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Friday, April 04, 2008

In Memory

So my sister gave me this idea.

Several years ago, I got my first tattoo. A tiger face in a butterfly. I love it to this day. For me, it was a symbol of my life changing. I was approaching 30, I had accepted many aspects of my life weren't as I thought they would be, and I was hopefully a little wiser.

For the past year I have been contemplating getting another tat. I just didn't know exactly what, though. I knew it had to be flowers ... and I wanted them to blend with the tiger butterfly ... as if they were always made to be together.

A month ago, my sister told me her plan for her vacation in April ... she and David are going to Georgia for a couple of weeks and while there, she is getting a tattoo at one of the best tattoo parlours on the Eastern Seaboard. It will symbolize the anniversary of my father's death .. twenty years ago this year.

So , I got to thinking. If I wanted to do this, what would I choose? And it finally struck me. I could combine the memorial tat with the flower tat I have been wanting. Still, what flower would I choose?

It didn't take long to chose the Lily ... it is my favourite flower and one of Dad's favourites too.

I won't get it quite so large as this ... smaller, on scale with my tiger butterfly. It will start around the butterfly and work down my right shoulder blade.

So what do you think?

Thursday, April 03, 2008


So last week, I went to Wal-mart, just to look at the discount Easter stuff ... ionly to come home with this little gem:

I couldn't just leave it there ... they were marked down from $29.97 to $19.97. I know Lauren will have a blast with it this summer. But here's my problem ... I should have bought TWO! So there would be no fighting over it. Why wasn't I thinking?

So today, I go to Wal-mart intending to buy ONE, only ONE toy for the summer - the dump truck with Mega Blocks. So I got the CAT truck ... and realized that the kids were going to end up fighting over it ... soooooo ....

I bought a second truck - a tow truck with Mega blocks.

Hey! They were a great deal! The were $19.97 each marked down from $29.97 each. I'm such a sucker!

My next toy purchase will be this baby:

The kids really need a sandbox to play in ... and it's on sale at Toys'R'Us for the next week.
After that, I will have to make the investment in a swing set. Nothing too big. Just a couple of swings and a slide.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Bug Bite

The scrapbooking bug has bitten me!

Ok, so maybe I haven't done a LO since the Welcome Back Challenge ... but I am still in the grip of scrappin' fever!

I have combed my current Canadian Scrapbooker and Scrapbooks Etc for LOs (more on that in a minute), I have sent one batch of photos for developing to Superstore (more on that in a minute), and I am actually making plans to make page packs! Me - Page Packs .... don't generally go together, but I am feeling the need to do it.

Superstore Photolab ... if you don't get the newsletter and haven't heard yet ... they have a great deal on this week. 5x7" prints are only .19 cents - the same price as 4x6"!

Canadian Scrapbooker vs. Scrapbooks Etc ..... gotta say, I find more in CS than I do in SE. At this point, I am finding too many LOs in SE that are lackluster, and dare I say it? - simplistic (read moronic).

Don't even get me started on CK and SS.

That leaves me with Canadian Scrapbooker and the Lahaie sisters for inspiration.

OMG! Just had an epiphany! I am a scrapbooking snob! The horror!

Oh well. That's not likely to change.