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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Baking a Cake

Tomorrow night I have my final class for Course 3 ... I have to bring a 6" cake and a 10" cake, frosted. Fondant covering is optional. What do I have to do with it? I have to make a tiered or stacked cake. I will post a pic of it Thursday morning so everyone will get to see it.

Normally I would make a Duncan Hines or Betty Crocker cake. Cheaper and less fuss. But this time, I wanted to make a cake from scratch. I have a recipe for a Martha Stewart chocolate cake that I usually make for Halloween - the Great Pumpkin Cake. So I decided to go with that recipe. I thought two batches of the cake recipe would be enough to fill two 10" and two 6" cake pans.

Ummm .... I was soooooo wrong. It took one batch just to fill ONE 10" cake pan! I had to make a third batch to fill the two 6" pans! Yikes! That's a lot of cake!

All I can say is that the people who are eating this Saturday evening better be freaking hungry!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Green Tips for January

Week of January 26th

8. Brown bag it baby! Or rather, invest in a re-usable lunch bag, re-usable plastic containers and some camping cutlery. This will eliminate the waste from takeout/delivery or prepackaged foods.

7. Bag Nation - re-usable totes are the theme of the day right now. You can find them in almost every store you shop in. Keep them in the car for easier use - and less forgetting.

6. Bottles are bad. It takes approximately 1.5 million barrels of oil to make enough plastic water bottles Americans use each year. And where do they end up? The landfill! Use a reusable container instead.

5. A drop in the bucket! Whether you like to take a soak or lather up in the shower, re-use that water! Leave a bucket in the shower with you or bail out your bath water after your soak. You can then use this water on plants, the lawn, or even washing your car.

4. Go non-toxic with cleaners! Eliminate all those chemical-laden cleaners from the store and go home-made! Start by buying a jumbo-sized box of baking soda. You can scrub just about anything with it. Making your own not your thing? You can buy green cleaning products at the store. Check out this website: for some great tips!

Week of January 19th

3. Ditch The Dry Cleaning. This way you'll reduce your exposure to perchlorates, which cause a lot of health problems and is a known carcinogen. Many "Dry Clean Only" items can be hand-washed - check the web for instructions. Or choose a "wet cleaner" or CO2 dry cleaner.

2. Say no to plastic or paper coffee cups! Re-usable mugs are the way to go. If you have two or three on hand, you'll have a clean one every day for the coffee you being from home or the Tims you pick up on the way to work.

1. If using a page-a-day calendar, save the sheets and flip them over! The blank back sides can be used for shopping lists, to-do lists, and other reminders.

Puppy Post

It's been slightly more than a month since Gussy came to live with me and I thought I would post a quick update complete with adorable pics!

Isn't he beautiful?

Guard pooch! He has recently taken to sleeping in front of the front door.

Gus and Sunny are best friends now. At first, she wasn't very impressed with him. She really enjoyed playing outside with him, but it was obvious she would have liked him to take off when they were back inside. But no more!