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Thursday, December 27, 2007

After the Christmas Blues...

...come the Weight Loss Yahoos!

Sounds corny, I know, BUT I am super excited. Why? Because I went down a size!

Yay for me!

Seriously, I went on this BC pill and I was absolutely sure I was gaining weight and all bloated and stuff .... and I was, in fact, losing weight. How could I possibly know?

Welllll, my sister gave me a winter jacket for Christmas. It was a jacket I had tried on while we are Pennington's shopping for Mum's gift ... and I was dithering because it was a little snug at the hips/ass. But Amanda and Colleen convinced me it was perfect. So, Amanda bought it right then and there and took it home to wrap. Needless to say, I have been worrying that I wouldn't fit it when I finally opened it. But Christmas morning, when I put it on, the jacket fit well, and was actually a little loose!

Then there's the pants that my mother bought me for Christmas. The night before Amanda and I shopped for Mum's Christmas gift at Pennington's, Mum and I shopped for Amanda's at Pennington's. I tried on two pair of MXM jeans in my size. The fit perfectly and I debated which one to buy. So my mother bought both and took them home to wrap and put under the tree. Christmas morning, when I put the black jeans on, I had to take them off ... they were way too big! I kept the blue jeans ... they are a little loose, but I decided to keep them and buy a belt instead. Today I took the black jeans back and exchanged them for a size smaller! They fit perfectly!!!

YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Finally, I am starting to get it under control!

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The Christmas Blues

Well, it's finally over. THANK GAWD!!!!

I hate Christmas Day.

Surprised to read that little bit?

I love Christmas, everything about it, the giving and receiving (hey! I'm not selfless .... I like to receive just like anybody else), the decorating, the cooking and baking, the gift wrapping, the card making (not the card addressing, so much), the getting together with friends, Secret Santa, etc...

I love it all, right up to about 4pm Christmas Eve. And then it happens. I can feel it happening - like something permeating my whole body or a veil being slowly lowered over me. It lasts until about noon on Boxing Day. It has absolutely nothing to do with medication ... I should know since I have now spent at least three Christmas' on medication and it still happens.

4pm Christmas Eve is the start of the most hellish hours for me ... I try to be "happy", or at least convince everyone else that I am. But it's hard.

Christmas was my Dad's holiday. Everything about it, right down to the mistletoe and holly. It was a month-long party, basically. We decorated the house inside and out, we cut our own tree and decorated it, he baked up a storm (my father was the domestic one), he always knew when all the Christmas shows were on so we never went a Christmas without seeing all those claymation classics, he filled trays with candy like nutter butters and ribbon candy, he always made sure "Santa" dropped off a gift before mass on Christmas Eve, we visited family and friends as a family unit. And the list goes on.

I do love Christmas, but once Christmas Eve arrives, it all comes home. And I guess home is the problem. Probably because I haven't felt at "home" for a long time. Probably because our family hasn't felt like a family in a long time. There are very few traditions we've hung on to. Mum has all her brothers and sisters to celebrate with ... I have my sister who is more interested in what is best for her and more importantly (to her at least), David. We have no children to celebrate with, no real family, just a group of individuals.

Alright to end this depressing post, let me say this: we used to have Christmas Soup followed by Salt Cod in a White Sauce for Christmas Eve dinner. The soup is and always has been good, but the cod ... I could gag just thinking about it. It was absolute aweful. But you know? I would happily sit through a full plate of that stuff if it meant spending just one more Christmas with him. For all his meanness and abuse (and there was plenty of it), he was the lynchpin, the one who made us a family.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Secret Santa

Oh, what a niiiiiiight, late December back in sixty-threeeee ... ok, so maybe it was 2007. But we all had a good(some great) time. I know Sue did! You will all be happy to know that she suffered no ill-effects Sunday morning.

I am so glad that everyone who could make it did make it. It was what we've all been waiting on for a long time.

There were some really great Secret Santa's out there! I know I had one! Mel spoiled me rotten. I am debating where to put my new clock ... my bedroom or the living room. My lovely ornaments will go on my tree soon ... after I've shown them off a bit. All my other goodies are going to be put to good use very, very soon! Specially since I am off until Jan 2nd. I have a little holiday courtesy of my rocking "parents".

The food was wonderful, as usual. I hope everyone enjoyed it. Although, I have to say, the biggest hit for some was not food, but rather a certain bowl ...

If anyone experienced anything negative with Secret Santa, please, please, please, don't give up on it. E-mail me privately about it. I can't promise that I will have a fix for it, but I can certainly try.

And that's it for me! Happy Holidays everyone!