My little buddy

Saturday, June 14, 2008


I am feeling very weird today ... very left out of the loop, almost blindsided. What the hell?

I just don't know what to think. I am left feeling very unsure of .... myself and others.

Pasty White

Today's concoction really gives new meaning to my skin when I refer to it as pasty white.

I have a ton of mosquito and flea bites on my ankles. Never fails to happen ... every year from May to early June, my bed becomes infested with fleas ... in one spot - where Sunny and my cats sleep - around my ankles! And the fleas .. they luuuuuuv me.

The itching was really bothering me tonight. And when I itch them, I itch til they bleed. Which stops the itching. But then my ankles and feet look aweful with a bunch of scabs on them. How am I supposed to wear cute strappy sandals with my cute summer dress if my ankles are dotted with scabs?

The solution? Something I read a while back - a homeopathic remedy. Actually, there are two. I am going to try the second tonight at bed time. But the one I tried tonight was a baking soda paste. Doesn't look pretty; in fact, it's downright ugly. You mix a tbsp of baking soda with enough water to make a paste, then smear it on your bug bites. If your bites are open, ie you've scratched them so much they are red and possibly bleeding, it will sting for a few minutes. BUT it takes the itching away!!!! IT TOTALLY WORKS! And my ankles are now pasty white.

I am going to try the second remedy - tea tree oil - tonight. It's supposed to take the itch away AND repel fleas. Wonder if it will work? Just have to wait and see.
This is what both my ankles look like. I really smeared the baking soda paste on. It totally works!!!

What To Do?

I am so on the fence today. I actually managed to sleep in today - got up at 11. But now I don't know what to do with my day. I am pulled in so many different directions.

I could go out and garden. There are at least 6 more gardening projects that need to be completed.

I could go outside and put the swingset together - like I should have done three weeks ago!

I could scrapbook - which is what I really want to do.

There is a graduation party for my cousin this evening, so I really should go to that ... even though the cost of gas is through the roof and they live in Tay Creek.

Or I could say screw gas and run over the border to shop a bit.

What to do???

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Teeth, Tonsils & the Pool

Yesterday was quite the day! The kids and I spent the morning outside. By the time naptime came around, Lauren and I were soooo happy. I don't know who was more frustrated with Livy - L or I. It was a tossup. It was so bad, that I accidentally called her Jessica twice when I was talking to my mother about her. EVERYthing, and I mean everything, made Livy cry. If you looked at her, if you walked away from her, if she fell down, if she had a stray thought ... it all made her cry. Not just cute little cries either, I mean screeching, nails-down-a-chalkboard crying. At one point, Lauren started screaming at her to stop crying. I thought that maybe it was her teeth (she's still working in an upper incisor) or maybe she was tired. So, I put her down for a nap. Lauren was a little worn around the edges too. She's been fighting tonsilitis so that coupled with playing all morning had her flying into a tailspin every time a bug was near her. Seriously, the first time she screamed, I thought she'd been hurt. I went running and she was pointing at a mosquito on her arm. I knew it was naptime when I told her to brush the bug off her arm and I got the "I caaaaaaaan't" response.

When the girls got up from nap and had lunch, I was sure the afternoon would go better. I made sure to give Livy some Tylenol. Lauren kept sticking her tongue out and pointing at her mouth so she got a dose too. After lunch, we got our gear on and went to my sister's. Or as Lauren calls it - Amanda's house with the really big pool. Honestly, that's what she calls it. Lauren had a BLAST! She spent most of the time in the pool, while Livy played on the patio with the rocks. I tried to get Livy into the pool, but once the water hit her legs, she screamed bloody murder. And we were off again for screeching. Livy stood or sat near the pool, staring at us with the sourest, nastiest look on her face, screecing periodically. But Lauren and I had a great time. She was a little fish. Sometimes a burr ... she clung to me while I swam around the pool and she giggled the whole time. We stayed for almost an hour and a half, then finally had to leave because the screeching coming out of Livy was getting worse.

When we came back to my place, I immediately put Liv down for a nap. She was down for about 20 minutes and when she got up she was all smiles. WTF?

Yesterday was definitely the worse day I have had with Livy. Which is great considering that she has been coming here since the end of March. With her cousin Jessica, every day was a bad day for almost six months until she settled in.

In other news, Jessica-related, Jess is now a BIG SISTER! Her mother had the baby last night at 3am, 3 weeks early - after one push! Emily Isabelle was just over 6 lbs. Yay Jessica! I was going to whip together a baby quilt, but have reconsidered. I think I will offer Julie seven days worth of free daycare for Jessica. When Julie needs the break, she can send Jessica for a day, a morning, an afternoon, or the whole 7 days. Whatever she wants.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Sick Bastard

Well, we all know the story of Paul Bernardo and Karla Homolka. Only a couple of years ago, it all resurfaced when Homolka was released from prison. And it's resurfacing again because of the decision that will come down regarding a video tape of Bernardo being interviewed in the Elizabeth Bain case.

Here are a few details about the Bain case. Elizabeth Bain disappeared on June 19, 1990 - she told her mother she was going to check the tennis schedule at U of T in Scarborough. Three days later her car was found with a large blood stain on the back seat. Her body, to this day, has not been found. Bain's boyfriend, Robert Baltovich, was convicted of 2nd degree murder in March of '92. He always claimed he was innocent. His lawyer pointed the finger at the "Scarborough Rapist" - aka Bernardo. Baltovich served 8 years of a life term. In September '04, his lawyers won a wrongful conviction appeal. In December '04, the Court of Appeals set aside the verdict. In July of '05, Baltovich was granted a new trial and found not guilty.

