My little buddy

Friday, November 28, 2008

2 Down

Two down and two to go! Yay!

I finished two of four quilting projects! Woohoo! The first was the jeans quilt I made the Ev1 ... it's all done and very cute. The second one is a Christmas present for Kayin. It's all quilted ... not well ... but it's done. I so suck at sewing concentric circles. They aren't that great. Oh well, a 10 year old boy isn't going to be inspecting every stitch, so that's fine.

My next project to start on is a little something for my Secret Santa. I'm torn between two ideas ... I just have to decide on one.

Then after that, I have to start the baby quilt for Baby T. I bought Moda Dinosaur Uproar fabric for that ... it's going to be so adorable. If I have time after that, I just may start on a small project for my mother. Who knows?

I'll add pics later today.