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Thursday, April 24, 2008

How Did It All Go Sooo Wrong?

So today was not the best of days. It was all about testing limits. Lovely. But I coped ... we got through most of the day, then I decided we would take a nice long walk .. to the park. Yay! What kid doesn't love going to the park? Not the three I sit ... they love the park. So much so that Lauren literally cried the whole way home because we left the park. Oye.

Lauren and Jessica played on the equipment and slid down the slides. Of course, Lauren picked the only slide with water pooled on it - out of 8 slides. Needless to say, her bottom was quite wet. They went down the spiral slide, after a little prodding. Both of them got up and got the jitters. I talked them through it and they both went down ... loved it and kept going back. Jessica is so funny - whenever she does something new, she yells "I doing it! I doing it Janette!" Olivia loved the swing. She had a blast! Lots of giggles there. Jessica, not so much. I gave her a push and she immediately started crying. I guess the swing isn't for everyone.

While we were there, the temp dropped, so poor wet Lauren was getting chilly. And emotional. There were a lot of tears, so we had to come home. Of course, we only got to Cedar when Josh showed up at the house to pick up Jessica. He met us on Cedar and picked her up. Poor Lauren was still crying, so he offered us a drive. Much appreciated, but we kept on going. I did however put Lauren in the stoller with Olivia. I know, I know. I shouldn't have. But it was the only way to stop her tears, get us moving quicker, and get her a little warmer. It was quite the sight apparently. So much so, that when we turned onto Fraser, I had three Doucets all looking at us from the front window.

I regretted not taking my camera ... there were so many photo ops. And I completely missed out on taking a pic of the Goldenfinch I saw! It was absolutely beautiful! I did get some on my phone, so I will look into a USB cord for it to download the pics.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The Tortoise and the Hare

I always swore I would never use a harness on my kids. I distinctly remember being in one, walking in a parking lot, on a leash like a dog. I can even remember the white leather sandals on my feet.

So, I guess it's fortunate that these kids aren't mine, eh?

I had to break down and buy harnesses for the girls. I couldn't take them on walks without them. They're like the tortoise and the hare, damn it! Lauren's my hare and Jessica's my tortoise. Actually, she's more like a snail. I push Livy in the stroller, Lauren runs about 7 feet in front of me and Jessica dawdles 7 feet behind me. There's the makings of a disaster. So I purchased two harnesses on eBay and got them last week.

Jessica hates it ... cuz it forces her to keep up with us. Lauren has only been on it once. I don't mind her running ahead of me on the sidewalk, because I just have to tell her to stop and come back to me and she will. She listens very well when we are on walks. Not so with Jess ... who stares at me like I am speaking Chinese and have grown an extra head. Oye.

And yes, I do let her run with sharp sticks. LOL

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Just wanted to let you know that as of today, Tuesday the 22nd, I am now an open blog!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Negatives VS Positives

I know a lot of people look at putting things in writing as negative or harmful, that it will make feelings more tangible. That's what works for them. For me, putting something in writing allows some of the venom to leech away, to soothe my figurative cuts and bruises, and allows me to see a situation more clearly. Recently, a challenge went out regarding our negatives and positives. So, here are mine:

1. My temper - I admit I have an atrocious temper. It doesn't take much to make me angry. People can set me off and not even know it, cuz I have gotten much better at hiding it. But God help the person I am spewing at ... it's scary. The only two people I scrapbook with who have seen that side of me are Anita and Princess(P saw it in our teens when I had little to no control over my temper).

2. My thoughtlessness - sounds weird. Anyway, I am not always a very thoughtful person. In fact, I frequently forget to ask those important questions about issues ongoing in peoples lives.

3. Too sensitive - it's true. I take things to heart, I read things where there's nothing to read, etc... Because of reason #5.

4. My inability to express my feelings - I will hold feelings in and not discuss them with the appropriate parties. Because of reason #5. Then it festers and can trigger #1.

5. My insecurity - it's horrible. I said last night to Nick - "we are what we were". What we were in past years, particularly in school and in relation to our parents, colours and shades who we are now. What self-confidence and self-esteem I have now are hard won. And unfortunately, it is the foundation to a lot of my negative qualities.

1. My sense of humour - this is a negative and positive. I have my grandfather's sense of humour which can be dry, exceedingly sarcastic, even biting at times. Not everybody appreciates it, but that's ok.

2. Giving - I am trying not to sound conceited ... truly. But I will do anything for my family and friends. I may not think of it right away. I may need to be prodded at times. But I will do anything, give anything you need when you need it. Am I making sense on that one?

3. Loyalty - I will go to bat for those closest to me, all the way to the end.

4. Reasonable - I can be reasonable ... I may have to cool down once Negative #1 is triggered, but I will eventually see the situation for what it is.

5. My cooking - hey, I have so few positives, I have to work in one of the few things I am really good at! And it's one of the things that I truly love.