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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Hodge Podge

This was supper tonight:

It's actually the stir-fry used in Thai Lettuce Wraps ... but I made and served it with Jasmine Rice. good! It has chicken, snow peas, red pepper, and mango in it.

I went to the Clay Cafe tonight and finished my serving bowl .... it will be interesting to see it glazed. I don't know if I like the outlining I did. I think I was a little heavy-handed. It will be ready by Wednesday .... so I will have it for the Epicure meeting.

Sweetie is settling in wonderfully well. She sleeps on my bed and wakes me up at 4 in the morning, purring, so I will pet her. Thank goodness she's so cute or I'd have to kill her.

The dogs are doing well with her and vice versa. She's still a little intimidated by Lukey's size. Boston, my mother's 18-year old cat, just ignores Sweetie. Keaton is NOT impressed that there is a new female cat in the house. There was a LOT of hissing from her. She's finally coming around now though. Buddy ... well ... my almost-20lb/former-dumpster-diving cat is a true scaredy cat. He was terrified of Sweetie. If she looked at him, moved towards him, Buddy would run away with huge scaredy eyes and hide. He's slowly overcoming that fear. He actually lets Sweetie stand beside him now. And doesn't run away ... for about a minute.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

This Is Sweetie

And yes, that is my house that she's sitting in. I wanted a dog and ended up with a cat. How the heck did that happen?

Probably because David is an inconsiderate, insensitive ass. But that's no surprise. And it's never a surprise when he acts like his mother either ... my mother was surprised ... in fact, she's so pissed at him that she doesn't want to see his face for quite a while.

So what happened that we ended up with this cat? What does David have to do with it? It's like this: Saturday, when we went to the SPCA, my sister adopted a cat. This beautiful, sweet, loving cat. She went home and told David and he blew a gasket. He had told her the month before that they weren't getting any more cats until one of their two kicked the bucket. That was it. What he says goes. That's the Greenfield way. And my sister has a horrible habit of giving him whatever he wants, giving in to him all the time .... it's the whole dead, abusive father thing we suffer from ... she lets guys treat her like shit, I don't let guys near me to do that.

ANYWAY, way off track here, so Amanda adopted the cat. David's mad. He tells her to unadopt the cat, give it away, do something, because the cat isn't living with them. Sooo ... Amanda holds out hope that she can convince him .... right up until yesterday when they picked the cat up from the SPCA ... and he proceded to drive to our house and leave it with us. Now, you might think that David has a point. And he might. If he cared for the cats in any way - one of these cats that actually belongs to him! But he doesn't. My sister feeds them, cleans their litter box, takes them to the vet. Everything. He does nothing. So how is another cat going to hurt him?
To make matters worse, my sister called last night to see how the cat was doing ... and she cried the whole time. My sister does not cry like I do. When she does, it's pretty damn serious. Another reason I want kick David in the nuts.

So we now have a fourth cat. And before anybody clucks at me for having that many cats, think of this. I used to have six! So keep those negative comments to yourself.

Also, I have worked myself up into a self-righteous anger ... don't crap on it by leaving comments defending David's position. I don't want to hear it.

Warning .... comments I don't like WILL be deleted. I am in too pissy a mood over what has happened the past two days to be fair.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Knots & Tears

Well, the knots are gone.

What's my big change? That would be adoption. Not a child, but a dog!

I know, I know. I have two dogs already. But they're not MY dogs. Sunny is Mum's and Lukey is Amanda's. It's always been that way. Gypsy was Mum's, Duffy was Amanda's. I am a self-professed cat lover. I am not a big dog person. There have only been two dogs who have ever made me fall in love with them at first sight. The first one was Fathom. When we went to meet Lukey at the breeders, I met Fathom. She was one of Devon's breeding dogs. She had had her last litter and wasn't going to be bred anymore. I adored her. I don't particularly enjoy being licked by dogs. And Fathom seemed to sense that. She cuddled up to me and simply pressed her nose to my cheek. I fell in love with her right then. Unfortunately, since she wasn't being bred anymore, Devon hand picked a family to send her to and I never saw her again.

On Saturday, after having brunch at Cora's with my mother and sister, I suggested going to the SPCA for a minute. Mum didn't want to go because I would come home with a cat. I assured her that was not my intention. But I was lying. We looked at all the cats and none of them clicked with me. So then we went to see the dogs. Not my thing, but Mum loves to see them. And that's when I saw her. A beautiful 10-month old Golden Retreiver. But she wasn't adoptable yet because she had an ear infection and still needed to be temper tested. I could tell from her demeanor that she was either abused or neglected. She cowered when you stood above her. So I sat on the floor and she scooched over and licked my hand. It's probably the first time that I didn't mind being licked. I totally lost my heart to her. The volunteers told me to call back Monday at 11 AM to find out more info about adopting her.

At 11:02 Monday morning, I called the SPCA. And the woman I talked to was unpleasant. She wasn't helpful in any way. She told me to call back later in the afternoon or Tuesday morning or even further in the week. She wouldn't be adoptable for a few days yet. So, feeling a supreme sense of urgency, I contacted Shelley's mother for advice. She just happens to be the SPCA president. She told me to ask about filling out an adoption form so I would have first chance at adopting her. So, after the kids ate and got bundled up, we made the trek out to the SPCA and I inquired about filling out the form. As soon as the woman opened her mouth, I knew it was the one from my phone call earlier that morning. And she was just as unpleasant in person. I left feeling very helpless and negative.

BUT I was determined to bring Daisy home (I had already picked out a name for her). Tuesday morning, I talked to Nicole on the phone, then called the SPCA around 11:45. I said I was calling to inquire about the Golden Retreiver. And I hear the 4 most aweful words - She's already been adopted. Apparently they did the temper testing late yesterday afternoon and she became adoptable. I asked when she was adopted. The answer? Just this morning. She must have passed the test with flying colours. And I guess her ear infection must be cleared up too.

Now the tears can start.

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Big Brother


Adam - uncouth
Chelsia - enigmatic
James - honourable
Josh - shallow
Matt - player
Natalie - delusional
Ryan - HOT!!!
Sharon - astute
Sheila - shrewish

Who Would You Like Back In The House?

So, who will I vote for? It's a hard decision. For me, it's all about being petty. I really don't like Josh. And since he's hasn't been nominated (very disappointed in Ryan for that) I am trying to decide between Amanda and Allison. Either one will serve her purpose - to tick Josh off.

Who are you going to vote for?


I have spent the last two days with my stomach in knots. It's aweful. It was so bad this morning, that I thought I was going to be sick.

You might think I have the flu ... but I don't. It's all nerves.

I am waiting to make a phone call Monday morning .... it's a big deal. If all goes well, the dynamic in this house is going to change. It's a good thing.

I can't say anymore because I don't want to jinx it. Just keep your fingers crossed for me that everything turns out well. If it does, I will be able to share my news with you as early as tomorrow afternoon or Tuesday morning.