though she is technically a sister-in-law.

Income Tax

I finally filed my tax return! Yay me! It's only a month late. Woopsy! But at least I don't have to pay anything in. I had enough business expenses to cover that.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Weekend LOs

I actually got to use the Seafoam American Crafts Thickers
that I was SURE I would never use! And that was only because it went with the Sassafrass PP. But use it, I did! I also used an old Fancy Pants Transparency. I acutally cut it up and used half of it. Turned out well.

This LO was soooo much fun to do! I used some old Basic Grey PP that I was hoarding since it matched Em's GAP sweater (I recognize that!LOL!). I made the flowers simply by punching out various sized circles and running my Heidi Swapp Distresser around the edges. Some of the circles got a bit of inking. Then I layered and secured with a brad! Simple!

This LO got a little messy. I am not entirely happy with it. I wish I hadn't used the flower rubons under the photo. But what can you do? It's there for better or worse! The rest turned out ok. I guess I just have a hard time working with sepia pics. I do better with good old B&W.
I have one more LO that I haven't posted yet ... a Halloween LO of Em and K ... hopefully I will get that done tomorrow. I also got a ton of pics developped yesterday that I am dying to scrapbook .... I guess that's what I will be doing on Canada Day!!!

Monday, June 29, 2009

I Should Have Bought It ....

... When I Saw It At Marden's!!!!

Well, I totally did.

I decided to go over to Calais today to do a little shopping. Didn't take any time whatsoever to get down to St. Stephen. I have never timed the trip, but did you know it takes less than 15 minutes to get from one end of Hanwell to the other????? Oh, and when did the road through Harvey get to be so shit-rotten???? It was awful!!!! Anyway ... I stopped at Subway in St. Stephen for lunch (which has moved since I was last there) ... then went to cross the border. It took about 20 minutes. Not bad considering how much traffic there was. The Border guard was really nice and VERY funny ... had me in stitches. Probably the friendliest border guard I have encountered in the last 5 years. Now they all act like they need an enema cuz they have some kind of stick up their asses.

Again, anyway, I went to Marden's first and picked up almost $60 in fabric. For those of you who purchase fabric at Marden's you know what a savings this place is .... $2.99/yard .... while it is at least $8.99/meter here at home. It's a freaking steal!!! I bought some fabrics with the whole Independance Day theme to it. I figure I will make tablerunners for my aunts. I also picked up two Wilton character cake pans - Backyardigans and a Care Bear - for $4.99 EACH!!!!! Again, for those of you who buy character pans ... you will know how expensive they are here at home - anywhere between $15-25 each. I also picked up dog toys for my poochies ... a furry marten for Gus and a cotumundi for Sunny. Gus LOVES it!!! He hasn't left it alone since I gave it to him ... he is currently using it as a pillow. Got some Scrapworks Rubons ... .99/pack!

After that, I went to Wal-mart ... got a couple of cute shirts ... a black one with Kermit the Frog on it. It says "It's good to be green." The other is mauve with Tinkerbell on it ... not a big fan of Tink, but I really wanted the mauve shirt. Go figure. Score page protecters for my LOs .... $5/package. I checked to see if they would fit 12x12 paper .... they do!!! Thank goodness. I can't stand all these page protectors that aren't true 12x12. I also picked up some goodies for my mother, like the Dark chocolate M&M's that she loves. Always much cheaper down there.

I stopped in at My Favourite Things ... Tina mentioned this place to me before and I decided I would check it out. I got three more MME Transfer Titles .. "light of my life", "favourite guy", and "you are my superstar". I also picked up a ton of buttons! Be on the look out for these in your mailbox Neet. Fancy Pants Rough & Tough Buttons and Pins, SEI Smarty buttons, and, of course, MME Quite Smitten and Garden Party buttons. I was really impressed with what she had in stock. Sure, a lot of it was last season, but at those prices??? who cares??? I didn't spend more than $15! I will definitely check it out again!

I filled up my tank which was on empty ... for $36!!!! Here at home, it would have cost about $85. Even with exchange, it's still a great savings. Makes me sick to think how the government is goudging us.

On the way home, I had the privilege of sitting in line, waiting to cross the border. For almost an hour! And that was with all three booths being open. It was crazy busy!

And get this!!! It was so nice and sunny down that way! My return trip was actually sunny all the way up the road until I hit Mazzerole Sett road on the Hanwell. Then it poured. It was quite depressing driving back into the city.

I meant to post my most recent LOs yesterday, but I didn't get a chance. I will definitely do that tomorrow.

Hope everyone had a great day!!!