My little buddy

Thursday, December 13, 2007


To me, a friend is someone you share the good and bad times. But, no matter what happens, we always come out at the other end still friends.

As friends, we have called each other out several times on our bullshit. We have our say, frequently feelings are hurt, but we work it out, and we move on. And we're still friends.

I've had it out with several people ... Mel and I don't always see eye to eye, right Mel? We disagree, we butt heads, and then we get over ourselves and whatever issue on which we were disagreeing. Nick and I have been at each others throats .. there have been times we haven't wanted to see each other, couldn't stand to see each other, n'est-ce-pas? Look at Krista and I. We had a big clearing of the air. And we are still friends. Hell, Anita and I had a fight, didn't speak for almost two years, but we are to this day, still friends!

My point? Friends are not perfect. We have fights and arguements and some of us may go away for a while grumbling under our breath. BUT, we remain friends. We do not immediately throw in the towel and give up. At least, I don't. And I certainly hope that is the case for my friends. I think good friends are too hard to come by not to try and work things out.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Cooking Class

This cooking class I went to Tuesday night, Holiday Brunch, was the very first one I have been to where I liked ALL the food. Usually I like half of it, can tweak a quarter of it, and the rest is unsalvageable.

Anyway, we started with Mimosas ... tasty. MUCH better than the Mint Julep. I think it would have been better had they thrown some vodka in there. Vodka makes everything better. But I guess it wouldn't have been a mimosa, huh?

Then we had the Warm Egg and Bacon Italian Sandwich. This was by far the tastiest item of the night. Amazing! I am going to Epicurize it and make it for the group. Think pesto and bruschetta! Oh, it was good!

Then we had Italian Sausage and Mushroom Strata. Very good. I would definitely try to make this, but I would cut down on the use of cream and butter. It''s possible to make a great tasting Strata without that much fat. The portions were HUGE ... I ate tooooo much. I should have saved half and brought it home to Lukey as a treat.

Then we had the Double Stuffed French Toast with Cream Cheese and Peaches. That was pretty good. Basically, it was a French Toast sandwich. It had a filling of sliced peaches and cream cheese mixed with orange marmalade and cranberry sauce. All topped with candied almonds. It was good. I might make it, but I would definitely tweak it a bit.

The last item we had was Leeks and Russet Potato Gratin. Very rich and very good. I was so full, I could only take a couple of bites. I had to bring the rest of it home to the dog. He enjoyed it! LOL! It was very good. I have never cooked with leeks before, mainly because they can be a pain to work with. After some of the chefs tips Tuesday night, I know I will be trying them.

Anyway, that was my fun and exciting Tuesday night. What did everybody else do?

Monday, December 10, 2007

Just Got Back

From Aquacise. And holy crap! I don't think I will be able to use my arms tomorrow. It was a different instructor tonight ... and she was brutal. But in a good way. Seriously, a much better work out than last week!

Tomorrow night, I am off to another Superstore cooking class - Holiday Brunch. There will be mimosas ... can't wait! HAS to be better than the Mint Julep ... aka ... Vicks on the rocks.

Wednesday or Thursday I am going to a movie. I don't care if I go alone. I am going. It's killing me! I really want to see Enchanted or Hitman (love Timothy Olyphant!).

LUKEY UPDATE: He is doing much better. Dr. Lewis calls him the miracle baby cuz by medical standards, he shouldn't be alive anymore ... his ticker should have given out. Anyway, she said his lungs are ok, not filled with fluid. His gums and tongue are losing colour now a little more easily ... which a progression of the heart failure. His heart hasn't given out yet though. However, his hips are another story. She said there was a lot of muscle wasting in his hips and legs since last time she saw him .... he has old man legs apparently. Anyway, she doesn't want to up his Deramaxx because it can cause a whole slew of problems. News to my mother because I never told her about them ... I didn't want her to worry about it. So his pain med stays the same, but he is now on Gabapentin. It's a human drug that used to be used for seizures and is now used for chronic pain in people and animals. She says that after a couple of weeks, we may be able to lower his Deramaxx dosage a bit. The gabapentin is much safer, easier on the system, and effective. Amanda went to the appointment with us ... and was useless, of course. I am glad I went because if I hadn't, Lukey would now not be on the Gabapentin. Mum and Amanda were both pretty passive about treatment. Honest to God! Come on! If it's in his best interest, don't you think you should explore the option? They just sat there and moved on to other topics after the vet brought it up. I made sure we went back to the topic and made sure she knew I wanted him on it. Dr. Lewis generally goes with what I want more so than Mum or Amanda, even though she knows Lukey is technically Amanda's.

We also stuck Amanda with the bill for the visit. Hehe. She wasn't impressed. Of course, she still hasn't coughed up the $$ for the last round of pain meds Mum had to pick up because Amanda kept 'forgetting' to pick them up. And get this! She almost got a slap in the face for what she did next. She hands me the receipt, then says just a minute, takes the printout and credit card receipt from me, removes the credit card receipt and hands the printout back to me. She then says - 'I'll just take the credit card receipt, I don't want you to have a copy of my number, just in case you might use it.' What the fucking hell? Her ignorance and rudeness are getting to be unbelievable!


Basically, Lukey is feeling better than last weekend and in a few weeks, may be feeling even better!

Sunday, December 09, 2007


I am totally in the zone!!!

I am almost finished the quilt that Amanda and David are paying me to make. It's a Christmas gift for the Evil One ... but Hell, I don't care ... they're paying me!

I am almost finished my quilting project for my Secret Santa .... it's beautiful, if I say so myself. I hand quilted it ... my stitches may not be the most beautiful, but they're nothing to sneeze at either!

I have the Lazy Sausage Rolls and the Mushroom Tarts made and frozen for the Secret Santa party. I baked and chocolate-dipped all my cookies for the Holiday Baking Exchange. It was a smaller turnout than expected ... lots of people missed out ... suckers! More for the rest of us! LOL!

I have been working on a little project for some of my closest friends ... it's actually been quite fun ... they are halfway completed. I am hoping to finish them within the next week or so.

I got a little something for everyone in the Secret Santa exchange ... nothing big, but I have everything all wrapped!

The house is completely decorated. I bought a tree this afternoon and it is up in its stand. Once the tree has relaxed, we will start decorating it.

Anita and company's Christmas gifts have been received! She gave me a jingle Friday to let me know. Today, I shipped all the Aunts their gifts ... all Epicure products. Aren't I mean? It's something they can't get in the States. LOL! I will have to be their dealer. Hehe. I also shipped January birthday gifts to BC for Anita and K.

So, I still have to finish my Christmas shopping. My mother is really the only one left to finish. She's my difficult one every year. I have to get a couple of bird feeders and some feed. I already purchased two great, easy-to-use bird books. And then I had some other ideas and they have now flown the coop. Hopefully they'll come back soon.

And I guess that's it!!!!