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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The Past Week - And It's LONG!

Has been interesting to say the least. Not really a great interesting either. Well, there were some perks.

Last Wednesday, Julie, Jessica's mother, informed me that J wouldn't be back until Monday because Julie's grandmother was quite ill. They were on their way to NS to visit with her. Unfortunately, Julie's grandmother passed away on the weekend, so J hasn't been here ... for a week. Lauren has had undivided attention and she's loving it. She doesn't even ask about Jessica anymore .... easy come, easy go, I guess. Anyway ... Jessica returns tomorrow. I don't know how that's going to go .... when she's been away for longer than a weekend, she seems to have a hard time re-assimilating. But it will be nice to be paid .... seeing as how payday for Julie/Jessica was Monday. But I really didn't want to bring it up .... I'll wait til tomorrow and if she hasn't remembered, then I will remind her Friday.

Saturday was Christmas lights day. I had to get those lights up, come hell or high water. Well ... I went to Crappy Tire and picked up some of the stuff I needed .... like new clips for the house lights and two strands of green 100-light minilights. While there, got a call from Amanda about going to Pennington's for Mum's gift (a new coat- like she doesn't already have a dozen), so off we went. I got home three hours later and finally got started on the lights. Of course, my search for the green minilights was futile, so I knew that would have to wait til Sunday. I got all set up to do the house lights and guess what? The clips didn't work on the new eavestroughing we just had installed a month ago! I had to go back to Crappy Tire and get a different kind. I got the lights up, plug them in and some of the lights in the left cedar aren't working. I check and guess what? A squirrel has chewed the cord! So I have to go to Crappy Tire AGAIN to get a new cord and some replacement bulbs. I get back, switch the lights from the chewed cord to the new cord and all is good with that. HOWEVER, the clear replacement bulbs I picked up were twinklers! AARGGGHHHH!!! Fuck it! It can wait til Sunday.

Saturday night was all about trying to find the green minilights. Not a strand in Fredericton. But by the holy old Jesus, there's plenty of blue ones!!!! I finally made the decision to switch to LED for the green.

Sunday, I hit the Home Hardware - honestly, why I don't go there first is beyond me - and they had the best deal on green LED minilights. Got the 200 lights I wanted plus the clear replacement lights and all is good with the world. Or so you would think!!!! I replaced all the burnt out lights. I put up the red,green, and clear minilights on the lilac bushes. And isn't HALF OF ONE STRAND OF CLEAR MINILIGHTS BURNT OUT!?!?!?! It was fine the day before!!!! I thought I was going to have a stroke! I now understand why my father was always an ass when he did it. So, off to Crappy Tire I go for a new strand of clear minilights - I KNEW they had those. Finally, by supper time, I had the lights finished.

Of course, by this time, my throat has started to hurt. Lauren had a cold Friday morning and I thought I had done a good job being a germ-o-phobe, but I guess it didn't work. Monday morning I woke feeling like crap ... and the day didn't get much better. After Lauren left, I curled up on the couch in sweat pants, a shirt, a sweater, my coat, and a blanket. I was frozen! Wicked high fever. Finally started to warm up with all that clothing and the Advil cocktail I had.

Tuesday dawned much the same as Monday .... but I knew I had to be mobile for the evening so Lauren and I had a very low key day. She's such a sweetie pie. Here's an aside ... I have come to the conclusion in the last few months that I don't want to have kids anymore .... I have wanted kids since I was about 14 ... now, not so much. If I could be guaranteed that I would have one exactly like Lauren, I would risk having a kid. She's such a good egg! Anyway, back to her being a sweetie pie. She knew I wasn't feeling well ... at one point I was huddled under a blanket. She came over, crawled under the blanket and curled up against me and tried to make me feel better. Isn't she a doll!?!?! Tuesday night, my mother, sister and I went to see Ron James at the playhouse. This man cracks me up! I'm not going to get into his comedy .... you can check him out on youtube: Any of these video clips are classic from him. Specially Tim Hortons.

That brings us to today. I'm feeling a lot better. Other than the three dozen mini-daggers jabbing my lungs between my shoulder blades when I cough. After having a nightmare about them last night, I finally opened my marked assignments from my English course ... Assign#1-92% and Assign#2-93%. I rock! My Christmas shopping is going great. I have Anita and her brood all bought for ... I just have to wrap it all up and mail it next week. Yay me! Sarah K is almost done. Thank you Avalon Spa! My sister is almost done. My mother is always a huge question mark. Oye. (I'm thinking a whole birdwatching theme.) My grandmother is done. My aunt Joan is still an "I'm not sure about that." My aunts from the US are all done (giving them Epi stuff .. hehe). My Secret Santa is almost done. My close girlfriends are almost done.

And that's the last week in a really ginormous nutshell.