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Thursday, November 15, 2007

The Appointment

It went pretty well.

First of all, let me start with that day in particular. The "snow day". There's nothing that ticks me off more than idiot drivers. And days like that ... well, basically it's SNOW + Frederictonians = MORONIC DRIVERS.

I'm not saying that being is cautious is moronic .... but Fredericton drivers take it to new heights every time it snows. It's almost as if they've completely forgotten that we get the white stuff for the better part of 8 months! Oye!

Anyway, my appointment wasn't until 9 AM, so I left with the kids at 8:30. That's thirty minutes to get to the Regent Street Clinic ... plenty of time, right? Nope ... I walked into the Doctor's office at 9:10. And Bendy had arrived only a few mintues before me, so everything was running late.

Even so, it didn't take too long to get in ... and I have to say, the kids were absolute gems ... they behaved themselves and did as they were told to do without arguing or even "turning deaf", as Lauren is wont to do lately.

Secondly, you have to realize that being willing to try another birth control pill is a big deal for me. The last time I was on one, nobody could live with me. Hell! I couldn't live with me! I was a SUPER BITCH! Not your every day, garden variety bitch. No, I was from the seventh circle of Hell. It was aweful.


When I got in there, I told her I was willing to try another BC pill again, that a friend was on Yasmin, she was doing well with it, that I had been doing more research on PCOS lately, blah, blah, blah. She wrote the Rx out there and then.

I told her that I was worried about the fact that I hadn't had a period in more than five years and she just gave me this look. You know that "teacher looking at a misbehaving child" look. Honest to God! So she tells me that I need to have a period every three months (Duh!) and asks me what will happen if I don't? I feel like a chastised child at this point and say - the lining will thicken and I will most likely develop endometrial cancer. Which can totally happen in five years. Lucky me!

I then asked her to order blood work. I told her I would like a full workup so I will have a baseline after I've been on the Yasmin for a while. She hops right on that too. She wrote out the instructions for the BCI on Brookside and that was that! GET THIS!!!! She says to me that she wants to check my blood sugars, that I might benefit from metformin. WHAT THE FREAKING HELL!!!!!! The thought to slap her silly actually ran through my head for a brief second. Why this turnaround? Could be because I had mentioned that I had been doing research .... and I haven't been to Avalon for waxing for three weeks, so I am starting to look like a catepillar-eyebrowed Tom Selleck.

So, I brought up the ultrasound. I have no problems with ultrasound. Obviously. Hehe. But I wasn't keen on asking for the vaginal one ... specially since I've now spent a day with the ultrasound techs. But if it must be done, then so be it. Well ... she assured me that it wouldn't do any better than an abdominal (Great!) ... and that I didn't need one right now. Don't really agree with her about not having any kind of ultrasound, but I will bide my time. I'll ask her again after my blood work results come back and I see her about them.

And that's it ... I went to BCI today for my blood work. Had to fast 12 hours .. let me tell you, when you've gotten used to eating breakfast every morning, it's aweful hard to go without. I'm loving the BCI. I have absolutly NO POBLEM with paying $11 for it. It's quick (15 minutes from the time Lauren and I walked in and then out of the clinic) and I don't have to wait two months for an appointment, like I would at the hospital.

I pick up the Yasmin today ... we'll see what the next couple of months yield. I'll be disgustingly honest ... I'm kind of worried about having a period. It has been five years. I'm scared of what's up there ... and how it's going to be when it comes out. I'm almost tempted to ask for a D&C and just start fresh, so to speak. But I know if I asked Bendy, she'd probably look at me like I had grown five heads and they were all speaking in tongues.

Anyway ... it's probably more than you wanted to know, but there ya have it!