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Friday, May 01, 2009

Atlantic Stupidstore

Be forewarned. This is a rant.

Last night, I went down to Stupidstore to get some groceries ... shouldn't be a problem, right?


First of all, the produce section looked like they hadn't gotten any stock in weeks - I mean, it was meager! I needed strawberries - not a berry to be found. Not ANY kind of berry. I needed a jalapeno - there was a sign, but no jeezly jalapenos.

Wanted to pick up some 12 packs of pop - ya know what they had left? Diet Pepsi, Schwepps Seltzer water, and Fanta Tangerine. The shelves were literally BARE! WTF!!!!!!?????? You have a promotion in the paper, you damn well make sure you have the stock!

Needed margarine - we are die-hard Imperial fans. Guess what was on sale? Yup, Imperial. Do you think they had any???? Of course not! We checked the last few days. Every day we got the same response - it's coming on tonight's truck. But lo and behold - not an effing box to be found!!!

Then the cash register! The cashiers, those bastions of idiocy, DON'T KNOW HOW TO PACK GROCERIES!!! The cashier I went to, never to occur again BTW, packed three bags. And each one guaranteed some kind of grocery disaster. The first bag had Tostitos in it ... with a glass jar of Salsa and some cheese. The second bag had a bottle of pop, fudgesicles and a bunch of cilantro! The third bag had hamburger buns and heavy fruit and vegetables. What the hell?

So right there, in front of her, I repacked my bags. I put the buns in with the Tostitos and the salsa and cheese in with the pop and ice cream.

I mean really, how difficult is it pack groceries? It's not brain surgery!

Where did peoples common sense go?