My little buddy

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Sleep - Where is the sleep?

Holy crap! I am incredibly tired.

I actually went to bed early last night in the hopes of catching a few extra Z's after a bad sleep the night before. All was going well until 4 am. When the gd thunderstorm rolled in. Now, they don't bother me. Unless I have a wash hanging on the clothesline out back. And the dogs bark their heads off. And the cats freak out.

So at 4:08 am, I was standing in my backyard in my panties and tank, bringing my wash in before the rain started. Thank goodness it was dark! And nobody else was up. Then it took me forever to get back to sleep because the thunder was stressing the dogs and cats out.

Now I am exhausted. I need a nap ... and I have too much work to do while the kids are down for nap/quiet time. So no nap for me. Early night tonight hopefully.