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Thursday, May 15, 2008

No Luck?

Honest to God ... if I didn't have bad luck I would have no luck at all.

I made it all winter without catching a cold ... without being sick much at all. Which is an amazing feat when you consider what I do - take care of little germ factories.

So almost two weeks ago I get a freaking cold that just won't go away with a cough destined to leave me with one lung on the floor.

NOW. NOW!!! To top it all off - I have an eye infection!!!! Son of an effing bitch!

I woke up in the middle of the night Tuesday night with a weeping, slightly crusty eye. I bathed it, took care of it all day Wednesday and it seemed to be doing ok. Until I took the kids to the park ... and stood out in the sun sans my dark goggles(you'll only get that if you've seen my sunglasses). After that, the lower lid started to sting. Great! So I start using Polysporin eye drops last night ... and this morning ... and at lunch time .... and my eye is getting WORSE!

Tonight, I sat in the sauna slash waiting room of the damn after-hours clinic for two jeezly hours. Dr. McKim prescribed an eyedrop that is far stronger than Polysporin to cure the freaking bacterial infection in my eye. Lovely.

The only bright spot ... is that I've managed NOT to contaminate my left eye!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

Finally! I got to celebrate Mother's Day with my Mum and Grammy. Only two days too late. And probably a few too early. I am still sick, but due to schedules etc ... it just worked out that tonight was the best night for Amanda and I to go to my Grammy's for supper even though I am probably still contagious.. And no, I didn't have them make supper. I made supper, thank you very much!

Sooooo ... this afternoon, with a lot of co-operation from the kids and help from Magic School Bus, I made Tuscan Garlic Chicken. To make the sauce and pasta, takes all of 20 minutes. I decided to make the chicken at Grammy's so it would be crispy and moist. Timing-wise, it all worked out. Lauren got picked up early (which I'm not sure she appreciated cuz it was in the middle of MSB - her fave show, LOL), Jess got picked up at the same time, and Livy got picked up early!!! Man, it was my day!

Anyway, I booted it up to Gram's, made the chicken, all the while staying at the other end of the room from my Grammy. Amanda and David joined us just before the chicky was done. Perfect timing. So we had the TGC ... which only Mum and I have had before. They all loved it ... specially my Grammy. She really likes pasta, but usually when people make pasta, they make spaghetti, right? Same old, same old. So she enjoyed trying a different kind of pasta dish. We had chocolate angel food cake, topped with crushed strawberries and low-fat Cool Whip for dessert - a low-fat "shortcake". Also something different for my Grammy. Usually she has shortcake with biscuits or vanilla cake. She thoroughly enjoyed it. She says she never says no to anyone who brings food. LOL. I did the dishes and cleaned up. I wasn't going to leave all that work for Mum and Grammy - nice Mother's Day gift, huh? What did my sister do this whole time? Sat on her butt! Never once offered to clear the table or help with the dishes. Nice. And then, they departed soon after that. I stayed and visited for a while longer.

And that was my whole evening in a nutshell. Not very exciting. A lot of rambling. But I am tired and can't be super coherent right now. Anyway, a belated Happy Mother's Day to everyone!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Today's Effort

Normally, I would have gone to my Grammy's for Mother's Day but I am sick. I have a cold and a wicked chest infection. That means I can't go near my grandmother until I am better. Which was sucky, because it's my mother's week to stay with Grammy starting today. Which means I didn't get to spend Mother's Day with Grammy or Mum. I just stayed home and hacked up a lung.

So, I scrapbooked again today. After getting some of my housework out of the way this morning, I took this afternoon and early evening to scrapbook.

This is a lift from Canadian Scrapbooker. The original used flower die cuts ... which is why I contacted you Nick about the dies ... but I decided to make do with the million flowers I currently have. I even journalled for a change.

This too is a lift. At least the flowers and PP strips are. More journalling. Man I hate my handwriting.

And this is my take on May's challenge. You wouldn't think the circles would be hard to do. But let me tell you, that was what took the longest. It was intricate work intertwining those bastards. By the way, aoibh is Gaelic for smile.