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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

On The Mend

Finally! Things are looking up.

My grandmother was sent to the OPH on Thursday ... they couldn't find a bed at the DECH, so after three days in the ER, off to Oromocto she went. She was very confused for several days ... but that seemed to be wearing off by Friday night. The doctor released her Sunday morning and she has been great since. The OT believes she had a very small bleed in her brain. If it's too small, CT scans can't pick it up. It was that or the synthroid overdose ... she had been taking a dosage that was too high for her weight, thank you Dr. Lacey! Either way, she is doing well now.

On the Lukey front, he is finally on the mend. He is on his second round of Flagyll(anti-biotic). No more bloody diarrhea, lethargy and wanting to stay outside 24/7. He is back to begging for food and drooling up a storm. That last bit is something I could have lived without ...

The Epicure order arrived and I was so excited to get my supplementary order! Of course, I will be even more excited when the next order arrives ... with all the new product from the new catalogue! I am almost giddy!

And today, I bought two of the cutest tops at Wal-mart! And they were only $15 each!!!! I have never found a peice of clothing that cheap before ... by that, I mean clothing that could fit. I looked at the swimsuits like Sue suggested, but they didn't have any in my size. Well, that's a lie. They had the tankini bottoms, but no tops. I will keep checking. And I will check in ME when I get over there next.

This week has been very different, in the sense that Jessica has not been here. Her grandmother is up from NS, so her parents kept her home for the week to visit. That being the case, Lauren and I have been quite busy. Monday we went shopping. Tuesday we went swimming. And today we went visiting - my Grammy and Nicole. Tomorrow is swimming again and Friday is still up in the air. But we will do something fun. Maybe sliding or a trip to Micky D's(blech).

And that's only half the week so far!