So, in June of last year, Bernardo was interviewd by police about Elizabeth Bain's disappearance. The interview was video taped and today a judge in Ontario will render a decision as to whether the entirety of the video will be released to the public. Prosecutors and Bernardo's lawyer are worried that the release of the entire video will be misused by the public. Their biggest worry is that it will end up on YouTube. Also, the Defense is saying that releasing interviews with suspects will inhibit suspects in future interviews.

I ask this question though, what is bad about it being on YouTube? If released to the media, the media will only show small clips - the most sensational. If the entire video is on YouTube, we can see the whole thing for what it is. We'll get the whole picture.

Also, there's the argument of Bernardo's right to privacy vs the public's right to know. Here's what I have to say to Bernardo's right to privacy: fuck him! He shouldn't have any goddamn rights except for one - the right to be raped and beaten on a daily fucking basis in prison. The sick bastard was convicted for the rape and murder of two girls. TWO! Which is grotesque given the fact that he raped almost two dozen women and girls - that they know of! That they can tie him to or he's admitted to. It's estimated that he has raped more than 30. So you know what? I don't give a good goddamn about his "rights". Like I said, the only one he is entitled to is to be raped and beaten repeatedly.

He is the reason I sometimes question Canada's no death penalty.

Monday, June 09, 2008

Bizzy, Bizzy, Bizzy!

I can't believe time is flying by!

Friday during naptime, I picked up some plants at my aunts annual plant sale. Nick and her mom came as well. We all got some great deals. I spent $70, yes $70, on plants that would easily have cost $175 at a nursery, or even Superstore. They are going to look beautiful in my front yard. While the kids and I were in the backyard in the afternoon, I planted the cherry tree and the forsythia bush. The kids had fun when I watered the plants - lots of hysterical giggles - Lauren was a bit dampish when she got picked up. But she had fun!

Friday night, after getting groceries and watching The Andromeda Strain, I hauled out my scrapbooking supplies and finished a layout! It was one I had been working on at Dee's and just couldn't make it work. Finally, the creative goddesses were with me and I finished it.

Saturday morning, I actually slept in! It was such a treat! And as I sat on the couch in my nightdress, getting myself psyched up to get dressed, Hollee drove up with a load of mulch. After some quick dressing, moving my truck, and a neighbourly gesture, Hollee and I unloaded half the trailer of mulch. I should have enough to mulch my frontyard cedars and maples. Afterwards, I got a quick shower (that mulch moving was sweaty work!) and popped over to the new scrapbooking store to scope it out. Then I was off to Wally World to pick up a few items.

Saturday afternoon was spent scrapbooking ... with a quick visit from Princess and Littlest Princess who was super anxious to get back to Grampy's, aka the place with the cherries. I was preparing supper when I got a call from my mother's boyfriend's sister-in-law (Nola's aunt) who asked me if I would be a dear and please go sit with a pair of elderly people that her friend cares for so her friend could go out to dinner? Ummmm .... ok? I was really shocked that she called me and asked me to do that out of the blue. All I could say was ok. Anyway, instead of eating the yummy souvlaki I was making and scrapbooking as I had anticipated, I spent most of my evening at a complete strangers house on Douglas, sitting with an elderly gentlman and an elderly lady while this woman (the caretaker) went to dinner with her friends. She told me it was very hard to find someone who could fill in at the last minute when things came up. Guess who she's calling next time? Damn. I have to learn how to say no. But I just couldn't bring myself to do because they were all so sweet and nice. Anyway, I had my yummy chicken souvlaki (on greek pita with red onion, tomato and tzatziki) when I got home and scrapbooked the rest of the evening.

Sunday, I went to my grandmother's for dinner. It was a mighty small group - my mother, my grandmother, my aunt Joan, my uncle Ted and I. That's good - less people to fight over food. LOL. We played a game of canasta afterwards. When we were almost done, I got a call from Amanda asking me why I wasn't over at her place in the pool. Needless to say, once the game was over, I was on the road to town. I had planned on scrapbooking the afternoon away, but the pool was too much temptation. I went over and spent the rest of the afternoon in the pool. My boobies are a little burnt, but it's a small price to pay for a 80 degree pool on a hot day! I stayed for supper then finally went home to do one more layout before packing up the gear for the week.

Monday morning saw Livy and I doing grocery shopping (Lauren was home sick, the poor booger). Once Liv was down for a nap, I cleaned out the area under the front bedroom windows. And then I proceeded to plant half of the plants I got from my aunts in that area. Tomorrow I will got o Curry's and get my mushroom compost to put down on the bed - nourishes the plants and keeps the weeds down. My mother brought my Grammy down this afternoon. She stayed with Liv and I while Mum went to the optometrist. She was super charmed by Livy. Once Livy was picked up, I made supper for the three of us - BBQ'ed salmon, foil baked potatoes, sauteed mushrooms, and berry-topped angel food cake. They went back to Tay Creek this evening very full and ready for a nap. LOL.

While I was sitting in front of the window this evening, I saw a little visitor at the feeders. So far we have had the standards - robin, chickadee, black-birds, doves, even a couple of sparrows. But tonight, I was given a real treat. There are three birds I want to see at the feeders this summer and tonight I was able to see one of them. Actually, I never thought I would see this one, so I am super excited that they were here. It was actually two birds - a male and a female. I didn't get a good shot of the female, but it's really the male who has the pretty plummage. And this was the guy:
The American Goldfinch