My little buddy

Friday, December 07, 2007

Thursday, December 06, 2007


This is my Boo Bear.

And he's dying.

He's actually Amanda's dog. When she moved out, we told her she had to leave him behind because Sunny would miss him too much. It was like twisting a rubber arm. She didn't have much difficulty leaving him. She rarely spends time with him even now, when she knows his health is getting worse.

Lukey was born with a heart defect and as he got older it just got worse. He's now in congestive heart failure. He's been to see the cardiologist at UPEI and has been on medication for years. In the last couple of years, he has developed a bad hip, which Newfs are prone to. He's on a pain med for that too.

Last weekend marked a turn in Lukey's health. Amanda forgot to pick up his pain meds Friday, as usual. I have a serious problem with this because it's the only responsibility she has - getting his pain meds each month. That's it. And she has to be reminded over and over before she gets her ass in gear. Since we didn't have a new Rx, we had to cut his pills in half to make them last all weekend. By the end of the weekend, he couldn't get out the back door without falling, let alone even trying to get off or on the deck.

Since then, he seems to be going downhill. He doesn't want to go outside. He isn't eating as much. He's throwing up everyday. He's skin and bones. And it's time to start thinking about the next step.

We have an appointment on Monday afternoon to see the vet to see if the heart failure is getting worse. If it is, we are going to have to put him down. I can't sit and watch another dog die right in front me. It was horrible the first time, and I won't do it a second time. My mother says Amanda has to have a say in it, as he is her dog. I say screw her. She can't be bothered to spend fifteen minutes with him, get his meds, or contribute in his care in any way. She forfeit any rights she had long ago.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007


So yes, this is the shelf that I bought at IKEA Stoughton in August. I didn't put it together right away as I didn't want to get paint on it ... then things just kept happening and I kept putting it off. The black canvas boxes are from the Christmas Tree Shop ... who doesn't LOVE the Christmas Tree Shop?
The reason I bring up IKEA is this: if there was a way to have large items shipped to you here in Fredericton at a reasonable fee, would you order something? Say I could arrange something with say, Smart Movers, who make trips to Montreal and Ontario (and the owner lives up the street), would anyone go in on it or take advantage of it?

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas!!!

Nick, did you think this shelf would NEVER get put together?

IIII'm Dreaming of a White Christmaaaassss - Part Two!

Christmas is never complete without the best of Bing.

IIIIIII'm Dreaming of a White Christmaaaaasssss....

This is actually a picture taken out of my front window. It looks really beautiful with all the Christmas lights turned on. I'll have to try that tonight.

My neighbours' house .... snow packed.

The backyard ... the dogs had a wonderful time in the snow.

One storm and it's almost halfway up the fence.

Miz L wasn't too impressed that she had to stay outside while the snow was being shoveled. I think I will have to get a small shovel for her ... that way if she doesn't want to play by herself in the snow while I am shovelling, I can press her into child labour and have her "help". J stayed at home ... her mother thought it best to stay home rather than risk the roads.

Sunday, December 02, 2007

I've Been Secret Santa-ed!

So tonight was the December meeting of Epicure's 12 .... everything went great! Except that I forgot the surprise. Doh! Anyway ... Epicure periodically sends me free goodies ... so I thought I would share the wealth. All the people who came to the dinner will be getting a little free "something" in their orders.

I am way off track though .... I have been running errands, playing Scrabulous with Kim, and general cleaning since everyone left. I hadn't been to my bedroom ... until a few minutes ago. I went to change and get ready for bed and what should I find on my nightstand, but a little something from my Secret Santa. A delicious little something. Actually two delicious little somethings. Two small, heavenly, creamy, tastebud-tingling Toblerones bars. I've inhaled one already. I think I will save the other for tomorrow.

So, thank you my sneaky Secret Santa! It was much appreciated!

P.S. This is sooooo much better than an old pair of socks!