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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Plans Change

So, as we know, plans frequently change. They morph, develop, etc.. You've gotta go with the flow, right?

For the last three weeks, the plan has been to drive down to NH on Saturday morning, arrive at my aunt Moc's by 1pm and then head straight to the party. We would spend the night at my aunt Moc's, spend Sunday morning with the aunts, then head home at lunch time, with a quick stop at Christmas Tree Shop. Amanda couldn't go because she was hosting a baby shower for her boss at her house Sunday afternoon. She was quite bitter about it because this will be a HUGE event for the cousins ... we will ALL be there. Except for Amanda.

That was the plan.

Last night, Amanda informed us that people are dropping out of the shower like flies. There are only five people coming now. It was supposed to be potluck ... with only five people, one of them the guest of honour, it just wasn't doable. So they have moved the shower to McGinnis Landing instead. She asked us if we would like to get up and leave Sunday morning at 4AM so she could go with us. We all laughed and I said no.

So, Mum and I got to talking. We had already talked to my aunt Moc about staying with her - that was a most disheartening convo. She made me feel as welcome as a cockroach. We came up with a plan. It allowed us to get out of staying with Moc, tactfully, and allowed Amanda to go with us.

The new plan is this: We are leaving here at supper time Friday night and driving to Portland, where we will be staying in a hotel - HoJo's to be exact - for both nights. Saturday morning we are getting up bright and early to go have breakfast at IHOP (eat your heart out Nick! LOL), then off to the Christmas Tree Shop for some great shopping (love, love, LOVE it there!), then on to the Maine Mall to shop at Lane Bryant (I have a ton of 50% coupons that all three of us can use). After lunch, we are headed to Moc's where we will go to the party with them. After the party, we will return to the hotel in Portland to stay the night. We'll get up super early(6AM) and drive home in time to get Amanda to her shower. It's totally doable - Portland is only a 5 hour drive.

And once again, I will be totally exhausted after a not-so-relaxing weekend. BUT all of the cousins will be together for the first time in probably twenty years.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Blood, Sweat, & $$

The $$
So .... I was busy today. This morning the girls and I went to the Gardening Center and picked up a few things ... like leaf compost, soil, cedar mulch. Then we popped over to Home Hardware and bought a garden fork and a pair of by-pass loppers. Funny, I could have sworn I had both of those things last year. Oh! I remember now! My sister borrowed them and swears she doesn't have them now. Hmmm .... same thing happened with my wheelbarrow ... she says she returned it, but oddly enough she has one EXACTLY like mine now.

The Sweat
After spending almost $100 today on gardening goodies, I actually got some gardening done! The side bed is now completely de-sodded, amended, and watered. Now I just have to wait til next week to weed and I can transplant my daylilies.

The Blood
The rose bush is now pruned and tied and looking very good. Of course, I got whipped in the face with a thorny branch and got a cut under my eye. Lovely. Next project will be cleaning up under the backyard cedars and mulching that area so it will no longer need to be mowed. I can forsee lots of scrapes and bruises there.

I even managed to drop off my air conditioner this afternoon for servicing. Told the guy that if it was going to be $200 or more, I didn't want anything done to it. I can go buy two new ones for that. The bonus with two new ones is that they are smaller, therefore lighter therefore less likely to break my back every time I pick them up.

What to do tonight? Really wish my sister had the heater installed in the pool already. Then I could take a dip. Hmm ... I should call and see about that.

Monday, May 26, 2008


I am totally exhausted. Utterly. When I woke up this morning, hauled my sorry butt into the bathroom and looked at myself in the mirror, I almost cried. The bags under my eyes were soooo freaking big that they practically started at my nose ... I could have carried a 5-pc lugguage set in each one. My poor feet, my legs ... sore! From all the walking and the trying on of cloths. Seriously, I will be in bed incredibly early tonight.

So this weekend was interesting. I didn't make it to Indiana Jones because of the sucky ferry service from the GFR(God Foresaken Rock). I did manage to get to the market Saturday morning, which was nice. Then I scrapbooked the afternoon and evening away. In the 6 hours I was scrapbooking, I managed to complete ONE layout and get another one started. I am sooooo sllloooowww. (Lots of eye-rolling here.)

Sunday, I went to Bangor with Nick, her mum and Tori. It was a long day. That's what accounts for my exhaustion, I know it. I was pooped after hitting Lane Bryant for Pete's sake! They had an AMAZING sale on. BOGO - literally buy one, get one free. I got almost $400 worth of clothes for $173. Crazy, huh? A pair of Bermuda shorts, three pair of capris, two shirts, and two seamless bras. I scored BIG! That was my best shop. Then I hit it almost as big at Joanne. They had a paper crafting sale. Anything to do with paper crafting - Cuttlebug included - was 40% off. I got three wonderful albums, some Cuttlebug folders, and embellies. I also managed to get another set of my favourite 300-tc Egyptian cotton sheets, regularly $120, for $39.99 at JCPenney. Yay for me! Scored big for groceries at the Wal-mart Supercenter in Brewer. LOVE that store.

And let's not forget the Olive Garden. Our last stop in Bangor. Actually, second to last. We stopped at Dunkin Donuts so Suzanne could buy Tori 2 dozen donuts. Yes, I said 2 dozen. The girl loves her donuts. LOL. Anyway, back to OG. I ordered the Five Cheese Stuffed Rigatoni with Shrimp. OMG! I was in Heaven. Of course, I ordered take-out as well. And I was sorely tempted to order the Rigatoni to go. It had a creamy tomato sauce on it. To die for. Yummo! For the take out, I ordered the Ziti al Forno - it was really good. Pretty close to the sauce on the Stuffed Rigatoni. For lunch today, Mum and I shared the take out meal - breadsticks, salad (which was supposed to be soup but the stunned bunny got it wrong), the Ziti, and Tiramisu. It was amazing! Next Saturday, we have to make the drive to New Hampshire. We are actually returning the following afternoon. Guess where we are eating!? I can't wait!!!

I actually managed to get part of my new flower bed de-sodded this morning while the kids slept. I have another 2x2' section to go. But it started raining and I am totally energyless at the moment, so I think it's going to have to wait til tomorrow or Wednesday to be finished. Hopefully I will have the energy to finish the de-sodding and amend the soil before starting the transplanting.