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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's!

Or not. I hate this "holiday". This year I actually bought a couple of shirts from CafePress to celebrate the holiday. Here's one of them:

Appropriate, huh?
I had some friends over Friday for lunch. It was a bit of a surprise for them. They didn't know the others were coming - each one thought is was just she and I. I figured that when we try to plan a group thing, it becomes difficult scheduling anything, so I did it on an individual basis.

We had a great lunch - Pizza Quiche, Caesar Salad, and a chocolate cake.
I had a great time makinglunch and the cake, making the brownies (see Mel's blog), and making up the treat bags.

Alivia had lunch before the girls arrived, but that didn't stop her from hanging around and charming the pants off everyone.

So, Happy Valentine's! Or Happy-Cupid-Must-Die-Day! Whatever you prefer.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Social Expreiment - Part II

Ok, so it appears that men are victims of the stupid stick. Oh, and Canada Post employees, male or female, suffer from this problem too.

My experiment? It was my walkway. After all that rain yesterday, the walkway was about 3-4" full of water. It froze only slightly overnight. When I checked it this morning, there was a crust, but it broke easily. My solution? I put my truck right up against the snow bank at the end of the walkway so nobody could get through and left the back gates open for people to come to the back door.

So what should happen at 8 this morning? The Gleaner delivery guy climbs over the bank by my truck and sloshes his way down the walkway.

I decide to leave it and see what my lunch guests would do.

4 out of 4 women that were invited to lunch all went to the back door. Plain old common sense.

The mail carrier(a woman) climbed over the bank and came up the walkway this afternoon. Thankfully the ice was finally frozen clean through.

But it just goes to prove that men and Canada Post employees were all hit with a stupid stick.

Social Experiment - Part I

So today has developped into a social experiment for me. I can't really go into too much detail, but I will be able to reveal the results after lunch. But let me just say that if this little experiment goes the way I think it will, it will once again prove that men are not only from Mars, but were hit with the stupid stick several times upon entry to this world.

Monday, February 09, 2009

Where Did You Get Your Degree?

I almost wanted to ask the dental assistant where she got her DMD.

Rewind. As I posted, this past weekend I broke a tooth while eating a soft pretzel. Early this morning I called my dentist to see if I could get in before my scheduled bite plane casting Tuesday. Alice told me she would call me back if there was a cancellation. Well, the first call was to tell me I could get in Tuesday evening at 6:30 and we could reschedule the casting. Great! Then she called back and she said she had a no show, so could I come down immediately? Well, thankfully my mother was able to stay with the kids, so I was able to pop down to the dentist's office.

Now, I have to say that I do not have a problem with dentist visits. It's just something that needs to be done. I have a bigger problem with girly bit visits with my doctor. Anyway, I LOVE my dentist. He totally rocks! He has had a lot of work done on his own teeth, so he knows what it's like to be sitting in that chair. For that reason, he is EXTREMELY generous with the freezing. He first puts a topical freezing gel on the gum, then the local with the needle. When I say generous, I mean generous. There is no possible way you can feel pain. I literally cannot feel the left side of my mouth from my chin to my nose.

So ... back to this appointment. I tell the assistant that I am scheduled for bite plane casting tomorrow morning. She proceeds to tell me that I am going to have to reschedule that appointment until after I get all my cavities taken care of. That immediately gets my back up. Mainly because last Friday, after reviewing my x-rays and examining my teeth and knowing why my tooth was hurting and why my head was killing me, my dentist recommended a bite plane. The dentist, the one with the dental medicine degree, recommended it. And this assistant was telling me I absolutely couldn't. That I needed to get all my cavities looked after first.

So ... she waits until the rubber dam is in my mouth and can't talk!!!! to tell the dentist that I am scheduled for the casting, but I have too many cavities. I was pissed! Bitch! Fillings are NOT going to happen lady, so get off it! Anyway, what does my dentist say? I mentioned before that I love my dentist, right? My awesome dentist says, the cavities are all lower quadrant and she's getting an upper bite plane. She doesn't need to reschedule because Jeanette needs the bite plane.

Thank you Jesus! And Dr. Steeves!

Told you my dentist rocks!!!!

Anyway, I was not impressed with this assistant. Seriously, where did she get her dental medicine degree? I didn't realize that dentists were also assistants!

I would not voluntarily go in for the bite plane if I didn't need it. It's 400 freaking dollars! I don't about anybody else, but that's a shitload of money for me. So don't screw with me biatch! When the assistant took me out to the desk for payment, she handed Alice a list of cavities that needed to be filled. Like she was supposed schedule them all at once. Ummm ... nooooooo. I told Alice that I didn't have dental coverage so we would have to take it one cavity at a time. She was totally understanding.

Where the hell does this dental assistant get off!? Obviously, unlike 99% of the population, money is not an issue for her. It's attitudes like hers that make people avoid the dentist office, because it seems like good oral hygiene is for the well to do, not the masses. Smarten the hell up woman!!!