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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Lungs? Aww, who needs them?

So last week, I started the process of a room makeover for my mother's bedroom. I figured it was a good time to do it, as we would need to move all her furniture out of the room (it's dwarf tiny) in order for me to get everything done. Since this is her week in North Tay, it seemed perfect timing. I removed all her wallpaper, also known as the Devil's Paper, last week. If I ever see someone try to put up wallpaper in a house I am living in for the rest of my life, I will bitch slap that person. I will admit, the paper did come off pretty easily with the homemade solution I found online - vinegar and hot water - but it was still a PITA to take off. Then, Friday, the day she was leaving, we removed all her furniture and I tore up the gawdawful mint green carpet on the floor. Of course, I knew there was another carpet under there ... it used to be my room when I was a kid - that carpet was still there. So, I procede to tear out that old carpet too. Only to discover that it was adhered to the beautiful hardwood floors with mastic adhesive. What is mastic? Well, that would be the lovely tar adhesive used in office tile installation. Yup, back in the 60's, they used is for carpet too. Idiots. Anyway, after I removed the carpet, I had to scrape off the carpet's rubber backing that was still adhered to the floor. All went well. This is what I was left with:

How to remove all that mastic? Without killing myself? Hmm ... well apparently, that's damn near impossible. I spent all day Saturday scraping the mastic off the floors using a glass/molding paint scraper. My arms and shoulders hurt so bad, I wanted to cry. But I finished it by 4! And I was left with this:

That left the sanding. I have never sanded a floor before. I was totally deluding myself when I thought I could get it done by the end of the evening. Granted I was using a small hand-held sander. Still, it took me til tonight to finish it. And this is what I am left with:

Ok, so it is a little dusty. I did vaccuum a bit! But it really needs a good go over with a tack cloth. Now it is up to Mum what she wants done - staining and varnishing or just varnishing. I am praying she says just varnishing. I really don't want to stain the floor - I prefer blond wood or extremely dark wood - and her room can't take a very dark stain - too small. And I just don't want to do that extra work - hey! I'm lazy! But it is her room and up to her.

All this leads my to my lungs. Last week, I developed a cough. Out of the blue! It started getting better, then I started in on the sanding. I am sure the inside of my lungs look like a paper mill. I keep hacking, but nothing's coming up. I wonder if that is a good thing?

P.S. On the burn front, or rather, back, I am improving. I am still braless, but it no longer stings like a son of a whore. I am sure the kids parents thought I was a slob since I was braless these last two days - but I am willing to live with that. I am not willing to live with a bra digging into my painfully burned flesh for 9 hours.

Sunday, July 06, 2008


So today Nick, Tori, Dara (Tori's friend), and I went to Parlee Beach. We had a great time! We stopped to visit the World's Largest Lobster before heading to the beach.

Here's a couple of pics of large lobsters:

YUP! That's me! I thought I had gotten everywhere on my back - I was using the new Coppertone spray - but obviously I missed a few places.