My little buddy

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Random Thoughts So Far Today

  • Emily is having a shitty, crappy day. Yay for me.

  • If I hear the word "Why" one more time ....RRRRRRRGGGGG!

  • It's damn windy out here!

  • I can't believe Jessica thought she would blow away in the wind.

  • Teehee.

  • Would it be ok if I spiked my Coke Zero with vodka?

  • Ok, am I totally crazy to consider taking two more kids after Lauren leaves?

  • Yeah, I'm totally cracked.


  • Hmmm ... not sure if I really like the new do.

  • Nice mailman .... to bring me yummy scrapbooking treats. I think I love you nice mailman.

  • Thank GOD my waxing appointment is tonight!!!!

  • Jeez it would be nice if Nick WOULD PICK UP THE PHONE AND CALL ME SOMETIME!

  • I wonder if hottie from the city will be back anytime soon. Mmmmmmm.

  • I need to do my income tax! Crap!

  • Gussy is soooo cute.

  • Holy crap, my brain is fried.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Hottie Had Great News

Yesterday, a hottie from the city was around marking the city water connections at all the houses on our street.


Well, I'll get to that.

First let me tell you that our subdivision is more than 40 years old. Our infrastructure is almost as old. Meaning that our sewer and water lines are practically antiques. Every year, and I mean EVERY YEAR, we have at least two water main breaks during the winter. Sometimes more, depending on the number of drastic cold snaps we get. They generally occur in the same places ... in front of the old Hache place, close tothe Doucet place, in front of Ruby's old house (now Shelley's) and of course, in front of our driveway!

Now for those of you who have never had this problem, let me explain that a water break means little water pressure and possible dirty water until it is fixed. Which is generally pretty quick. Then when they do fix it, you have NO water until it is done. Which can take 4-8 hours. Then the water is still dirty until the line is completely flushed. To fix it, they have to dig up the street almost directly in the middle ... so practically no traffic can get through. Then when they are done, there is a big dirt and gravel area that you have the privilege of driving over it until spring when they can finally pave it. If it's right in front of your driveway, you also have the privilege of trying not to get stuck in the mucky dirt during spring thaw.

Now, we do have at least two breaks a year. Except for this past winter!!!! Not a thing!!! Can you imagine!?!

Add to all that is the sewer line problem .... can you say icky backup? Yup. Most of the houses on our street have experienced sewage backup at least once. I won't go into detail, but let me just say if you haven't had to deal with it, pray that you never do!

Even so, the city hottie had wonderful news: WE ARE GETTING NEW WATER AND SEWER LINES!!!!!

As of June 1st, the city will be tearing out the old water and sewer lines and putting in news ones!!!! YAY!!!!

That being said, the street will probably be torn up for quite a while. That will make drop off and pick up of the kdis quite interesting!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My Inner Bitch

My inner bitch is about to be set free!!!!!