My little buddy

Monday, June 30, 2008

Treasure Trove

Today, I spent the afternoon in Saint John today with my Great Aunt Norah and her daughter Karen. OMG! It was amazing. I have always loved visiting Aunt Norah when she lived here in town. It was always such a treat. My childhood memories were full of such visits. Uncle Frank always had little goodies for my sister and I, usually in the form of candy. But today, Aunt Norah had some of the best goodies! She hauled out a wooden photo album that my grandfather handmade for her when he was in the air force. Inside were dozens of pictures of the Wilsons that were between 50 and 80 years old! And the stories she told us. She sat and told us stories most of the afternoon. It was amazing. I could have stayed all night. And how do I know the pics are that old? Because she was in some of them ... and she turned 95 this month! And holy mobility, batman! She's cruising around the place like she's 60, while my grandmother who is her junior by 12 years can barely hobble around the house.

I took pictures of pictures and they turned out great! Now I have never before seen pictures. And the history to go with them!
This B&W pic is of my Grampy and Grammy. I am always struck by how handsome Grampy was when I see old photos of him. Because I can assure you, he wasn't so handsome when he was older. Musta been the booze.
I can't wait to go back. The whole family is going to be home in July (IMAGINE!), so the plan is to take a trip down with some of the aunts to visit Aunt Norah. And hear some more great stories.