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Tuesday, June 03, 2008


Two posts in one day! Wow!

I was sitting here at the computer this evening, bored out of my mind. So I decided to take a drive out towards Maugerville. Took my camera, in case anything jumped out at me, photography-wise. This is what caught my eye:

Gardening Bug

Ok, so you would think that all the shopping, driving and activity Sunday would be enough for me, right? Oh no, not me. After looking through the flyers, I decided I needed to get some groceries and do some plant shopping.

So off I go to the Co-op Country Store to get landscape fabric and Sea Holly. While there, I decided to pick up a Cherry tree too. That's an everyday thing, right? Picking up a fruit tree? LOL. Seriously, my mother has always wanted a flowering cherry tree. The beauty of the flowering cherry tree is that they all flower ... (rolling eyes here) ... in order to get cherries, the tree has to flower. Anyway, we never had the space because of the vast number of trees my father planted years past. But last year, NBPower cut down three trees that were too close to the powerlines. That leaves a beauty of a spot, that whole back corner. So ... I picked one up. I knew she would be happy.

On Monday, I spent "naptime" laying down landscape fabric under the cedar trees at the back of my backyard. You might think this would be an easy task, but let me assure you, it isn't. My fabric was was 3' wide... the area to cover was 5-1/2' wide ... I had to run one spool behind the trees and one spool in front of the trees. That was quite the sight I am sure. My ass sticking out from underneath the cedars. Oh! Let's not forget the fabric pins! You need to have pins to hold the fabric down or it will fly away before you get the mulch on it! I ran out of pins Monday afternoon, so I had to go to store and pick up more to finish the job Tuesday.

Today, I spent naptime pinning the remaning landscape fabric and mulching the area. You might think the mulching part would be easy. And it might. If I had enough mulch!!! But of course, I didn't. I had to go down and buy six, yes six, more bags of mulch. Got it all spread out and guess what? I had a bare spot - I needed another bag of mulch!! I was not happy. Specially when I got down to the store and the cashier says to me - "you're back again!". Uh, yeah. I am. Thanks for pointing that out. This time, I was covering all my bases. Instead of just one bag, I bought three. Just in case. It turned out that I didn't need the extra two. But hey, I can use those to mulch around the cherry tree and the forsythia.

After that, I managed to get Mum's birdfeeders out. Well, I got two out. The other two will have to wait til Thursday and good weather.

Speaking of weather .. have you heard the forecast for Saturday? 29 degrees!!! Needless to say, I will be picking up the a/c from Aberdeen tomorrow and installing it as soon as the rain ends.

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Whirlwind Weekend

We're back!

Well, we were back at noon. But I am only just getting around to posting now.

My mother, sister, and I left the city Friday at 5:45. We stopped at Bangor for supper - care to guess where? Yes, the Olive Garden. Yummy! I They just changed their seasonal menu - which meant I couldn't get the Five Cheese Stuffed Rigatoni with Shrimp. But I did get the Chicken Milanese. Afterwards, we zipped down to Portland.

Now, normally, we would go all the way to NH and stay with family. Unfortunately, we couldn't stay with my aunt Diane (it was her surprise birthday party) or my aunt Mary (they live in the same house) or my aunt Carmel (her place is too small. We could have stayed with my aunt Monica, but her place is the money pit right now, and after our convo last week, I just wasn't feeling the love. So, we got a room at the South Portland HoJo's for two nights. It wasn't bad. I was a little freaked at the bug that skittered across the desk when we first got there, but otherwise, the place was great. It was clean, they provided us with a cot free of charge, the bedding was clean to the eye, the shower was wonderful, and the A/C worked. What more could you ask for? For what we payed, it was pretty damn good.

In the morning, we got up and popped over to IHOP. My mother, ever the adventurous epicurean, had the blueberry pancakes. My sister had the special - Lobster Eggs Benedict. She said it was amazing - the lobster was incredibly fresh. I had the fruity, sweet special. This month is French Toast month, so I had the Banana Creme Stuffed French Toast topped with sliced banana, walnuts, caramel, and whipped cream. It came with two eggs, three slices of bacon, three sausages and hash browns - for $7.99! Holy! Anyway, it was dee-lish! Then we popped over to the Maine Mall where we shopped at Lane Bryant. Last weekend, I received a bunch of Real Women $$; for every $50 spent, you got $25 off. Spent $173 and saved over $300. Wow, wow, wow! Then we went to the Christmas Tree Shop where we zipped through the store. I got some great deals in under 45 minutes. Yay! I got the cutest solar light - if it lights up tonight, I will take a pic (it might not have had enough time in the sun today). Also, got my ramekins! Finally! Got lots of other things, but my brain is whirling and I can't remember everything. (Oh! And guess what?! They are building a CTS in Porstmouth!!!!! Fox Run Mall and CTS!!!! Couldn't be better!)

At that point, we were ten minutes behind schedule, so we had to boot it to my aunt Monica's. We fell even farther behind because the roads are all country roads - not highway and the traffic was terrible. We picked Monica up and headed to Alton with about 20 minutes to spare. We did make it, after making a wrong turn at one point. LOL. The party was at a camp on Lake Winnepesaukee. This was the view from the deck:

My aunt Diane was sooo surprised! She said her birthday came and went and she listened to everyone, trying to pick up any clue as to whether there would be a surprise party, she was sure
there wouldn't be, she relaxed her guard and voila!

Her son Johnny and his girlfriend Hannah totally pulled it off! The camp was actually Hannah's mother's. Hannah's sisters and their partners were there too and they took care of everything! They were amazing! This is Hannah, Johnny & Diane:

All the cousins were there except for Colleen who is still in Africa, Burundi I think?It was great to see everybody - lots of pictures.

Front row from Left to Right: Amanda, Erin, Steve, Heidi & Rich

Back row: Johnny & myself

We stayed until 6:30, then we had to head back to Portland. I was exhausted! I hadn't had much sleep the night before, I had done all the driving, and I needed to crash! So, after a lot of hugs and kisses (yes, lots of PDA with that side of the family - that I willingly participate in), we headed back to Maine. Of course, once we hit Biddeford and found out that the Old Navy was open, we had to stop. I got three tops each for my kids for Christmas! I hope they fit .... Neet, I got a M for Em and a L for K. Hope they aren't too small for them. After that, we went back to Portland, had a quick supper, headed back to the hotel and crashed. One minute I was laying there thinking "please God, let me get some sleep tonight" , the next I was out. My sister said within minutes I was asleep and talking in my sleep. Great! Hopefully it was unintelligeable.

We left Portland, after hitting Jo Horton's for breakie, at 7:45am. We rolled into Amanda's driveway at 12:15! That's four and a half hours of straight driving, with the exception of stopping for gas at Houlton. That was it. She had enought time to get a quick shower and beat a path to the restaurant for the baby shower. I rock behind the wheel!

My uncle Chuck with his grandsons Liam and Ryan. They are my cousin Steve's boys.
My aunt Monica, my sister & I.
Aunt Diane, Liam & Ryan ready to open birthday presents.

The Sisters: Diane, my mother, Mary, Monica & Carmel