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Monday, May 25, 2009

Beautiful Wedding

This past weekend, we went to NH for my cousin Erin's wedding. It was in Hampton and it was absolutely beautiful. Of course, I cried like a baby .... which is a family thing. We were all crying with the exception of my mother and sister.

The flower girls were nieces of the groom and the ring bearers were my little cousins Liam and Ryan, Erin's nephews.

My Aunt Mary and Uncle Chuck walked Erin down the aisle.

Traditional Scottish handfasting ... it was just one of the different "parts" of the ceremony. Erin and Diego have travelled all over the world for their jobs, meeting many people of different cultures. Their ceremony also included other wedding traditions such as the Jewish Blessings, Hindu Blessings, and a Latin American coin gift.

Erin and Diego walked back down the aisle to Irish bagpipes .... played by her uncles. They also did this for Colleen's (Erin's sister) wedding.

Their first dance as husband and wife.
The father-daughter dance. Uncle Chuckie looked awesome in tails!
This is my cousin Colleen who was Matron of Honour and Diego's brother Keith who was the Best Man.

My Aunt Mary (my dad's sister) and my Uncle Chuck.
Diego's parents.

My Aunt Moc(Monica) and my Aunt Diane. I totally didn't get a good pic of my Aunt Carmel! I will have to do that next time I see her.

My cousin Heidi and I. We had quite the convo that night about social retardedness .... needless to say, we are two peas in a pod in that respect.

My sister, Mum and I. I have the most idiotic smile on my face, but whatever! My mother is starting to look more and more like her mother! Just noticed that.

For the first time in probably a decade, ALL the cousins were together. For some reason or another, when the family has a get together, most likely either Erin, Colleen, Amanda or I are not able to make it. This time we all managed to get there! It definitely meritted a picture! Unfortunately, I did the sideways pose, damn it! My sister Amanda, cousins Rich, Heidi, Johnny (the tall one), Steve, Erin, Colleen, and me!

And I had to include this last pic because it's just sooooooo typical of my family. My Aunt Mary in the background talking up a storm, my cousin Steve talking animatedly to my Uncle Phil about something ....
I had such a good time! I tried not to be the social misfit ... at this wedding, the Norcott's stuck pretty close together and I was comfortable enough to enjoy the setting, the event and to be so happy for Erin that she has found her perfect-for-her man.
I look at my cousins Colleen and Erin and I haven't given up hope. Because they both got married in their late 30's. There's still time for me! However, I have come to the conclusion that they should find a guy for me because I am totally crushing on their husbands! LOL! Those two guys are just amazing! My cousins definitely have excellent taste! LOL!