My little buddy

Saturday, February 21, 2009

This Week's Cakes

This is the cake I made for my sister's birthday. It's totally from scratch. The cake is a Maple Ginger cake iced with Maple Buttercream Frosting, has Maple Walnut Crunch between the layers and topped with whole Maple Walnut Halves.

Because I thought the cake looked so "plain", I added homemade chocolate candies as decor along the bottom edge. Granted it would have looked better with maple leaves but I only had this leaf mould.

For my grandmother's birthday party today, I made a Butter Pecan Crunch Cake. Similar to the one I made for my sister, but different. This cake isn't from scratch but a Butter Pecan cake mix (two of them). It's iced with Cream Cheese Frosting and has Candied Pecan Crunch between the layers and along the bottom inch of the cake. It's topped with whole Candied Pecan halves.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


32 years ago my little toddler world crashed.

32 years ago my biggest pain in the ass came into being.

32 years ago my sister was born.

And despite my best child efforts to remove her from this world, she is still with us.(Memorable incidents such as convincing her to put a safety pin in an electrical outlet, pushing her while in the pool so she slid down into the deep end as no one was watching, and whipping a square ceramic coaster at her head which ended up sticking out of the hallway door like a ninja star.)

So ... congratulations Amanda on surviving childhood with your mean big sister.


Monday, February 16, 2009

She's Baaaaack .....

Lauren's back as of this morning. She's actually been really good. I thought it be the opposite since she was going from staying at home with mommy then back to daycare. But she was good.

It was Alivia who was plain evil today. Poor Lauren bears the "scars" to prove it, too. Alivia was whiny, cranky, downright mean! From whipping Dolly at Lauren to hitting Lauren in the head with a tote cover to stomping on Lauren while she lay in the snow, Alivia hit all the bases.
I may be way off base (eye rolling), but Alivia may have her nose out of joint because Lauren has returned???

So here's a few pics:
Poor Jack, when he's in his snow suit, he's like a baby seal stranded on an ice float. He can barely move.
Reach for the stars!!! Or the clothesline, as the case may be.
I came to get down. So get out your seats and jump around. Jump around. Jump around. Jump around. Jump up Jump up and get down. Jump. Jump. Jump. Jump. Jump. Jump. .... Wait. Those are House of Pain lyrics ... I don't think that's what was going through Lauren's head at the time.
Almost like scaling Mount Everest ... almost.