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Thursday, January 31, 2008


This month's Epicure's 12 recipes are up on the blog now ...

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Today, Friends, and Glittery Somethings

Today is a good day. For lots of reasons. It's not a good day for some. But for me, it's great!

My new/old AD is working well. The dizziness is gone, I feel good, I have lots of energy (just ask Lauren), and I feel happy.

That's not to say bad things haven't happened ... I am just coping with them a lot better.

For instance, my Grammy is in the hospital. Sunday and Monday, she woke up with a headache that never went away. Monday, she was quite confused. So, my mother and aunts took her to the ER around 4pm yesterday. The doctors are sure she hasn't had a stroke, but they can't yet explain what's wrong. Hopefully today will produce some explanations. One of my kids mothers' isn't feeling well and I worry about her. I hope she is doing better today.

Added to that, I have two very good friends who are having a hard time. I wish I could help them out, but there's nothing I can do except listen and be there for them. I share their concerns and worries, but at this point in time, there's nothing I can definitively do. I have another friend who has been having a hard time for many months ... she doesn't think I know .... but I noticed ... I've been through this with Anita ... so it wasn't hard to spot. There's nothing I can do for her either, until she's ready. I have another friend I worry about because, since our mutual friend moved, she has pulled away ... I know her situation causes her a lot of angst. I wonder sometimes if she just came out of the closet, maybe she would feel better, or maybe it would just exchange her problems for different ones.

But even with all these worries, I don't feel that aweful hopelessness in which I would have been awash only two weeks ago. Perhaps it also explains my recent purchase? Melanie, Nick ... you might want to sit down. I placed my SU order this afternoon .... I ordered the Fine Cosmo Stampin' Glitter. I don't know why ... it just looked so upbeat and fun. Specially the Light Blue. Another glittery something was the Shimmy Shimmy massage bar from LUSH that arrived today. It's not for me .... it's actually a birthday present for my sister. Her birthday is on the 18th ... she's the big 3-1. I got her three bath bombs(Think Pink, Sex, and Butterball) and the massage bar as a present. The Shimmy Shimmy bar leaves a trail of fine glitter behind ... hope she likes it!

So, like I said, today is a good day. If you're having a hard time lately, may I suggest a Sertraline cocktail? It will do wonders! LOL