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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

My Poor Mother

My poor mother is now looking at another week at my sister's, housesitting.

My sister and David were in St. John's for a New Year's Eve wedding ... they flew out last Friday and were to fly back today at 3pm ..... with the storm, obviously their flight was cancelled.

They can't get a flight to Freddy via Halifax until the 10th! Their plan is to try for a flight home through Montreal or Toronto .... isn't that insane?

My mother hates staying at my sister's because they have a wood stove that provides the bulk of their heat ... she's seriously paranoid about it. Anyway, if she has to stay another week, it's going to drive her nuts. I told her it was time to call Betty and tell her it was Betty's turn to do 5 days. Ya right! That woman wouldn't last one night.

Anyway, if they can't get home by the weekend, then I will volunteer to stay this weekend so Mum can at least go play crib during the day.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

New Years Resolutions

I truly hate New Years resolutions. Mainly because I suck at them.

This year, however, I am making one that I intend to keep - that I have to keep. I have been working on trying to control my weight, diet, and exercise for the past 9 months or more. So, my resolution will be to step it up a bit.

I have three goals:

1) Commit to activity 20 minutes a day for four days a week(minimum).
2) Stop consuming food and beverages (exception: water) two hours before bedtime.
3) Eat more health conciously.

While I have been working on all these ... I need to really make an effort to stick to them.

So - for the rest of the month, my short-term goal will be #2 .... to stop eating food and drinking all beverages but water two hours before bedtime. This is a problem for me ... I like to have a snack with my shows .. which are usually on late, so I eat a little something late in the evening ... it's gotta stop.

This is my biggest hurdle right now. So, good luck to me!

Done Two More

So I finished Something Blue ... I will admit that I did feel a little empathy for Darcy at two points in the novel ... when that useless shit dumped her and with her mother issues. I did like the way her character developed and who wouldn't adore Ethan!

So after I finished that novel at supper time yesterday, I was a little depressed. I always get a little sad when a good novel is over. I was kicking myself in the ass for not picking up Baby Proof. So, I moved on to another book by an author I adore - Karen Marie Moning. I finished Dark Fever up this morning .... but now I have to wait for the next installment, Bloodfever, comes out in paperback. Her novels are supernatural-action kind of books ... I am sure that a lot of you wouldn't be into it. The first novel of hers I read a few years ago made me laugh till I cried and made me sob with heartbreak into my pillow. All of her books do that to me. Well ... except for this last one. I did laugh a lot and I did shed a tear or two, specially at the grief Mac experiences over her sister. Anyway, all her novels are about human interaction with the Tuatha De Danaan (Two-a Day Dahna) or better known as Ireland's Fae or the Faery.

And for those of you who are rolling your eyes at the subject of the Fae ... you shouldn't. There are hundreds of scholarly books out there on the Tuatha De Danaan, the Unseelie, the Seelie, where they come from, were they simply a figment of the Celts and Picts imaginations and superstitions, etc... There's more out there than just what our eyes tell us.

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Reading Rainbow

Reading is one of my favourite hobbies. I have always loved books. When I was younger, I loved it when my father read to me from the large collection of hardcover Disney books we had. I was a late reader in many ways .... I didn't start reading English novels until the sixth grade. I assume it was because I was in French Immersion and when I read a book, it was always in French. I really didn't discover English novels until grade 4 when Mrs. Gorman read Charlotte's Web to the class. Even then, I didn't begin to read on my own. It wasn't until grade 6 ... the year that Anne of Green Gables became a Made for TV movie on CBC. I had never read the books, I really didn't know much about Anne ... but I always remembered Mum telling me about L.M. Montgomery and how she loved reading her novels as a teenager. So, one day at a book store, my parents purchased my first novel. My first gotta-read-it-on-your-own novel. And I was HOOKED! I remember coming home from school, doing my homework, having supper, then being glued to that novel. I even chose not to watch TV so I could read it! Can you imagine? Me, voluntarily not watching TV?

