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Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Fun and Frustration

The past two days have been great! I've had my kids over both days. Their father wouldn't let me keep them overnight. He says he paid a lot of money to fly them out and he doesn't get to spend a lot of time with them. I guess quality time with the computer interferes with quality time with the kids. Oops, did I put that in wrtiting?

Anywhoooooo, I had to feed them breakfast when I got them. Because they hadn't eaten ... at 10:00 in the morning yesterday and 9:00 this morning. And today, E was wearing the same exact outfit as yesterday! And they didn't smell all that great. Specially K. Oye. Well, at least I know that he will be bathed tonight as he is spending the night with his grandparents.

Yesterday, we went to visit Nick at the store ... then to BK for lunch. Then we went to get some groceries that miraculously had chocolate in it. The kids spent most of the afternoon watching tv, playing on the computer and talking my ear off. Would have taken them to a movie, but they've seen everything. Their father downloads them and that's how they see them ... cuz K says Daddy doesn't have enough money to take them to a movie. Hmm. Anyway, today we went to the Clay Cafe ... they had a good time. K painted a skull, E painted a cat so it would liook like her kitty Taya, and I painted a small gecko to go with my large gecko on my front step. Then we came home and had homemade pizza. Then I made sugar cookies and they decorated them .... basically they had a mini mountain of decorations on each cookie. But they had fun. And were on a major sugar high!

The only issue I've had the last two days has been my back. It's actually more pain around my left kidney. I can only hope it's not freaking stones again. And my driver side front tire/brake is making an odd noise. All I can see are $ signs. Bye-bye money! I probably need a complete overhaul on the brakes ... seeing as how they haven't had to be changed since I bought the truck four years ago. Fingers crossed it won't be too costly.

Here's a pisser - the kids father asked me if I wanted them tomorrow. Ummm can't. Would have loved too .... If only I'd known I could have them. But I made plans since I thought I couldn't. RRRRRRR.

Monday, August 04, 2008

: (

Can you say "shitty week" ?

All started off with a whopping fight at my grandmother's house on Sunday. I am so glad I wasn't there. I would have said a few too many things. My mother came home in tears because of what happened there. That alone made me want to tear a strip off one of my aunts.

Then Tuesday, Lukey couldn't get up while laying down in the dining room. He struggled and struggled and just couldn't do it. And he ended up pooping all over himself. That night came the decision we have been putting off since the New Year.

Then Wednesday, I hurt my back putting Liv in her playpen. It's been sore ever since.

Thursday morning saw my family at the ER because my grandmother got up too quickly from her bed at 7 am, got dizzy, fell down and managed to bruise her right hip and scrape the right side of her face. She's ok, just sore. And of course, my aunt, the same one whose ass I wanted to kick on Sunday, made a hurtful comment to my mother on the phone. My mother told my aunt that she would meet them at the hospital but she wasn't going to North Tay because we were putting Lukey down Friday ... my aunt's snotty comeback - Lukey is a dog, your mother is your mother. This bothers me on so many levels .... my mother is always the one they go to when there is a medical problem with Grammy - she was a nurse. She is always willing to do it. She's willing to do the disgusting jobs. She's always willing to do what is needed. Like she doesn't appreciate the situation? Duh - she knows better than any of them! Also, the hypocrisy of the statement really pissed me off .... my aunt would have bent over backwards, donated her own kidney, and I daresay thrown my grandmother under a bus, all for her dog that passed on several years ago. Arrrgh!!!

Friday saw Mum and I waiting on Lukey hand and foot .... lots of treat and rubbings. And waiting. God, the waiting. It was excruciating. Finally, 4pm came and it happened. Lots of tears and hugging and petting Lukey.

Saturday and today brought that rush. That awful rush of remembrance. Like walking into the air conditioned house and thinking Lukey must be nice and cool; then remembering. Like peeling potatoes for supper, thinking I needed to make extra as a treat for Lukey; then remembering. Like starting to say "Hi BooBoo" when I come through the door after the movie; and remembering.

This past week has been shitty. I can only hope that the week to come is better. I am hoping to get my kids (Anita's) for a couple of days, if their father cooperates. I am hoping to go shopping across the border, if plans can be firmed up. I am hoping to finally finish my mother's bedroom!!! 5 weeks later. I am waiting on the floor to finish curing, then I can put everything back! I am hoping to get more scrapbooking done, if my mojo stays with me. I am hoping to get some reading done, if my brain will stop jumping around.

That's a lot of hopes to pin on a week.