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Saturday, February 07, 2009

Pull'em All OUT I Say!

So I went to bed Wednesday night feeling so-so. Aunt Flo was due to arrive any day, so I attributed my rotten constitution on that. Thursday only got worse, cuz one of my teeth was killing me everytime any pressure was applied to it. Luckily, my dentist was able to work me in for Friday morning. I woke up Friday morning with a throbbing headache in my right temple and just an overall horrible feeling. Surprisingly my tooth was feeling slightly better. I fully expected to go in there for a root canal and have to pay at least $600 like last time. But guess what? The pain? It's not a cavity! Yay!

Unfortunately, it's because I am clenching. Therefore, I am in need of a bite plane. It is less than a root canal, but still $400. I am scheduled to go for casting on Tuesday morning.

But it just doesn't end there. Oh no. Of course not! Not with me!

Sarah is up from GM this weekend. We went to see He's Just Not That Into You this afternoon. While chewing on my Pretzelmaker soft pretzel, a corner of one of my lower left molars broke off! Seriously! the whole corner just broke off. I now have a jagged molar that is driving me nuts because it's such a weird feeling against my tongue. Of course, the clenching probably weakened the tooth. Great.

So now I have to call the dentist Monday morning to see if they can fit in a repair before the casting.

Perhaps I should just consider having them all pulled out. It might be cheaper in the long run. Damn teeth.

UPDATE: I have an appointment to have the tooth taken care of Tuesday night. But I will have to re-schedule the bite plane appointment now. ARRRRGGGHHH!!

Friday, February 06, 2009

Strapping on the Feedbag

I am going to another David Ng party tonight. I went to one right before Christmas. 5 courses of Asian food. Oh mommy! It was goooood!

It's a bit 'pricey', but sooo worth it! $45 for an evening of food and entertainment. He does your Chinese horoscope at the end of the meal. That alone is worth the $45.

Tonight's dinner party is moooorrrre. It's Chinese New Year, so there will be 7 courses of food. 4 - 1/2 hours of eating. 4 lbs of food.

Obviously I will be going in my stretchy pants.

UPDATE: OMG! The food! 400+ wontons, Malaysian BBQ Chicken with Rice, Braised Ribs, Old Fashioned Pork (Sweet'n'Sour Pork), Hot Thai Chicken Curry, Rice, Red Curry Shrimp. Tea and coffee to finish. You totally could have rolled me out of Erin's house. It was amazing! I am going to try and re-create the Malaysian BBQ Chicken. David told me what was in it, so I am going to get creative and see how it turns out.

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Heartwarming Story

This is a news story from Portland Maine that actually aired on the Today show this morning. Damn thing made me cry.

High School Notebook: A special night for Greely manager

TOM CHARD Portland Press Herald February 5, 2009

Patrick Thibodeau, the Greely High boys' basketball team manager who has Down's syndrome, got the chance of his young life Tuesday when he played a few minutes in the Rangers' final home game against Gray-New Gloucester on Parents' Night.

Thibodeau hit a pair of 3-point shots, one early in the game and the other late. The night was additionally special for Patrick as his father, Perry, the longtime team statistician, attended after suffering a stroke two weeks ago.

"It was an awesome moment," said Greely Coach Ken Marks.

"We had talked about doing this. What better way to get Patrick on the floor than on Parents' Night. We really appreciate the Gray players and coaches accepting it. I told their coach, Scott Flagg, to play the game the way he wanted to."

Thibodeau has been the manager since his freshman year.

"Patrick has a good understanding of the game," said Marks. "He practices with us on occasion and has played in some summer league games."

Marks said Sam Thompson, one of the starters, gladly gave up his spot so Thibodeau could start and get introduced. Once the game started, Thiobdeau missed his first attempt at a 3-pointer then hit his second as the crowd cheered loudly. Thibodeau got back into the game at the end with Greely in control and hit his second 3. When the game ended, the crowd charged the floor and carried Thibodeau off.

Marks said Thibodeau was thrilled by getting to play in a regular game. Besides his father, who received a two-hour pass from his doctor to be there, Patrick's mother, Patricia, was there along with several aunts and uncles.

Marks said Perry, who has sat on the bench keeping statistics for years, is doing better and will be heading to the New England Rehabilitation Center in Portland.

Monday, February 02, 2009

In The News

I've got my bitch cap on this morning ... and I am not sparing anyone in the news!

Michael Phelps - A bong hit? Seriously? This is why everybody is so bent out of shape? He's 23. He was at a party. People are going on about how disappointed they are. OMG! It's not like he's a habitual user! He's human. He's not perfect. Get over it people!

Obama & NAFTA - There's even more talk this morning about Obama violating NAFTA with restrictions, etc ... economic gurus are saying it will takes years in court to see any justice if he does ... so should Canada do the same and retaliate against American goods coming into Canada? Ummm ... YOU'RE DAMN RIGHT! What's good for the goose is good for the gander, baby! Don't get me wrong, I like Obama. I think he will do great things for the US. But using the excuse of economic recession to violate a trade agreement is bullshit! The US is not the only country in this mess. Screwing over one of your greatest allies is NOT the way to go.

Octuplets in Cali - Eight kids are a lot. When you have had six previous children? Umm ... slightly unbalanced. This woman's mother was quoted in an interview as saying her daughter "just wanted one more little girl". She already HAD six kids. She just wanted one more little girl? What she had wasn't enough? So she decides to have the rest of her frozen embryos implanted? What the freaking hell?

Superbowl Fans - After the Steelers won the Superbowl last night, many fans spilled out onto the streets and started fires. While watching that particular video, I couldn't help but notice how much they looked like savage cavemen dancing around the bonfire. Regress much?

I guess that's it for now. I am sure something else will come up that I can spew my poison at later today.