So that was the beginning of my love affair with the written word. To this day, I cannot go without being in a book. There are some that are harder to read, some that are hard to get into, and some that are hard to put down. But I rarely find a book I don't like. Take The Kite Runner ... I had a hard time with the main character (who was a child for the majority of the novel), to the point that I didn't like the little bastard ... but I persevered, knowing that I couldn't NOT finish it. I was happy that I finished it, happy with the way things turned out - well with most things. What happened to Sorhab could have been different. Anyway ... I am on to another novel. Actually, since The Kite Runner yesterday morning, I am on to another another novel. Make sense? It will.

I don't know if anyone has read a book by Emily Giffin ... if you haven't, you need to. She's a very interesting writer. I normally do not like first person books, preferring the third person/narrative styles better. But it doesn't matter with her books. I discovered 'the book' - Something Borrowed - Friday when Mum and I were out Christmas Tree shopping. Yes, we were tree shopping AFTER Christmas. I know it sounds redundant ... however, we are now the owners of a beautiful, full Tiffany Fir artificial tree. For next year. Anyway, since we were out, we decided to stop by Chapters (my Mecca) and have a look around. I spied an attractive display of trade paperback books in pink, baby blue, and yellow at the fireplace. I picked the first book of the series up(pink), sat down in one of the spectacularly uncomfortable chairs, started reading the first chapter, and could not put the book down! I finally looked up after the third chapter and realized that I had lost my mother. So, off to the cash I go, purchase my book (like I don't have three at home waiting to be read) and head to look for my wandering parent.

I made myself finish The Kite Runner Saturday morning before picking up Something Borrowed again. So I finished The Kite Runner and them immediately started in on Something Borrowed. I took a break and went to see Sweeney Todd (that's another post), came home, shoveled my driveway, then plunged back into the book. I didn't leave that book until I reached the end ... last night, shortly after midnight. I read this 300+ page book in less than a day .... because it was that good. I laughed, I cried - gawd, did I cry! - and loved every minute of it. So now I am on to the "another another book" - the second book in the series called Something Blue.

I realize this post is long, but I have to give you a brief description of this series. Something Borrowed is about a woman named Rachel who has just turned 30, hates her job, is single and childless, and isn't at all where she thought she would be by the age of 30. She is a people pleaser, allowing others to shine, taking second position - always. Her best friend Darcy is engaged to beautiful Dex. Darcy is the one one lives in the limelight, actually demands the limelight. She is the ultimate "fun girl". Darcy's life has always been charmed; she's beautiful, in a successful job she loves that she never trained for, engaged to a wonderful man, and quite a self-centered, selfish person. The whole story starts when Darcy throws a surprise birthday party for her best friend Rachel, but of course, usurps the spotlight. Inevitably, she ends up loaded and has to be taken home by Dex. Unfortunately, she left her purse at the bar, where Dex returns to fetch it, only to discover Rachel still at the bar. Not wanting to leave her alone, he decides to hang out with Rachel for a while. Can you see where I'm going here? Dex and Rachel, quite drunk, end up back at her apartment and have sex. She sleeps with her best friends fiance! Rachel soon discovers she has very real feelings for Dex ... and it looks like Dex shares them. And that is all I will say about the story ... you have to go read it to find out what happens!

In most stories, I would soooo be on Darcy's side. But ya know what? I was rooting for Rachel the whole time. From the very beginning. Two reasons: obviously, Emily Giffin is that great a writer ... she makes you root for the adulterer/backstabber. LOL. But there's the identifying aspect to it. Plain and simple - I am a Rachel. I totally identify with her character. And it got me to thinking about my friends. Who is who? Who would I class as a Darcy? Who is a Hillary? And a Claire? (Hillary and Claire are other characters in the novels if you hadn't guessed). I've got some of you down ... Nicole is a total Hillary. Anita and Princess are total Darcys. I'm not saying you are self-centered or selfish, but you really are limelight girls. You are the "fun girls", the girls others want to be like or friends with. And Melanie is a cross between Hillary and Claire. I would have to say that Krista is a touch of Rachel, but mainly a Hillary, while Susan is a total Hillary.

So go read the book! And you will see what I am talking about. Tell me I'm wrong! I dare ya! LOL.

P.S. Something Blue that I am now reading is Darcy's story .... kinda having a hard time feeling any kind of empathy for this character ... but I cannot put the book down!

P.S.S. Can you guess what colour the book is?